Chapter 2839: Eating Contest

This eating contest was a sinister plan. Everyone knew that these fruits were extremely nutritious especially for natives of the light.

After all, each contained the rich essences of the light affinity. Eating one could wash the mind and increase one’s cultivation power. The better the fruit, the greater the effect.

Alas, nothing was ever absolute. If one wasn’t strong enough, eating a high-ranked fruit wouldn’t be good.

For example, if Zhou Qiushi were to eat a ninth-ranked fruit in one bite, his body would instantly explode.

Despite his incredible sword, everyone could tell that Li Qiye had no cultivation to speak of. Eating one eight-ranked fruit might be okay but eating ten in a row? Implosion might be the result of being unable to withstand the influx of power. 

“Not a bad idea.” Tiger King chuckled: “We’re all fellow students so fighting will only harm our comradery. It’s much better to have an eating contest. If you win, you can do as you please to me. If I lose, the treasure will be yours and I’ll back off!” 

His comment seemed fair toward Li Qiye. In fact, Li Qiye seemed to have the better end of the deal. Remember, one was the disciple of Goldtypha True Emperor and the other was only a student from Repentance Institution. The disparity of status was immense.

“An eating contest, huh?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin, seemingly hesitating.

“Of course, I will drop this issue if you give up now.” Tiger King became more confident after seeing his opponent’s demeanor.

“Just give up in my opinion and do Tiger King a favor by selling that treasure to him. Maybe you’ll earn Goldtypha True Emperor’s grace too.” Others started chiming in to support Tiger King.

“Fine, let’s do it. What rank?” Li Qiye laughed and made up his mind.

The sudden shift in his attitude surprised the crowd. All eyes turned towards Tiger King.

“The ninth? Let’s do that.” Tiger King pondered for a bit before speaking.

“Ninth-ranked fruits?” This startled the members of the audience. Not many of them could handle eating ninth-ranked fruits in one go.

“Ninth rank it is, let’s do it.” Li Qiye didn’t hold back.

No one expected Li Qiye to accept so fast. Could the guy actually handle eating an entire ninth-ranked fruit?

“Let’s start with three.” Tiger King took out his spatial pouch and revealed three ninth-ranked fruits inside.

They had a peerless sacred glow, seemingly carved from precious gems.

“Brother Tiger King actually has three…” An impressed spectator murmured. Getting just one was hard enough for some Eternals, let alone three.

“They’re Hundred-dew Pill Fruits too, the finest grade among the ninth-ranked fruits.” One person sighed with envy.

“Haha, it’s nothing. I barely got one thanks to Master’s guidance. He also knocked down another two for me.” Tiger King said.

His expression had no sign of humility unlike his words, only signs of complacence. After all, how many people had a True Emperor for a master?

The crowd started wishing for a new master who would casually give their disciple two ninth-ranked sacred fruits. This was the difference between Tiger King and the rest.

“Okay, let’s eat three fruits each. Whoever can finish and be all right will be the winner.” Tiger King said. According to his own estimation, eating three fruits in a row was pushing it but he really wanted this piece of treasure for his master. Being reckless in this case was acceptable.

“Sure, three then.” Li Qiye coolly accepted.

“Where are your fruits?” Tiger King had a smug expression. He didn’t think Li Qiye would have three ninth-ranked fruits.

In his opinion, it wouldn’t be easy for the guy to get three with the help of his sword. This was a chance to humiliate Li Qiye.

“You need to prepare your own fruits for this bet. Tiger King can’t get them for you.” One student immediately said.

“Of course, you wouldn’t be able to get a first-ranked fruit without your sword.” Another insulted him.

“Yeah, it’s too bad I do have the sword. Wait a minute then, I’ll go get some.” Li Qiye smiled and jumped off the branch. 

He ran to a mound and started digging with his sword to the crowd’s horror. This guy is using a progenitorial sword as a shovel… This world is so unfair…

If they had a sword like that, they would treasure it each day with tributes and offerings. On the other hand, Li Qiye just let it touch the mud and soil.

“So disrespectful, a progenitorial sword should be enshrined and worshipped!” One student said with indignation.

“Yeah, it’s my sword now so I’ll do as I please. You can do the same with your sword if you want, it’s not a crime.” Li Qiye calmly answered while digging.

This shut the student up since he had no retort. 

“Okay, got it. These are my three.” Li Qiye got three items resembling lotus roots and washed them clean.

“Earthlotus Fruits…” The crowd recognized the washed fruits.

“That’s a sacred fruit?” A student has never seen this type before.

“Yes, it’s a ninth rank too, but far inferior to Hundred-dew Pill Fruit.” A knowledgeable student said.

Everyone learned that sacred fruits didn’t only grow on trees. Some were buried underground too.

“So, my three against your three?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph, it’s not fair because your lotus fruits are barely at the ninth rank. You have to get something similar or the same fruit.” One student said with disdain.

“Yes, this isn’t fair for Tiger King.” Another added: “Just give up if you’re not capable enough to get some Hundred-dew Pill Fruits.”

“Don’t bet if you can’t handle it.” One more sneered.

These students with mediocre background tried hard to please Tiger King.

“It’s fine.” Tiger King acted as if he was being generous: “Earthlotus Fruits will be just fine. So what if I’m at a slight disadvantage. Let’s go.”

“Your mentality is commendable, we pale in comparison.” One student instantly praised Tiger King.

“Okay, well, I won’t push my luck since you’re being so lenient already. I’ll eat one first since Earthlotus Fruit has a harmonious and moderate affinity that can subdue the power of the light. This will make it fairer.”

“Hmph, so it has a gentle property. No wonder why he chose this fruit.” One student snorted.

“Fine, you go first then.” Tiger King wanted to see the result of Li Qiye consuming this fruit so he agreed.

Li Qiye began eating one. “Buzz.” A holy light engulfed him.

Everyone could sense a majestic power entering his body. Strands of light oozed out of him, seemingly overfilling him to the point of cracking.

“Such powerful medicinal property.” The students were shocked. This fruit had a gentle nature yet it still seemed dangerously potent. One could only imagine the potency of the Hundred-dew Pill Fruit.

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