Chapter 2837: People I Have Heard Of

The students gave Li Qiye the side-eye, deeming his previous statement as being outrageous.

Zhou Quishi and the others also started signaling at Li Qiye to not be too harsh. Offending an eight-palace emperor might be bad for their academy.

Tiger King didn’t know what to say. Everyone knew his master - Goldtypha True Emperor of Strong Grass System. Li Qiye’s purposeful ignorance could only be construed as an insult. [1]

“My master is from Strong Grass System, a disciple of Orchid Sage, my grandmaster…” He coughed and elaborated. 

Everyone quieted down right away after the sage was brought up in order to show respect.

In Immortal Lineage, everyone has heard of two titles - Orchid Sage and Luminous Master.

They were two progenitors that have reached this realm at such a young age, indicative of their peerless talents.

Orchid Sage hailed from Strong Grass System and became a progenitor later. He has yet to create his own system and still referred to himself as a member of Strong Grass.

Tiger King as an eighth-level Ascender wasn’t much in Academy of Light because the various academies had True Emperors.

As for his master, Goldtypha True Emperor, this person had extraordinary talents since birth. However, there was still a big gap between him and supreme geniuses such as Holyfrost True Emperor, Violet Dragon Empress, Brightking Buddha, and Metalkin War God.

His greatest advantage unavailable to others including Holyfrost True Emperor was his master - Orchid Sage. 

With a grandmaster like that, Tiger King could proudly do whatever he wanted. 

That’s why all the students here held their breath after hearing this title. The most brilliant and prestigious ones in the crowd still viewed the sage with nothing but reverence.

“Never heard of him either.” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded.

This answer struck everyone like thunder so they stared at him in astonishment.

Not hearing about Goldtypha True Emperor was understandable, more or less. There were around eight or ten emperors right now in the current generation on top of some from the previous. Plus, the academy had several too.

On the other hand, feigning ignorance about Orchid Sage was outrageous. Even a three-year-old child knew about him.

Anyone who had just joined a cultivation sect would know of his title. That’s why Li Qiye’s response seemed careless and arrogant - treating everyone else with contempt.

Zhou Qiushi and the others turned pale and helplessly stomped their feet. Their attempts at stopping Li Qiye were futile.

Offending a True Emperor was more than their academy can chew. Now, he offended a progenitor too.

This was dragging their academy down the abyss. The rage of a progenitor might erase everything.

Contrary to the anxious youths, Du Wenrui wasn’t worried at all and still had a smile on his face. It was as if none of this had anything to do with him and his academy.

Tiger King tried to threaten Li Qiye with his background - rubbing and punching the guy at the same time in order to get him to obediently hand over the treasure.

He didn’t expect Li Qiye’s refusal to play along with his plan. Moreover, the guy even insulted his master and grandmaster.

“Brat, you’re too conceited!” Tiger King shouted, unable to restrain himself. The other students felt the same way.

“What makes you say that?” Li Qiye feigned innocence.

“My grandmaster’s grand dao reaches the heaven and surpasses history itself. No one in this world doesn’t know of him until today where you run your blasphemous and ignorant mouth…”

“Enough.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted the guy: “I simply have never heard of him. To do otherwise is to pretend to be smart. An honest person like me doesn’t do that.”

Many saw his innocent expression and exchanged glances. Most still didn’t buy it.

“You…” Tiger King turned red and needed to take a deep breath for composure.

“Then who in this world can enter your sight? Who have you heard of?” He sneered and said.

Who else right now was more famous than his grandmaster and Luminous Master?

“Well…” Li Qiye scratched his head, seemingly contemplating. After a while, he finally answered: “I’ve heard of some people, umm, Emperor Sui, Emperor Xi, and Emperor Nong. Yeah, they’re quite famous.”

“Do these three count? They don’t actually exist.” The crowd was stunned again.

Everyone knew that these beings were only legends. There existed no concrete records of them. Rumor has it that they have turned into immortals long ago. Many considered their stories to be fabrications too.

Some students smiled and didn’t refute Li Qiye’s statement. However, Orchid Sage and Luminous Master existed in reality and had a greater impact than the other three.

Meanwhile, Du Wenrui who has been enjoying the show suddenly put on a serious expression after hearing this.

“Hmph, they’re only tales and legends, not trustworthy at all. Anyone else?” Tiger King snorted.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye scratched his head again: “I’m having a hard time recalling, oh, right, one more.”

“Who?” One student asked right away.

“Arrogance. I’ve heard of this person before, a very interesting fella.” Li Qiye clapped and said.

“Arrogance? Who is that?” This title wasn’t as popular.

“I know, that’s the founder of Arrogance Enterprise, a very famous merchant. I heard many big shots in history have been tricked by him. He wasn’t well-loved during his generation, to say the least.” A student said.

“Now I remember too, someone from Purification Creek told me an anecdote about his progenitor being tricked by this person and got sold to a devil. His progenitor eventually escaped the devil’s lair and chased this evil merchant for a lifetime, to the edge of the world and back.” A student also recalled.

“Really?” Many became curious.

“Yes.” Another knowledgeable student chimed in: “Furthermore, this is after that progenitor’s dao enlightenment, not during his youth.”

“No way, Purification Creek’s Xian Baihui is one of the most brilliant progenitors. He should be invincible after reaching this level so how can someone else sell him to a devil? It doesn’t make any sense.” The skeptics said.

Purification Creek was once the strongest system in Immortal Lineage. This was no longer the case but it was still famous and powerful.

Xian Baihui was an incredible being, one of the top progenitors in history. In Three Immortals, only two people used their name as their title - Gao Yang and Xian Baihui.

Thus, how could this invincible progenitor be sold to a devil by a merchant? No one would believe this story.

1. Typha looks okay as a translation if he’s from a system named Strong Grass. The name of this system means - tough upright grass; fig. a staunch character able to withstand tough test

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