Chapter 2821: Don’t Bet Against Me If You’re Poor

“Do it! Bet against him!” The students in the back shouted, wanting to see a match.

Li Qiye only smiled, so did Du Wenrui who was standing next to him.

A dean like him wouldn’t interfere with the juniors but he knew that someone was about to get really unlucky.

“So yes or no?” The student from Dawn stared intensely at Li Qiye: “You were so courageous earlier. Let’s do it.”

Li Qiye still stood there with a smile, looking as if he was trying to play it off.

“He’s scared, only good at pretending to be cool.” One student in the back sneered, very annoyed with Li Qiye earlier.

“There are dozens of you, what’s there to be afraid of against one guy? How embarrassing.” Another shouted.

“We should leave.” Qiushi pulled on Li Qiye’s sleeve again. The other students from Repentance stared at him, full of anxiety. They also wanted to leave.

“Scram then.” The student from Dawn gloated after seeing this: “Don’t come outside if you’re both useless and cowardly. A few dozen can’t match up to me alone. Leave right now to save yourself from further embarrassment.”

The students from Repentance glared at this youth with anger. Alas, the power disparity still paralyzed them.

“What? You don’t agree? Then accept the bet. I’ll take all of you on.” The student from Dawn wasn’t afraid at all and became more aggressive, stomping on their pride.

“Can’t believe they don’t even dare to give it a try. Stop wasting our time then because you won’t get crap from the tree anyway.” Another student in the back urged.

“Yes, get out if you don’t want to bet.” The others loudly parroted.

“Alright, what’s the bet?” Li Qiye chuckled to Qiushui’s astonishment.

“He finally grew some balls.” The student from Dawn laughed and looked down at the group: “I can handle whatever you want to bet, treasures, pills, just name it.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Realize this though, I’m not a bully because if I were to name the bet first, you all won’t be able to match it.”

“Of course they wouldn’t be able to put up the same bet as you.” Another student jeered: “All of them combined won’t match a pinky of yours.”

“So? Take out your valuables and I’ll just match them.” The student from Dawn snorted.

Qiushi shook his head several times at Li Qiye in order to tell him that they wouldn’t win.

“I see, so you’re telling me you can handle whatever I put on the table?” Li Qiye acted surprised.

“That’s right, I don’t care what your bet will be, I can handle it. The issue here is that you probably won’t be able to bet anything valuable.” The student from Dawn proudly said.

“Perfect, I just happen to have a little bit of change on me.” Li Qiye smirked.

Having said that, he took the Sword of Repentance off his back and unsheathed it.

Sword energy billowed in a crazy manner as he said: “This sword’s name is Repentance and should be worth something. Oh, yeah, I think Progenitor Desolate Saint left it behind. Come take a look, tell me how much it’s worth.”

“Clank!” He gently flicked the blade and unleashed a draconic roar. Its sword energy blotted out the sky as if there were ten thousand swords up there.

“Repentance, the defining treasure of that academy!” Everyone looked up at the sky. A relatively older student recognized this sword.

Qiushi and the others were shocked to see Li Qiye betting their defining treasure. Qiushi tugged on Li Qiye’s sleeve like crazy now. His eyes begged Li Qiye to not do it.

“Is that real? A sword left behind by the progenitor?” Everyone checked out the sword.

“Look at that sword energy, it has to be real.” A powerful student was keen enough to recognize treasures.

Du Wenrui who has been quiet the entire time coughed to get everyone’s attention and said: “I don’t interfere in juniors’ matters but as for this sword, I guarantee that it belonged to the progenitor using my reputation as the dean of Repentance. It was also his personal sword.”

Since the dean himself has staked his reputation on the line, everyone realized that this sword was the real thing.

“A personal sword of our progenitor…” Astonishment struck the crowd. 

This meant that this sword was an incredible ancestral treasure. In any system, these treasures were extremely precious.

Not to mention a regular disciple or student, even their strongest and most brilliant wasn’t qualified to have one.

Thus, everyone was shocked to see one in person. Some even had flashes of greed in their eyes. Who wouldn’t want an ancestral treasure, especially the personal sword of their progenitor

This should be far stronger than a regular artifact of the same grade.

“Mmm, I’ll be betting this sword, what about you?” Li Qiye casually said.

He pinned the sword down on the ground and everyone’s attention turned towards the Dawn student.

This student turned red. Yes, he was an excellent member of this prestigious academy and his clan wasn’t bad either. It could be considered a large-sized clan in their area. Alas, they still wouldn’t be able to take out an ancestral treasure.

How could he bet against Li Qiye if he couldn’t produce a similar-level item?

He became stunned. Not even in his dream would he expect Li Qiye to have a sword of this level. Worst of all, the guy was even using it for a bet.

“He’s insane to do something like this.” A few older students shook their head after seeing this.

No one in the entire system would dare to do something like this. Heads might start rolling if their seniors were to find out.

Qiushi and the others were pale too. If they were to lose their school’s defining treasure, they would forever be branded as sinners.

“And? What are you taking out for the bet?” Li Qiye asked the student from Dawn.

The red on this student’s face darkened as he couldn’t reply. He opened his mouth but no words would come out. He could sell himself and wouldn’t be able to muster up something for the bet.

“I don’t have a problem with you not being able to take out an ancestral treasure.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “You can still bet something else instead, for example, your clan’s little sister or an ancestral ground, whatever inheritance is fine too. If one little sister isn’t enough, then make it a hundred. If one land isn’t enough, bet your entire clan. I’ll take anything you can come up with.”

“You…” The Dawn student trembled with rage, nearly vomiting blood.

“Sigh, looks like selling your entire clan still won't be enough.” Li Qiye shook his head disappointedly: “I was impressed earlier with your bravado and arrogance, thinking that you’re a big shot. Looks like you’ve wasted my time.”

“Don’t, don’t push me too far!” The student shouted back.

“Since when am I being unreasonable? If you aren’t convinced, then bet something worthwhile. The sword is right here, win and it is yours.”

The student shut down again. The crux of the matter was that he couldn’t come up with anything. Plus, even if he had an ancestral treasure, he would never take this risk or his seniors would really let him have it.

Only a madman would bet an ancestral treasure.

“There’s no winning going against a madman.” One student shook his head, thinking about how hard it would be to find another person as insane as Li Qiye.

“Are we doing this or not? Who’s the coward now?” Li Qiye said while looking at the poor guy.

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