Chapter 2814: Putting On A Show

The Sacred Director’s fury rightfully frightened the students nearby.

He had a special role in this system. Normally, he would never interfere with any academy and regular competitions. Conflicts between students or even sect betrayal didn’t matter. However, he always watched over the entire system and would appear when his presence was required.

Thus, his appearance would always be a big deal. It would pertain to violating the ancestral laws of the progenitor.

That’s why the students at Repentance were so horrified. The teachers themselves felt the same way since this was the director’s first visit to their academy.

However, this actually made sense with the broken statue and the sword being taken away by a regular student. 

Strangely enough, the director only asked about these two issues and didn’t care about the death of Deng Rensen’s group. This made the students feel much better. All three things combined would have warranted a bigger punishment.

On the other hand, their dean remained calm, unlike the nervous students.

“Director, there’s nothing going on here.” Wenrui smiled: “Fate has come, that’s all. When the progenitor left Repentance Sword back here, he talked about leaving it to the fateful one. So, my student is the destined one for the sword in accordance with the will of the progenitor.”

“As for the statue breaking, it’s because the sword found a master so it doesn’t need to be there to protect it anymore.” Wenrui went on to explain: “Thus, everything is as it should be since a student of ours is the one getting it. Director, please consider the circumstances.” 

“That’s logical.” The director pondered for a bit before answering and sparing the students from more agony. It looked like he won’t sentence a punishment then.

“However, I’ve heard that this student of yours is a sinkin! I must investigate this.” He changed the flow of the conversation and made the students nervous again.

“You’ve heard the news quite fast. Well, others are accusing the student of being a sinkin even though we don’t even know if this tribe is still around. It’s too early for any conclusion.” Wenrui smiled.

“Do you think we can treat this so trivially? Let him come and meet me!” The director looked unhappy with that response.

“Director, the student is still very inexperienced and shy, it’ll be inconvenient for all parties. How about this, he’ll definitely visit Sacred Mountain in the future to accept a purification trial. I’m sure that’s the best proof to stop people from spreading this rumor again. What do you think?”

“Alright, then we’ll figure it out at Sacred Mountain.” The director stared at the dean for a bit before agreeing.

“How about that tea now?” Wenrui played the role of a good host.

“Hmph.” The director snorted. The golden lion leaped into the sky and disappeared from sight.

“See you later, venerable Sacred Director.” Wenrui bowed towards the departing party.

Everyone felt much better with him gone and could finally breathe easily again.

“Everyone heard that? It won’t be long until there’s a chance for you all to go visit Sacred Mountain. The quota is limited so try your best now.” Wenrui smiled and told the young ones.

“Sacred Mountain…” Many calmed down and became ecstatic.

“Dean, you’re the best!” Many jubilated and loudly praised Wenrui.

“It’s too early for celebration. Everyone must prove that they’re worthy of being chosen.” Wenrui laughed as well.

Nevertheless, they continued to shout praises of him.

Du Wenrui was well-liked in Repentance. Maybe it was because their academy was too weak and the same with his cultivation, but he has always been amicable and never acted haughtily. He mingled with both the teachers and the students without any problem.

He went to find Li Qiye afterward. Li Qiye was meditating and ignored him.

He then boiled some tea and poured a full cup for Li Qiye.

“Young friend, I’m sure you’ve heard the conversation earlier. It’s not easy being the dean for me right now, not easy at all.” Wenrui took a sip before speaking.

“Decent acting, you’ve earned the academy a chance to go to Sacred Mountain.” Li Qiye opened his eyes and looked at the guy.

“Haha.” Wenrui smiled wryly: “I’ve only tried to prove our innocence. The director is wise and fair as well, able to see through everything.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye replied: “I don’t see fairness anywhere. The two of you put on a show and he gave you something good as well.”

“It’s no big deal.” Wenrui said.

Though the director earlier looked imperious and unhappy with Du Wenrui, the two of them were actually friends.

Others simply didn’t know this. After all, the director was a powerful character respected by all in the system. On the contrary, Du Wenrui was the dean of Repentance Institution.

Yes, this academy was renowned on the same level as the four great ones but most didn’t think much of it. How could a lowly dean like Wenrui know a big shot like the director?

Li Qiye didn’t say anything and drank his tea.

“Young friend, you also heard that you’re going to Sacred Mountain, right?” Wenrui added.

“Why should I?” Li Qiye looked disinterested after a sip.

“To prove your innocence to the world. Plus, Sacred Mountain is a unique area desired by all.” Wenrui hurriedly said.

“Not interested. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Of course, of course.” Wenrui replied: “You probably know that Sacred Mountain produces incredible fruits, wine, and water. You’ll be able to get these fruits after coming there, so why not? There are sacred beasts there too, maybe you can meet a few phoenixes or true dragons. Wouldn’t that be nice? People will write tales about your adventure there.”

“No thanks, I don’t care for some wild fruits and stupid birds.” Li Qiye answered.

Wenrui didn’t know what to do after hearing this. Students could only dream about going up the mountain. Outsiders definitely had no chance. The fruits and beasts here were highly coveted.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye viewed them as insignificant. If other students from the system were to hear this, they would chastise him for outrageously boasting.

“Young friend, I’m having a hard time here since you’ve taken our sword. Many of the higher-ups have doubts about you so this trip is necessary.” Wenrui put on a pained expression.

“Just one crappy sword, take it back if you want to.” Li Qiye said.

“The problem is, you’re the only one who can take it, we can’t even use it.” Wenrui helplessly said.

“A righteous heart and one hand are all you need to use it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Wenrui couldn’t do anything else since he didn’t have the ability to force Li Qiye to go there.

“Fine, I’ll go.” Li Qiye saw the middle-aged man lowering his head dejectedly and gave in.

“Really?” Wenrui shuddered with excitement.

“You just want to bring a group of students up there and use me as a reason. This whole trial at Sacred Mountain is bullshit, I know you and that director are conspiring together.” Li Qiye revealed.

Wenrui coughed awkwardly. Li Qiye saw through his intent, unlike the others.

The whole taking Li Qiye to Sacred Mountain to test him was just an excuse. The real motive for him was letting his students benefit from a trip there.

After all, their academy had no status to speak of and would need to wait forever before having a chance to go there. Li Qiye became the perfect excuse.

His conversation with Sacred Director served as a ruse against the outsiders.

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