Chapter 2817: Entering Sacred Mountain

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and interrupted the students’ timid reflection. He jumped off the ship and casually looked at the crowd of people.

His carefree attitude made the others envious, being able to treat the students from the four academies as thin air.

“Keep working hard and one day, you can reach their level too. When there’s a will, there’s a way. You’ll all soar one day.” Wenrui spoke words of encouragement.

The students took a deep breath and assumed a more confident posture. They tried to muster more courage and boldness. After all, their academy has earned the right to come here too. What was there to be afraid of?

They left the ship and stood on this land while becoming very emotional. They never thought they would have the opportunity to be here in the past.

Though the group was sizable, the other academies brought even more students since they had more spots available compared to Repentance Institution.

The system had plenty of academies, numbering up to a hundred thousand. The big four remained at the top.

Normally, they were independent and lived together in harmony. Only Sacred Mountain could gather students from everywhere.

The origin of this place was unclear. Some said that it used to be Desolate Saint’s dao learning area in the past.

There were many sacred fruits and beasts here. It would be amazing for any student to obtain them.

The fruits were famously beneficial even for outsiders. Eating them had positive and purifying effects, especially for those stuck with a cultivation bottleneck. It could lower the chance of qi deviation.

It became more effective when consumed by students of the light, especially those who grew up in the system due to their merit laws. Eating these fruits increased power along with many other good things.

Li Qiye’s group underwent an entry check since not just anyone could come here on a whim. They have earned their spots thanks to the director.

Although this was meant to be a test for Li Qiye, the rest also got a free ride. That’s why Li Qiye laughed at those two for coming up with that play.  Repentance Institution on its merits alone didn’t warrant earning this many spots.

Students from other academies paid attention to them because they were too weak. Zhou Qiushi, a True King, was already the best among them. 

Remember, the quota was limited. Only the best of the best could come to Sacred Mountain.

Thus, True Saint or even True God was the starting realm to come here. As for the four great academies, only Ascenders and True Emperors were strong enough to beat the competition.

That’s why Zhou Qiushi’s group looked so out of place here. Glances of contempt were sent their way.

Therefore, they started feeling inferior. The difference in cultivation dealt a great blow to their self-esteem, thinking that they were weaker than even the stable boys of these academies.

“Repentance Institution? Isn’t that the place abandoned by the light and the progenitor? How could the descendants of the sinners be qualified to come to Sacred Mountain?” One student noticed their school emblem.

He didn’t hold back on the volume so everyone could hear it. Others started staring and noticing too.

“Why are they here? Were there any in the past?” Someone curiously asked.

“They would be in the very last group, not this first one. Only the strongest academies can come first beside the four great ones.” One student replied.

“It doesn’t matter, they won’t be able to get any sacred fruit at all and will return empty-handedly.” A powerful student thought that he was clearly superior.

The disdainful stares and sarcastic remarks intimidated Zhou Qiushi and the others. Some lowered their head while feeling out of place.

They have never experienced this prejudice back in Repentance. Their seniors and previous ancestors have never done anything wrong too.

However, others treated them as descendants of sinners from a fallen land, part of the lower class.

“Fools. You’re throwing away the reputation of the system.” Li Qiye gave the taunters the side-eye.

“Oh? You think you can talk big shamelessly without backing it up…” One student sneered.

“A fool is smug out of ignorance.” Li Qiye interrupted this student and said: “What is the light? It illuminates the living beings and removes pain and suffering, vying for an era devoid of worries.  The myriad creations are not discriminated against and are treated the same way, whether it be mortals or heinous villains. Everyone can bask in the light and be freed from darkness. But look at you all now? What’s so special about you except being lucky enough to be born in this system with a well-off father and joining a decent academy? Yet here you are, gloating in front of weaker members in order to gain a sense of superiority. If you think you are so excellent and powerful, then go challenge those stronger than you, the True Emperors, progenitors, and supreme beings above the nine firmaments!”

He paused for a bit and glared at them: “Truly ask yourselves if you have this courage to challenge them and the confidence about eventually surpassing them?! If not, then shut your mouth and scram to the side. You are no different from the weak then, only more insecure with your pathetic conduct.”

Li Qiye didn’t hold back at all. The other students turned red from ear to ear but couldn’t come up with a retort.

“You have a sharp tongue but your bombastic talk has no real application outside of making you feel better about being weak. A weakling will always be a weakling just like how an ant will always be an ant.” One student snorted, still with derision.

He turned and left along with other students, leaving Zhou Qiushi’s group behind.

The members had different expressions and emotions. Some felt fear; others felt inferior; some were contemplating…

“Stop being so timid.” Li Qiye looked at them and said: “We’re all ants compared to someone else but just remember, even an ant can bear its fangs proudly against the villainous heaven. Don’t accept a fate of mediocrity and one day, your tiny fangs will cut through that sky.” 

This comment struck them hard. What was there to be afraid of? Why should we feel inferior?

They have never done anything immoral in their lives. People came from different backgrounds and walks of life. As long as they kept working hard, they would be able to reach the peak one day too!

“I’ll be an ant that will show my fangs!” Zhou Qiushi clenched his fists and murmured.

Li Qiye’s words reverberated in their mind for a while.

“Sacred Mountain is right ahead. Value this rare opportunity and test your luck to see how many sacred fruits you can pluck.” Wenrui chuckled and interrupted their rumination.

The students regained their wits and started following Li Qiye into Sacred Mountain. Suddenly, they found Li Qiye to be different. They couldn’t quite place their finger on the exact details but one thing was for certain, he might not be a fool at all.

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