Chapter 2822: Bet

The Dawn student has never been in such an awkward position before. He trembled with anger while feeling trapped in an impasse. 

He was the one who initiated this betting game. Leaving right now would be even more embarrassing.

“We’re all fellow students, no need to bet so big. Just change it up.” Another student helped out.

“Yes, make it smaller.” Others nearby made it easier for the one from Dawn.

After all, the majority of them wanted to befriend this person. Everyone from that academy either had great talents or a strong background and certainly a bright future. Thus, they wanted to build a relationship right now.

This wasn’t the case for the students from Repentance. They didn’t give a damn about offending these country bumpkins and viewed them with disdain. 

That area had no big clans and sects. Plus, they were the descendants of sinners too. Who would want to associate with them?

This sense of superiority permeated the crowd. That’s why they chose to help the student from Dawn right now.

“We’re all from the same system, go easy on each other, not to mention what our seniors will do to us after an irresponsible bet. Go smaller.” Another older student added.

“Let’s bet something else.” The student from Dawn finally had enough support to make this request.

Qiushi gestured towards Li Qiye again by shaking his head, not wanting Li Qiye to risk betting the Sword of Repentance.

“Fine, I see that you can’t come up with anything anyway. Should have known that from the start judging by your shabby appearance. I’ll let you off then.” Li Qiye smiled and took back the sword.

“Let’s not bet properties this time.”The student from Dawn restrained his anger and came up with something else.

“Okay, bet whatever so you can spare yourself from the same humiliation.” Li Qiye said.

“Let’s do this, the loser has to crawl around the valley and bark like a dog. If your group can’t get as many fruits as I can, all of you have to do it. How about that?” The student’s eyes darted around, clearly thinking, before stating.

“And if you lose?” Li Qiye asked.

“If I lose, I will do the same thing, hmph. But don’t worry, I will never lose.” The guy snorted in response.

He was completely confident about picking several fruits. As for his opponents? It would be a miracle if they could get one or two.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at his fellow students. Qiushi did the same.

Everyone was hesitating because they knew that given their talents and powers, only Qiushi had a chance of picking this fruit.

They couldn’t beat this arrogant guy from Dawn - zero chance of winning.

“Too scared?” The student from Dawn noticed this hesitation and sneered: “Well, at least you know your place and the imminent defeat. Just a bunch of descendants from prisoners and sinners. Your ancestors never got illuminated by the light and you’re abandoned by it too. The sacred fruits here are the essences created from the fusion between the light and the heaven and earth. The higher the purity, the higher the grade of the fruit. Thus, how can something as pure as the White Hair Fruit be obtained by you and your ilk.”

He stared at the group with nothing but contempt in his eyes. This aroused the group’s anger because his words struck deep into their insecurities.

They have never considered themselves to be descendants of evil men. Many came from regular families. Their ancestors were only farmers in Repentance. Thus, his accusation stirred a fire in their heart.

This fire has been fueled ever since they got here. Other students treated them with this same prejudice along the way.

This was the biggest insult to them and to their home.

“We’ll do it!” A nice guy like Zhou Qiushi gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Yes!” The other students agreed. They rather lose instead of being looked down upon.

“Did you hear that? We’re in.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Good, it’s decided then. Everyone here heard it, no take back.” The student from Dawn laughed.

“Yes, we’ll be witnesses and won’t let them renege.” Others hastily chimed in.

The barrages of disdain left Qiushi and the others fuming with anger. Alas, they swallowed this indignation down.

“Haha, it’s almost your turn.” The student from Dawn said with a smug smile: “You better appreciate the time you have now because you’ll be barking like a dog soon enough.”

Li Qiye ignored the taunt while his peers clenched their fists. They must go all out and at least grab one fruit down.


It was finally their turn after a short moment.

“Are you all ready? Go up there already and try to get at least one.” The student from Dawn shouted.

“Go.” Li Qiye smiled at the group.

The group exchanged glances before jumping onto the branches to pick their fruits.

“And you, why are you not going up there? Don’t tell me you want to back out now. It’s too late though!” The student from Dawn glared at Li Qiye and uttered coldly. [1]

“No rush, I can beat you in the blink of an eye so I don’t want to scare you too badly.” Li QIye leisurely smiled.

“We’ll see about that. You can go at the end then.” This student’s expression turned ugly after being treated disrespectfully by someone he deemed inferior.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t retort.

Meanwhile, the students from Repentance were knocking on any ripe fruit. Alas, not a single one has fallen just yet.

“See? A high-ranked sacred fruit is holy. Descendants of sinners like you all aren’t qualified to pick them. Just forget about it, scums will be scums.” The student from Dawn enjoyed watching.

“It’s impossible because they’re too weak. Luck isn’t enough.” An older student gently shook his head.

More time passed and the group still had trouble. They were extremely anxious and felt helpless.

“Just give up, you’re not qualified.” At the same time, the Dawn student continued taunting.

“Focus your heart and mind, stay true to your dao…” Du Wenrui started speaking. His words echoed like bells in their mind.

Their dao heart was shaken as if struck by thunder. A light suddenly shined on their dao heart in this split second.

1. I swear, the author just needs to give this guy a name already.

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