Chapter 2834: Black Bull

“What about it?” A curious soul asked.

The students’ curiosity troubled the dean. He didn’t know whether this was a good or bad thing for them to learn too early.

“Have you ever seen a sacred beast run out of the garden?” Li Qiye smiled: “Academy of Light has paradises everywhere, so why do the beasts continue to stay here despite a lack of captors and chains? Outside of the native beasts, the ones outside coming here slowly wouldn’t want to leave and consider this garden their home. Unless someone forcefully takes them out or they meet the right master, they will usually die here from old age.”

“This is completely against the nature of these ferocious beasts. The power of the light changed their instincts and dao heart. Now, they are lost and want nothing more than the light. To put it nicely, this is a baptism taking away their wild nature. To be more direct, the power of the light is subduing and brainwashing them.” His eyes became profound while finishing.

The students didn’t expect this. In their mind, sacred beasts were auspicious symbols. They were excited to come to the garden - the beautiful paradise of sacred beasts. Now, this no longer seemed like the case.

“Are sacred beasts not born normally?” One student couldn’t help but ask.

“They don’t exist anywhere else in the world, at least not the type we’re talking about. Of course, the ones born here are always brimming with light, calling them sacred isn’t unreasonable, just another type of species.” Li Qiye smiled: “But in terms of actual sacred beasts in other parts of the world, they wouldn’t be determined by their affinity, only by their bloodline and origin.” Li Qiye elaborated.

The young ones carefully absorbed this information.

“Okay, let’s go to other places for some more suitable sacred fruits.” Wenrui stood up and clapped, not wanting Li Qiye to divulge higher-level information.

If this conversation continued, it might change the students’ opinion of the system’s core principles and their own background.

This line of thought might be dangerous at the academy, going as far as damaging its foundation. He would be considered an eternal sinner for allowing this to happen.

He didn’t wish for the light of the system to be questioned by the future descendants. Alas, he also didn’t want Repentance City to always be down like this either.

As a hidden supreme master, he wished for an all-around positive outcome. Unfortunately, coming up with one remained difficult.

Because of his power level, he was exposed to certain secrets along with the origin of his city. However, he also considered himself a guardian of the system so his hands were tied.

The group regained their wits and pushed the new information down deep in their mind. As natives of the system, they didn’t want to question certain things because that would be disrespectful towards the progenitor and their ancestors. Nevertheless, a seed of doubt has been planted in their heart.

“Rumble!” As the group was leaving, a loud explosion resulted in a massive earthquake. Even the great mountains were shaking continuously.

“What’s going on?” The young ones became startled.

“Boom!” A path was created by a trampling beast. The trees nearby got crushed to pieces and scattered like snowflakes.

Everyone saw a bull running like crazy with incredible speed. It didn’t bother looking ahead since its horn could clear all obstacles in a ferocious manner.

It wasn’t especially large, only around the size of a hill. It was quite muscular and vigorous. Its oily fur was a shiny black, seemingly polished many times over. People couldn’t help wanting to touch it once.

Its four hooves were as tough as steel, easily crushing the rocks below. Its two horns were naturally incredible and indestructible - also a lustrous black, seemingly made from black metals.

“Rumble!” It continued to ravage everything in its path, resulting in earthquakes.

“An unusual species in the garden is here.” Li Qiye smiled after seeing the bull.

“It’s a grand black bull.” Du Wenrui was scared out of his mind and waved his hand to protect the group: “Watch out, it’s very violent.”

“Boom!” The bull crossed through them instantly, leaving a deep trail in its wake.

If Wenrui was just a little bit slower, the group would have been trampled. The young ones had cold sweat all over.

“Hurry, don’t let it escape!” A horde of students frantically pursued the bull that was disappearing into the mountain range.

The group consisted of more than a hundred students from every academy. Some were Eternals.

“Why are you chasing this big bull around? Didn’t your teachers tell you that there’s no point in wanting a sacred beast? Taking them away is difficult.” A student became curious.

“We don’t want to take it away, only its bezoar. Goldtypha True Emperor said that this bull’s bezoar is a rare treasure, comparable to the saliva of a true dragon.” A powerful pursuer explained. [1]

“You serious? It’s comparable to a dragon’s saliva? That’s pretty amazing.” The students nearby took a deep breath and joined the force.

“How do we take it? Just kill that bull?” A student asked while running along with the group.

“No need, the emperor said that we just need to chase it until it gives up and spit the bezoar out. The closest person will get it.” The powerful pursuer said.

As time went on, more students with glimmering eyes became interested and joined the hunt.

“The same bull again.” Du Wenrui smiled wryly and shook his head after seeing this.

“You recognize it, Dean?” His student asked.

“It’s a strange one indeed and toyed with many students before.” The dean revealed the bare minimum.

“Let’s leave.” Du Wenrui wanted to leave because from experience, he knew that nothing good would come from this.

Unfortunately, the bull ran back towards them and made another deep trench, scaring the soul out of the poor youths who swiftly ran to the side.

“Boom!” The bull came to an abrupt halt in front of the group.

The ferocious and destructive beast glanced at Du Wenrui with its bright eyes. Next, it flung its head and breathed out white air, seemingly disinterested.

The next person of note became Li Qiye who was still enjoying himself on top of a branch. Its eyes lit up after spotting him.

“Hey, what are you doing?” It opened its mouth and spoke resonantly with a rather simple tone.

The young ones became astonished again since it was their first time seeing a speaking bull.

On the other hand, Du Wenrui put on a wry smile, lamenting his luck.

“What are you doing?” Li Qiye looked back at the bull.

“Haha, I’m playing with those idiots, got nothing else to do.” The bull laughed.

1. Back around chapter 670s, there was one character that I couldn’t get. The other translators didn’t know either. Now I know that it is bezoar. The usual characters for bezoar is niuhuang, or Bull + Sulfur. The author coined it as xian huang, or Immortal + Sulfur. If I was more familiar with old eastern medicinal terminologies, I probably could have connected the dots. Alas, today I learned.

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