Chapter 2838: Persuasion Then Intimidation

The authenticity of this particular tale remained doubtful for the audience. Nevertheless, some actually believed in parts of this tale.

After all, Arrogance Enterprise was famous and had branches at the academy too.

It was famous for being able to get whatever a buyer wanted as long as they had enough money. Thus, it might not be that unreasonable for its founder to be an incredible master as well.

“Hmph, you’re comparing a shady merchant with my grandmaster who became a progenitor at such a young age. His vast knowledge contained everything under the sky.” Tiger King snorted and proudly said.

Alas, any junior would speak in the same manner if they had a grandmaster like Orchid Sage.

“All of his achievements have nothing to do with me. I don’t know him and haven’t heard of him before, that’s all.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“You!” Tiger King didn’t know how to vent.

Everyone started looking at each other. Well, is it really a crime to not know someone?

They focused back on the task at hand - the treasure. They could tell that Tiger King truly wanted it, not for himself but to offer it to his master.

After all, his master, Goldtypha True Emperor, had asked the bull for it a while ago. It seemed like this emperor needed it so as his disciple, Tiger King wanted to help his master.

Because of this, many here gave up on the treasure since they were aware of their own limits.

They might be stronger than Tiger King but what about his master, Goldtypha True Emperor? And his grandmaster, Orchid Sage? Thus, it was better to do him this favor and back off.

“Fine, I won’t stoop down to your level.” Tiger King took a deep breath and looked at Li Qiye: “What is it gonna take for you to sell that treasure?”

“None of your business since I won’t be selling.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Wealth incites envy and greed. You might be lucky enough to have it but not strong enough to keep it. Something unexpected might happen and you will lose the treasure as well as your life in the process.” Tiger King uttered coldly.

This statement sounded like a piece of advice and a threat at the same time, just depending on the listeners.

He wasn’t in the position to rob Li Qiye right now but who knows when Li Qiye was alone? He might immediately kill the guy to take the treasure. It wouldn’t be difficult anyway.

“Yes, it’s a crime to harbor jades.” Someone else jumped in: “You might as well sell it to Tiger King, getting to stay alive and a handsome sum on top of that.”

“This treasure is useless with you anyway, just trade it for something more useful.” Another repeated.

These people wanted to please Tiger King and establish a relationship with him. Who knows, maybe one day they would get to meet Orchid Sage by being the king’s friends.

“I see.” Li Qiye chuckled and said while staring straight at Tiger King: “Sounds like I would be cautious of you the most if I worry about my life.” 

The ripping of the facade took everyone off guard. Yes, they all knew that Tiger King might actually think about killing Li Qiye but no one would explicitly say so. The atmosphere became strange right away.

Tiger King’s expression changed. He naturally wouldn’t admit to this in front of the crowd. It would ruin his reputation and affect his seniors.

“That’s a baseless accusation.” The king shouted back: “I am a man of character with nothing to hide and will not resort to such lowly means. Even if I want this treasure, I will take it in public by defeating you.”

“You’re not worthy.” Li Qiye gave him a look of contempt.

“Yes, a bet! Do you dare?!” He trembled with rage; his eyes gleamed murderously.

“I see, is it a fight?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yeah! Fight him! Beat the young and the old will come out. Beat the old and his grandmaster will come too!” The big bull on the peak shouted to fan the fire.

The crowd glanced at it again. Some thought that this bull wanted nothing more than to cause chaos.

“What, never seen such a handsome bull before?” It bragged: “Plus, am I not right? This little tiger is only relying on having a True Emperor as his master and a progenitor as his grandmaster to act so haughtily. It’s definitely not his insignificant skill backing his words up. Hehe, beat him down then his master and his grandmaster.”

The crowd became speechless. Du Wenrui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It looked like this bull really wanted to see a fight between Li Qiye and Orchid Sage.

“The charcoal bull is making a lot of sense.” Li Qiye laughed: “I should really think about it, yes, beat the young to lead the old out.”

“Pah! I’m a dashing bull, not a charcoal one.” The bull was very unhappy with Li Qiye.

“So arrogant, he wants to challenge a True Emperor? Take a look in the mirror first.” One student was dissatisfied with Li Qiye.

“You don’t get it, a few people think they’re invincible after getting a progenitorial sword. They don’t know that there is always a higher mountain and a better man. He’s a worthless clown.” Another sneered.

“I alone am enough to deal with you.” Tiger King’s expression became unsightly: “You deserve death for disrespecting my master.”

“Okay, then try to block one slash from me.” Li Qiye smiled and patted his sword.

“Brother Tiger, don’t do it, that’s Repentance, the sword of our progenitor!” An older student instantly reminded the aggressive king: “Wu Ke’s group died to it earlier.”

Tiger King was shaken after hearing this. He was an eighth-level Ascender but so were members of Wu Ke’s group. Plus, he didn’t have a progenitorial weapon with him for assistance.

“That sword has boundless light within and the power of the progenitor, it’s unstoppable.” Some spectators stared at the sword and became jealous.

“We’re all fellow students of the academy and shouldn’t resort to weapons. That’s not elegant at all.” One student suggested.

“Yes, let’s be cultured and avoid hurting each other during the competition.” Another tried to help Tiger King.

“More elegant? Like picking sacred fruits?” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd exchanged glances again. They saw Li Qiye knocking down an eighth-ranked fruit with no problem earlier by borrowing the power of his sword. This wouldn’t be a fair match at all.

“How about an eating contest? The sacred fruits are precious and nutritious with a mind-calming ability. So let’s see who can eat more?” A quick-witted student said.

“That’s a good idea. It won’t harm the peace either.” More quickly repeated the sentiment.

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