Chapter 2841: Last One

Li Qiye looked like an overfilled balloon at this moment, ready to burst in a moment’s notice.

“Hurry, hurry and explode!” A sadistic spectator shouted.

While he was still chewing more, his large frame suddenly shrank like a deflating balloon.

The bright radiance around him dimmed down as well, leaving a faint glow behind.

“What the hell? Why?” Everyone was confused to see him well and fine.

The ones who were waiting for him to explode didn’t want to see this at all.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye finally finished the fruit in his hand.

“Tasty.” He belched and seemed ready to eat a few more, not quite satisfied just yet.

“I don’t get it, he was about to blow up earlier.” Many students couldn’t believe it. They noticed that Li Qiye’s body was no longer able to contain the powerful light. Who would have thought that he would instantly recover?

“Because Earthlotus Fruits are very gentle.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I see.” An alchemy expert shouted: “The gentle nature of the fruit will calm the tides of power once it pushes the body to the limit.”

“That’s it?” The students nearby understood.

“Hmph, no wonder why he chose this fruit, so it was a scheme from the beginning. Lowly wretch…” One student glared at Li Qiye.

“Have you forgotten about his background? No good men come from Repentance City, only crafty wretches that use any means necessary to get ahead.” A friend nearby sneered with disdain.

“Your turn.” Li Qiye ignored the insults and told Tiger King.

“Hmph.” Tiger King’s expression darkened, thinking that Li Qiye was done for after the second fruit. Who would have thought that the guy’s condition would actually improve? His calculation was a little off.

This was quite a predicament with no way out. He had no choice but to begin eating the second one.

“Buzz.” Sure enough, the holy radiance around him escalated with strands shooting out.

The beast talisman wasn’t enough to stop the power of the light. “Crack!” Finally, a crack could be seen.

He was relatively powerful and had external augmentation. Alas, two of these fruits contained an oceanic level of light power.

In fact, it was quite amazing for him to be able to hold on so far, given the various circumstances.

The guy eventually finished the second one. His stomach bloated at the moment; he might not be able to handle the third one.

He belched, feeling as if numerous dragons were screaming and ravaging his insides as they tried to get out.

“Brother Tiger King is incredible for doing this. I think only Eternals can handle the might of this fruit.” Someone praised.

Nevertheless, the majority of the crowd could see that this was his limit. Unfortunately, Tiger King was reckless, hellbent on getting the treasure for his master.

“My turn, this is the third.” Li Qiye smirked, looking leisurely and under no pressure to eat another fruit.

“Hold it.” Tiger King suddenly stopped him and grabbed the Earthlotus fruit in his hand.

“Let’s make it fair. We’ll switch fruits for the third one. You eat this Hundred-dew Pill Fruit and I will eat the Earthlotus Fruit.” Tiger King said, holding his fruit in front of Li Qiye.

“Why? Didn’t we already agree to eat our own fruits in the beginning?” Li Qiye seemed indignant.

“Well, this is fairer.” Tiger King uttered coldly.

He had just come up with this plan, aware that he would either explode or suffer grievous damages by forcefully consuming a third dew fruit.

That’s why he chose to trade the fruit. Earthlotus had weaker potency on top of a gentle nature capable of calming down the light.

Li Qiye became better after eating the second one. Perhaps he would be able to calm this internal light power after eating one too.

On the other hand, Li Qiye’s cultivation and body certainly wouldn’t be able to handle the dew fruit. The guy would explode and victory would be his.

“That’s right, Tiger King ate two dew fruits, you need to eat one too to make it fair.” A student nearby supported Tiger King.

“You’re actually winning this trade by getting a Hundred-dew Pill Fruit in exchange for an Earthlotus Fruit. Normally, one would never be able to get so lucky. The dew fruit is numerous times more valuable, you need to thank Tiger King already for being so generous.”

“Okay, fine, fine, the dew fruit then.” Li Qiye seemed unable to go against the crowd and grabbed the dew fruit for a bite.

All eyes were on him now.

“Explode, explode, explode.” Some students prayed for an explosion in their mind.

Strangely enough, he ate really quickly this time and finished the fruit in no time at all yet nothing happened, not even a single strand of light came out.

“Alright, I don’t get it at all.” One confused spectator said. Everyone else shared this same sentiment.

Eating this fruit should invoke one reaction or another, but not this time. It seemed that Li Qiye had just eaten a regular fruit.

Zhou Qiushi and the others heaved a sigh of relief while sharing the same confusion.

“Maybe the medicinal effect of the Earthlotus Fruits are still present, enough to calm the light power.” The previous alchemist explained without confidence.

“I’m finished, your turn again.” Li Qiye smiled.

In this split second, Tiger King felt as if he had been tricked after seeing this smile.

Prior to this, Tiger King thought that he was the hunter and Li Qiye was the prey. He wasn’t in a rush to kill this prey, just toying around with it for a bit was fine.

Alas, he suddenly felt as if the roles have been reversed. He had jumped into Li Qiye’s pit trap, fully unaware.

“So? Losing your courage?” Li Qiye said: “Of course, I’m merciful enough to let you give up. Just tell your famous master and grandmaster to come and play with me instead.” Li Qiye added after seeing the hesitation.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Just a worm from Repentance City wants to challenge my master and grandmaster? No, I alone am enough.” Tiger King picked up the Earthlotus Fruit afterward.

It didn’t matter whether this was a trap or otherwise. Tiger King couldn’t falter or he would throw away the reputation of his sect.

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