Chapter 2840: Eating

Each bite seemed to be difficult for Li Qiye and required a lot of effort. A second later after swallowing, he seemed to be affected by the influx of light power.

“Buzz.” More and more light came out of him. “Crack!” Next, his bones and muscles were being stretched to their limit as well.

“He’s gonna explode soon if he keeps eating.” A spectator became afraid.

“He sought this himself for challenging Tiger King without knowing his limit, simply tired of living.” Another student sneered.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye’s body expanded due to the power of the fruits.

“Finally finished.” He eventually finished the entire thing, looking spent from the process while patting his full stomach.

“Hmph, the first one is already this difficult? I don’t think you can handle the second.” Tiger King sneered.

“That’s right.” One student agreed: “Be smart and give up right now then maybe you can stay alive. Eating another will make you explode, what’s the point of keeping the treasure then?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine after three but I don’t think he will be.” Li Qiye looked quite serious.

“So blind.” The student snorted.

“Only three Hundred-dew Pill Fruits, not hard at all. Just wait, you’ll be handing the treasure over soon enough.” Tiger King scowled before picking up one of the fruits.

The crowd smelled a permeating fruity scent after he took a bite. The natives of this system became intoxicated, feeling as if they were floating in the sky.

Clearly, this fruit was far superior to Li Qiye’s Earthlotus Fruit even though they were in the same rank. Earthlotus was barely a ninth rank while Hundred-dew Pill Fruit belonged to the finest grade.

“Buzz.” Strands of light of an incredible purity oozed out of him. It seemed as if a true dragon wanted to escape.

As he ate more pieces, the power of light intensified and became more majestic. 

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” This force began slamming his meridians and veins.

Tiger King couldn’t believe it, feeling the force of a million surging rivers rampaging within, nearly crushing his meridians.

He had underestimated the fruit. Though he had never eaten one before, he believed that eating three together shouldn’t be a problem. This no longer seemed to be the case.

In fact, even an Eternal wouldn’t consume three of them in a short period because that would be too wasteful. Being able to swallow all three or not without imploding wasn’t the issue here. It simply took some time before one could truly digest the power contained in this high-level fruit for full benefits. 

The light didn’t stop increasing, seemingly wanting to tear his body apart.

“Activate!” He roared and performed a top merit law. Tiger runes emerged all around him and twisted together to form talismans.

“Rumble!” These talismans latched onto his body and empowered him just like armor plates.

They stifled the power of the light and made it gentler. Thus, the radiance coming from him dimmed down along with the dangerous potency of the fruit. This was no easy task.

“Clank!” Finally, he finished an entire fruit and the beast talismans prevailed, locking down the power of the light. The glow was faint enough, indicating his successful attempt.

“Amazing, your Hundred-beast Imperial Talismans are virtually perfect.” One student praised.

“Yes, your talismans can control the myriad laws. You’ll be just fine eating three of them.” Another applauded.

There existed a clear discrepancy between Li Qiye and Tiger King. The former was pulsing with intense light and looked to be transparent. The latter only had a faint glow.

The victor seemed obvious at this point.

“Your turn. I’m waiting to see you explode!” Tiger King showed disdain with both his words and his gaze.

“No, that’s not fair.” Zhou Qiushi instantly protested: “You used an external method to suppress the power of the light instead of just relying on your body.”

“He can do the same, if he’s capable of doing so, that is.” One student answered in Tiger King’s stead.

Zhou Qiushi didn’t know what to do. He believed that Li Qiye didn’t have a merit law capable of suppressing the fruit’s medicinal potency.

“What are you waiting for, it’s your turn.” One crowd member urged.

“Is he buying time?” A different student stared at Li Qiye’s bloated stomach: “It’s no use, the effect of the sacred fruits can’t be digested that quickly. A ninth-ranked fruit will require one or two years, maybe even longer. Don’t think about wasting time.”

“Hurry up, don’t keep everyone waiting. If you can’t do it, then just give up.” Another added.

No one was on Li Qiye’s side right now outside of Zhou Qiushi’s group.

Everyone else naturally supported Tiger King. Even a fool knew to pick the grand-disciple of a progenitor over a lowly student from Repentance.

“Fine, I’ll go again.” Li Qiye looked a little helpless.

“Junior Brother, don’t force yourself if you can’t eat anymore. Losing is no big deal.” Someone from Repentance quietly said, not wanting to see Li Qiye explode.

“Haha, it’s too late to give up now.” Tiger King snorted: “The only way you can stop is when you explode. You must keep eating.” 

“Ridiculous! You’re trying to kill someone right now!” The student from Repentance shouted back. Everyone else from there glared angrily at Tiger King.

“So? That’s the result of those who oppose me.” He proudly laughed in response.

Zhou Qiushi and the others found themselves powerless again in face of injustice.

“Buzz-” As he bit the second one, the light coming from him powered up.

His body continuously expanded, on the verge of floating in the air.

“It’s happening, he’s gonna explode!” A few students started shouting and gloated at someone else’s misery, waiting for Li Qiye to explode like a balloon.

Zhou Quishi’s group had their eyes wide open and had cold sweat all over.

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