Chapter 283: Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao

Chapter 283: Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, Li Qiye finally said: “Let me see your eyes.”

Chi Xiaodie then turned around and Li Qiye held her face with his hands in order to open her eyelids to carefully look at her pupils.

The two were so close that their breaths exhaled into the face of one another. Li Qiye was carefree but Chi Xiaodie became flustered. This was her first time being so close to the opposite sex, so she was at a loss of what to do.

Chi Xiaodie’s eyes had a faint golden color; one wouldn’t be able to see it without a careful look. Li Qiye carefully examined her eyes and eventually let go with his hands while shaking his head.

His gesture caused her to feel uneasy. With a negative sense of foreboding, she asked: “Is something wrong?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer and simply replied: “You stay here, I will have to go out for a while.” He decisively left after speaking.

Chi Xiaodie was surprised but Li Qiye had already left before she could ask him anything.

She was not someone who gave up easily so, after his departure, she continued to follow his instructions to look for the eyes of her ancestor. However, no matter how many times she tried, she was not able to see the statue’s eyes.

Eventually, Chi Xiaodie gave up because she understood she was missing something. She, herself, didn’t know the part that was missing, but maybe Li Qiye did.

Li Qiye left for many days and was without any news. Early on, Chi Xiaodie assumed that Li Qiye was busy with something so he was late, thus she didn’t pay it any mind. However, day after day had passed and Li Qiye still hadn’t returned. This caused Chi Xiaodie to be quite alarmed. Was Li Qiye not returning? Had he abandoned her?

Chi Xiaodie was lost with many inscrutable and negative thoughts. In the end, she calmed down while staying alone inside the Ancestral Divine Temple.

Li Qiye’s trip took three months. It was a morning when Chi Xiaodie woke up very early; she planned to cultivate but she became frightened the moment she stepped into the main hall because a person was standing there.

After the initial scare, she noticed that Li Qiye was sitting in the hall so she happily exclaimed: “You’re back!”

But at this time, Li Qiye ignored her. With one hand, he lifted his Myriad Heavenly Cauldron while the other hand channeled a fire to refine a medicinal paste. A refreshing aroma of herbs permeated from within the cauldron.

Li Qiye then seriously commanded: “Go!” He then took out a jade bowl and it sucked in the paste from the cauldron. The ointment was green in color; even though it had just left the cauldron, it was cold instead of hot. Chi Xiaodie felt the coolness while standing next to Li Qiye.

He commanded: “Come over here.”

Once she got close, he told her to sit down: “I’m about to apply the ointment on your eyes. It will hurt a lot, but try to endure.”

His words caused her to hesitate, but he then waved his sleeve: “Stop dawdling around. I had to sell a favor to the War God Temple in order to refine this ointment. If you keep on standing there, the medicine will become hot and my precious, rare herbs will be wasted!”

Her heart shivered after hearing Li Qiye words. She then bit her teeth and lifted her head. She let Li Qiye do whatever he wanted as he applied the paste onto her eyes.

At first, Chi Xiaodie felt the medicine was cold and comfortable — it was no big deal.

But a moment later, she began to scream miserably: “Ah!!”

A stinging sensation pierced her eyes. It was unbearable to the point where it was as if her eyes were being penetrated. A frozen winter overcame her eyes as her pupils loomed into the darkness.

During her moment of pain, Li Qiye grasped her hands and calmed her down: “Don’t move, hang in there! You must let the medicinal essence refine your eyes!”

Chi Xiaodie cried out from the intolerable pain: “Ahh!”

Li Qiye kept on shouting at her, telling her not to move, but this pain was indeed insufferable. At this moment, Chi Xiaodie felt as if her eyes were broken and the fear of losing her sight overwhelmed her.

Lost in the darkness, her heart only held fear. However, Li Qiye’s hands were grasping her own. The pair of firm hands gave her power and this gradually calmed her heart; amidst all of this, Li Qiye’s strong hands were Chi Xiaodie’s pillar.

She eventually settled down as the pain slowly disappeared.

Li Qiye reminded her: “The ointment needs to be applied to your eyes for a whole month until they are refined just right.”

Chi Xiaodie couldn’t see anything at this time so she only became relieved when Li Qiye was next to her: “What is going on?”

“Your eyes have changed.” Li Qiye continued: “Fortunately, the change was not too drastic. Otherwise, even if the old men from the War God Temple agreed to give even more treasure medicines, I still wouldn’t be able to change your pupils.”

Chi Xiaodie asked with surprise: “You went to the War God Temple?” Could it be that Li Qiye took three months just to prepare rare and precious medicines for her?

“No.” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied: “Only to its outer elders’ place.”

Chi Xiaodie was quite astonished; the War God Temple in the Grand Middle Territory was renowned alongside the Heavenly Dao Academy of the Eastern Hundred Cities. Even its outer elders were high above characters; her royal father wouldn’t necessarily be able to meet them. However, Li Qiye not only managed to meet them, but he was also able to obtain many precious herbs from the temple.

Li Qiye directed the treatment of her eyes with the ointment for one month. He was by her side the entire time because she found solace in his presence.

Eventually, he took the paste off and carefully looked at her eyes while nodding his head in satisfaction, saying: “Good, it is fortunate that your natural eyes only changed a bit. Otherwise, there would not be any chance of salvaging them.”

Chi Xiaodie breathed a sigh of relief after being able to see the light again, then she curiously asked: “How are my eyes now?”

“Look for yourself.” Li Qiye handed over a mirror. Chi Xiaodie noticed a change in her pupils. Before, there was a faint golden color to them and others wouldn’t notice it without a careful glance. But at this moment, her pupils had turned into a true golden color in its entirety. The pair of golden eyes exuded a divine glow as if the laws of the grand dao were hidden within.

Li Qiye then commanded: “Widen your eyes.”

Chi Xiaodie did it without any hesitation: “Ahhh!”

Chi Xiaodie was scared out of her mind and threw away the mirror. It was because once she glared at the reflection, she saw a strange pair of golden eyes. It was as if they were crafted from pure gold and they were filled with a cold glitter. Chi Xiaodie was startled by her own eyes.

“This… What is going on here?” It took her a while to regain her composure as she carefully looked again in the mirror. Her pupils had changed completely; they were without any white or black, there was only a golden glaze. Chi Xiaodie was still able to see clearly, so she was in a state of disbelief.

“These are called the eyes of god.”

Li Qiye slowly explained: “Your ancestor, Hundred Battles Godking, dominated his entire life with many amazing techniques and a vast amount of knowledge. There were two techniques that could be claimed his strongest, but these techniques were not passed down to the Chi Clan.

Chi Xiaodie couldn’t help but wonder: “Why not?” She had never heard of such a matter before.

Thus, Li Qiye answered in turn: “Because not anyone can learn these two great techniques. Your ancestor was born with a natural pair of heavenly turtle divine eyes — extremely peerless. His two great techniques were formed with his natural disposition as the foundation.”

Li Qiye looked at Chi Xiaodie and continued on: “You inherited the blood of your ancestor, but alas, it is a bit too thin. You had a pair of divine eyes when you were born, but because your inherited bloodline was too diluted, your divine eyes transformed. This is why you have the eyes, but they are crippled without any special techniques.”

“This time, I brought you here to see if you can inherit the Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao — one of your ancestor’s two great techniques.”

At this point, Li Qiye shook his head and went on to say: “Unfortunately, your divine eyes were crippled and could not see your ancestor’s eyes. However, within this misfortune, one can still find hope; your eyes did not deform too much. Luckily, I also knew of a formula to fix your divine eyes.”

Chi Xiaodie was dumbfounded while listening to Li Qiye’s long spiel. That day when Li Qiye said that he was lacking an attendant and wanted Chi Xiaodie, she agreed as if she was possessed by the devil. A princess like her actually becoming someone’s servant — this was too unbelievable.

She didn’t quite understand her own state of mind at that time. It could have been to repay Li Qiye for changing her brother’s Fate, or to avoid Sima Longyun, or perhaps it was both.

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