Chapter 2820: White Hair Jade Fruit

The tree was rightfully popular because for many students, it also served as a test.

Plenty of students present were excellent; that’s why they were eligible to be here in the first place. However, picking a high-ranked fruit wasn’t easy. 

The fifth-ranked fruit served as a cultivation threshold. Some have researched this topic before. In order to get a fifth-ranked fruit or higher, one needed to be as strong as an Eternal or True Emperor.

Of course, those who have yet to reach these levels could also pick a sixth rank or better fruit. Alas, fewer than few students could do so. They could go around and test every single fruit in this orchard and only come out with one or two.

Being powerful made the picking process relatively easy. The weaker students would have a hard time dealing with the better trees.

On the other hand, the White Hair Tree was the finest level of the fifth grade. The difficulty remained the same yet the quality was triple. Many decent students actually had a chance of picking these fruits, hence the long waiting line.

Qiushi and the others were eager to try too. Just one fruit here was a bigger harvest than all the ones they’ve gotten so far.

Due to the massive line, some people behind them became annoyed.

“Aren’t you the guys from Repentance? You’re here for the White Hair Fruits too?” One unhappy student looked at them and said.

The group looked back and greeted the guy.

However, this person quickly changed his tone and sneered: “Yeah, you all should go back instead of daydreaming. You can’t get a single fruit here with your meager power. Stop wasting everyone else’s time.”

Qiushi and the others thought they were about to make a friend, not expecting the guy to be so rude. The group turned red, speechless.

“He’s right, you have no chance of getting the fruits here. One needs to be a True God or higher to even try. That’s just testing their luck too, they might not be able to get it. As for you all, your cultivation is simply too weak. Just be humble and let others behind you try instead.” This student was passive-aggressive with his advice.

“Look at how many people are still waiting. Don’t even bother climbing up there.” Another one in the back repeated.

Once the group got in line, more and more still came. These people couldn’t wait so they wanted Qiushi’s group to leave. After all, that’s several dozens or so people.

“Get the hell out, stop blocking our way” The first speaker came from Dawn, one of the four great academies. His tone became haughty and aggressive.

“Go, time is precious to all of us.” His peer added to the fire.

Qiushi and the others didn’t know what to do. The crowd was against them so they became afraid due to their inexperience. This was a tough situation for these young ones.

“Stop spewing shit from your mouth.” Li Qiye looked at the ones in the back and barked back: “And stop thinking that you’re superior too. If you’re so amazing, then go pick the supreme fruits instead of lining up for this one and acting all that. These fruits are only fifth-ranked ones, nothing special. True Emperor and progenitors wouldn’t be here to act haughtily. Go look at yourselves in the mirror again, ants.”

Li Qiye continued cursing at these students in the back just like an old woman in a market, not giving a damn about status and appearance.

“What are you trying to say?” The student from Dawn had an ugly expression.

“I’m saying, if you think you’re better than Repentance students, then go pick a supreme fruit for us to take a look. That will prove that you’re a badass, we’ll have nothing but admiration for you then.” Li Qiye retorted.

The argument garnered the attention of the rest of the crowd. Meanwhile, the students in the back of the line were stopped by Li Qiye’s momentum.

After all, they were in the wrong in the first place by trying to cut in line and chasing away the students from Repentance. They couldn’t refute this.

The main target of the derision turned red. He didn’t expect a student from Repentance to go against him like this.

In his eyes, Repentance Institution was tiny and insignificant unlike his majestic academy, Dawn.

“You…” A student couldn’t be as sharp-tongued as Li Qiye so he didn’t know what to say.

The rest of the crowd watched with amusement. It wasn’t that easy to pick a supreme fruit. Very few people in the entire system could actually do so.

As for the students, only Everlastings and emperors like Holyfrost True Emperor, Metalkin War God, and Violet Dragon Empress could do so. The rest had no chance.

“I might not be able to pick a supreme fruit but this fifth-ranked one is no problem.” The student from Dawn took a deep breath and arched his chest.

Others had no problem with this statement. Dawn was one of the four great academies and had plenty of exceptional students. The fact that he was here proved his worth.

“What about you? I think if the dozens of you get one or two, you should be thanking the heaven, earth, and your ancestors for their blessing.” He sneered and looked straight at Li Qiye.

Qiushi and the others weren’t confident enough to speak, feeling inadequate with their cultivation.

“This fruit?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “It’s not good enough for me but if I were to try, I can get several hundreds of them without a problem.”

“Please!” One student in the back snorted right away: “How ludicrous. Do you think you’re a True Emperor or something?”

“You’re boasting too much. I’ve been here for a long time and the best result was fifteen fruits from an excellent student of Lightless, already an Ascender.” Even a student closer towards the front of the line shook his head.

Qiushi pulled on Li Qiye’s sleeve, feeling the same way as these outsiders. Perhaps all of them could pick one or two fruits but a few hundred fruits? That’s impossible. Even their dean couldn’t do so.

“Everyone can boast but not all can accomplish it. How about a bet? If you and all your friends together get more fruits than me, it’ll be my loss.” The student from Dawn said.

“Yeah, do you dare or not?!” The other students who got chastised by Li Qiye earlier loudly jumped in.

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