Chapter 2835: The Bull’s Tempting Treasure

The beast’s demeanor and vivid expression confused the students. Its arrogance and aggressiveness resembled a quick-witted man, not a bull in the slightest. The way it stared at people with disdain… a bull shouldn’t have such a gaze.

Du Wenrui wasn’t surprised to see this. He had met it back when he was a student himself. So many people suffered in that generation because of this bull including some of the top big shots now.

“Having fun?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Haha, I have a nidus on my body that has been turned into a treasure.” The bull seemed quite pleased with itself: “That brat Goldtypha or whatever salivated the moment he saw it and demanded me to hand it over. I ignored him, so his disciples are chasing me now.”

“Goldtypha True Emperor!” The young ones have heard of this emperor before despite never leaving Repentance City.

This eight-palace True Emperor was a peerless student from Dawn and the disciple of Orchid Sage - a real big shot in the mind of the young ones.

However, this bull referred to him as “brat”. This was the craziest bull demon they have ever seen.

“I don’t care for that but your horns are a different story.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“You wish.” The big bull retreated one step before staring cautiously at Li Qiye: “I got these horns in my mother’s womb. Don’t even think about getting them or I’ll let you have it!”

“I’m just joking.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What about you? Is it that fun mixing in with a bunch of brats?” The bull looked at him and said.

“I’m eighteen, right in the middle of my handsome prime so I will naturally be among my peers. Where else would I be, with old demons like you?” Li Qiye replied.

“Blech-” The bull pretended to puke.

The young ones glanced at Li Qiye, feeling their face turning red. They would believe that Li Qiye was only eighteen but in the middle of a handsome prime? They didn’t see any “handsome” in this egotistical guy.

“Your pursuers are here, better start running.” Li Qiye told the playful bull.

“It’s over there, make it spit out the treasure!” A group of students turned the corner and saw the bull; their eyes lit up with excitement.

“See, they won’t give up until they get it.” Li Qiye added.

“Haha, it’s fine, it’s fine. They won’t be chasing me soon enough.” The bull put on a strange expression, looking inadvertently creepy.

“Go, go!” The pursuers have almost caught up.

“Ooo-” The bull opened its mouth wide and spewed out a beautiful radiance accompanied by a musky fragrance.

“Fast, it’s spitting out the treasure!” The students in the back ran with all of their might, wanting a piece of the treasure.

“Pop!” It vomited something looking like a piece of jade with a pulsing glow and a strange, relaxing smell. 

“Comparable to the saliva of a true dragon, it looks like it has a draconic bloodline.” A young Eternal smelled the scent.

“Whoosh!” This treasure shot out the sky like a shooting star and perfectly fell into Li Qiye’s palm.

“Don’t lose it!” The bull started escaping again like a wafting fog.

The students didn’t chase after the bull this time. All eyes were on Li Qiye.

They weren’t chasing the bull for the beast itself. It was too strong and they couldn’t do anything in the first place outside of waiting for it to give up the treasure.

Now, the treasure was in Li Qiye’s hand so their focus has shifted.

The young ones naturally became afraid, knowing that Li Qiye has become a target. It would be quite difficult to escape from so many pursuers. They turned towards Du Wenrui, waiting for his guidance.

Strangely enough, their dean wasn’t anxious at all. He posed calmly with hands crossed on his chest, seemingly waiting for a fun show.

Gazes of greed assaulted the treasure in Li Qiye’s palm. Everyone knew that it was incredible because Goldpytha True Emperor himself kept on praising it.

Earning the praise of an eight-palace emperor showed its value.

Of course, a few of them started contemplating. They were students from the Academy of Light so robbing Li Qiye of this treasure seemed inappropriate. Others would criticize them for doing so in the future.

Thus, many wanted it but didn’t want to be the first to come and get it. They controlled their greed and waited for the right time. This resulted in a tense atmosphere.

“Oh no, I’ve lost my treasure!” A loud roar suddenly broke the silence.

Everyone turned back and saw the big bull standing on a peak not far from there.

“My treasure… I ate a Nine-pistil Golden Grain and couldn’t digest it so it eventually turned into this thing. Now, I ended up vomiting it after being chased for so long, sigh, brat, please just give it back to me, you don’t know what I had gone through to get that golden grain…”

“Nine-pistil Golden Grain?!” The students nearby became emotional after hearing this.

“This grain turned into a treasure… it should be priceless!” A student took a deep breath.

“What are you talking about?” An uneducated student didn’t know what was going on.

“It’s a grain created by Emperor Nong in the legends. Who knows if it’s true but this is the rice grain eaten only by immortals.” 

“Really?” The crowd’s eyes glimmered with excitement. Some remained skeptical.

“Maybe, maybe not, but then why does Goldtypha want this treasure? Can a regular item enter his sight?” An older student said.

The crowd agreed with this. This eight-palace emperor was the disciple of a progenitor! He has seen all types of treasures in the past yet he was still interested in this one. Maybe it was really formed from this immortal grain.

“Brat, just give it back already, please!” The bull looked very pitiful: “I want to open it to take that grain back. Just eating that will turn me into a true dragon.”

“!!!” This stirred the students even more. They began believing everything it said.

The greedy gazes intensified to the horror of Zhou Qiushi’s group. They felt that escaping was impossible this time around.

Du Wenrui could only smile. He knew something like this would happen because the bull loved causing trouble.

The bull had an obvious gloating smirk after seeing the resounding success judging by the students’ response.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye wasn’t interested in the treasure itself but rather the greedy eyes of these students.

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