Chapter 2836: Never Heard Of Him

Numerous students slowly circled around Li Qiye with their attention fixated on his treasure.

Everyone could tell that the black bull was an amazing sacred beast. Its treasure should be extremely valuable since it came from a mythical immortal grain.

The air seemingly solidified. The greed here was palpable but no one wanted to be the first due to the potential infamy for robbing someone in public. They also didn’t want to be stabbed in the back either.

“Friend, are you selling this treasure?” A smart student eventually took the initiative.

Since using force wasn’t an option, trying to buy it from a consenting party was fine.

Plus, he believed that a lowly student from Repentance like Li Qiye probably never seen anything good. Being a little nice to him might be enough to do a transaction.

The other students were enlightened after hearing this. This was indeed the best idea instead of robbing the guy. Let the highest bidder win.

“Oh? What do you have for me?” Li Qiye smiled, seemingly pondering.

“I have a life-saving talisman with three layers of arrays. It is capable of teleportation too. Use it when your life is in danger; it’ll both stop the enemy on top of taking you far away.” The student immediately took out a talisman. It had many runes carved on top along with a pulsing glow.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled happily and nodded.

“Do you agree? I give you the talisman in exchange for that treasure.” The student became ecstatic and walked closer.

“Hold it.” A different one immediately shouted. He opened his spatial pouch and let out a wondrous light: “Friend, I have 132 fifth-ranked sacred fruits. All yours for that treasure.”

“Damn! That’s a big offer.” Some students became startled. This showed just how strong the student was - at least an Eternal.

The first student was annoyed at this third party but there was nothing he could do. Those fruits were more valuable than his talisman.

“I have 141 fifth-ranked fruits and 478 fourth-ranked fruits for your treasure.” A different student opened his spatial pouch.

“Hmph, quantity is meaningless. I also have 6 seventh-ranked fruits right here in addition.” The second student coldly uttered.

These six fruits overshadowed everything else since just one was equivalent to a hundred sixth-ranked fruits.

“I offer 8 seventh-ranked fruits.” Another joined in. He paused for a bit before telling Li Qiye: “Friend, I will also give you some more fourth and fifth-ranked fruits. You just need to eat them each day and it won’t be long until you become a True God or even an Ascender. Your future will be very bright, so honestly, these fruits are more valuable than that treasure in your hand.”

He tried to convince Li Qiye the opposite of reality. The golden grain in that treasure should be priceless.

“Sacred fruits, huh?” Li Qiye chuckled. He was sitting on a tree branch right now that just happened to be part of an eighth-ranked tree.

He casually knocked on one of the fruits and it fell right into his palm. He took a bite before saying: “Anything below the eighth rank is too bitter. This is at least tolerable.”

The bidding students turned red, speechless. The guy had just casually knocked down an eighth-ranked fruit, completely overshadowing their own and killing their hope.

Meanwhile, Zhou Quishi and his friends stared at Li Qiye in astonishment. They didn’t know that he could do it so easily since he didn’t try earlier.

“Just how strong is he to be able to do this?” One student murmured.

“It might be Repentance, not him.” An older student stared at the sword: “It contains boundless light power. It shouldn’t be impossible to borrow this power to knock down fruits.”

Everyone felt much better after hearing this explanation. A progenitorial sword should indeed be able to knock down some eighth-ranked fruits.

Nevertheless, the ones wanting to trade fruits for the treasure retreated in order to save themselves from further embarrassment.

“Friend, I have one part of the Eight-saint Scroll left behind by a True Emperor. This in exchange for your treasure?” Another came out with a scroll brimming with imperial aura.

“Friend, our Repentance Institution has dozens of light merit laws left behind by the progenitor. What am I going to use this True Emperor’s scroll for?” Li Qiye smiled.

The guy turned red and quickly retreated.

Using merit laws as an offering seemed unrealistic in this case. Desolate Saint left behind many merit laws back then and shared it with all the academies. Thus, Repentance Institution had some too.

This was another amazing part of this system. Normally, sects would always hide their top merit laws and keep it for themselves. This wasn’t the case here.

“How about this incredible artifact?” A student offered a treasure bell in exchange.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye tapped on his sword and said: “This is all I need.”

The crowd exchanged glances after seeing Li Qiye’s responses. It seemed impossible to trade with this guy. He didn’t need sacred fruits and merit laws. Other treasures paled in comparison with his sword.

“Nice to meet you, Fellow Student.” Another one stepped up.

He was quite old, looking like a middle-aged man. Of course, even a grandpa could join an academy in this system under suitable circumstances. Age didn’t matter in Academy of Light.

The man had a lofty aura. One could hear a tiger roar in his presence. He had a tiger rune on his forehead with the character, “King”. It was congenital, not added later on.

“Tiger King…” Someone quietly said; a few students slowly walked away.

Tiger King was an eighth-level Ascender. He wasn't considered an ace student, just another exceptional one.

However, people were afraid of his background.

“Friend, people call me Tiger King. Goldtypha True Emperor is my master.” The man cupped his fist and said.

His real form was a tiger demon. When he stated his faction, everyone became afraid due to the notoriety of the emperor.

“Never heard of you before.” Li Qiye said.

Tiger King’s expression became stiff. He coughed and said: “I’m just an insignificant demon so it’s understandable that you haven’t heard of me. My master usually seeks the dao in Dawn. He had visited the Repentance Institution too…”

“I’ve never heard of your master either, is it gold or silver typha?” Li Qiye said.

“What is he trying to do?” The crowd became rowdy right away.

Goldtypha True Emperor’s fame wasn’t limited to Academy of Light. He was still well-known across Immortal Lineage.

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