Chapter 2816: Sacred Mountain

Light was everywhere in the Academy of Light and all existences basked in this affinity.

They illuminated the cultivators along with the mortals, vegetation, and animals…

Because of this blessing, the land resembled a paradise freed from illness and misery. For example, the clearest example would be comparing the mortals in Repentance City versus those living outside. The latter had a longer lifespan.

In terms of drinking water, the streams outside were sweeter with better health benefits for drinkers.

Thus, the light had positive effects on all aspects of life. Repentance City was the only exception.

That’s why those living outside, even the mortals, considered themselves to be superior to the inhabitants of Repentance.

One more consequence of being basked in the light meant being born with faith. The mortals in the academy spent their time worshipping the light. Moreover, they were subjected to a higher moral standard as well.

Repentance City resembled the cities from other systems - full of merchants and peddlers. Strangely enough, this normal way of life was actually looked down upon by the Academy of Light.

They considered a mundane city like Repentance to be a gathering of depravities. This was naturally not true. It’s just that the other places in the system were more prosperous in comparison.

Nevertheless, outsiders couldn’t really find fault with prosperity and peace. The only problem was having to worship the light.

Of course, many students on the ship desired to be an area basked in the light. It looked like paradise for them so their memories of Repentance became distant.

Du Wenrui captured their expressions. After growing up, some of them would leave Repentance City and start their own careers. Alas, most would never return to Repentance.

This wasn’t mere speculation. As the dean, he had brought numerous groups of students outside and was used to this result.

He never commented negatively on it and even gave them his blessing. After all, everyone had their own aspiration. He couldn’t force the successful ones to return and contribute to Repentance. That would be too selfish of him.

It would also violate his creeds. The only thing he could do was allow them to spread their wings and catch the wind. Their future choice should be respected as well.

“A few people might not be saints but have accomplished just as much.” Li Qiye commented on the situation.

Du Wenrui only smiled and continued driving the ship forward with incredible speed.

Sacred Mountain was very far away from Repentance. However, because of the ship’s ability, it only took ten days before reaching its destination.

The young ones saw many things along the way. Their horizon has broadened as a result.

As they approached Sacred Mountain, they saw something like white specks of snow. Of course, this was only light particles gathering over yonder. They looked like snow from a distance.

This place was full of rolling mountains and divine peaks. However, one would be surprised at a lack of light relative to other areas.

In this place, the light particles have turned into snow and rain. They were so innate within the land that they weren’t as conspicuous and blinding as before.

This low-key appearance made people feel that the light wasn’t omnipresent. However, this was far from the truth. A real master could sense the majestic light affinity in the ground. It was as massive as an ocean and surged beneath. Sacred Mountain itself was being shouldered by this hidden ocean of light.

Astonishment struck the students since this was their first time seeing such a magnificent landscape with divine mountains everywhere. The overwhelming auras coming from them were even more impressive.

Others were heading for Sacred Mountain too including students and experts from the other academies.

These groups consisted of the most brilliant students. Some of them were already True Emperors, Eternals, or even Everlastings. They already had great prestige and authority despite still being students.

Thus, the ones from Repentance seemed insignificant in comparison even though Zhao Qiushi was their best. Northern Academy, in particular, had the most incredible group.

Numerous ships crossed the sky with various emblems representing their academy. The ships varied in form but they were glowing in a majestic and beautiful manner.

A few students came riding their treasures. One was standing on a massive flying sword. Its sharp glint spanned for thousands of miles. To the back was a blazing trail astounding all spectators.

Some rode beasts to get here. One colossal elephant appeared, completely shrouded in the moonlight. It carried a pavilion and instantly made it to Sacred Mountain.

The ones flying here in person were even more impressive. They were already Eternals despite being so young. Just one step allowed them to cross through the realms. Their lights looked like blazing flames.

The students from Repentance were in awe. They were stuck on one ship and this one wasn’t glowing as cool as the rest. To put it frankly, the dean’s ship looked cheap in comparison.

Moreover, despite being the same age, the ones outside were so much stronger and more famous than them. In fact, their clothing was shabby too and their auras were lacking. They looked like beggars compared to these wealthy young nobles.

This made them feel inadequate and their posture instinctively showed a lack of confidence, no longer arching their chest and looking forward.

Du Wenrui sighed after seeing this. Repentance Institution was simply too small. As a result, their students lacked momentum and confidence. 

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