Chapter 2813: Venerable Sacred Director

The clear sky only confused the spectators further. Some started rubbing their eyes from confusion.

“It’s definitely ominous.” One reclusive master had a solemn expression.

A general wave of anxiety swept through the system due to recent events. The thing they worried about the most was the harmonization of light and darkness earlier.

“Repenting for what?” Meanwhile, back at Repentance, Li Qiye stared at the crumbled statue and wasn’t surprised at all.

Of course, only Desolate Saint knew the answer. Or perhaps the exact sin didn’t matter. This was just an expression of his belief towards the grand dao.

For example, Desolate Saint once illuminated all the living beings. However, in his mind, perhaps darkness and light existed together since they could be formed from a single thought of his.

Regular people couldn’t understand or accept this. Only someone of his level truly comprehended this profundity.

Maybe the sins being washed away here didn’t matter. The issue at hand was perhaps the reason why Desolate Saint chose not to illuminate this place with his light.

My light used to illuminate and save countless beings - Desolate Saint said this once. Few have heard this and even fewer understood him. [1]

“Let’s return.” Li Qiye eventually shook his head and left with the sword.

“What, what about the sword?” Qiushi immediately asked.

“It belongs to whoever can take it.” Li Qiye answered without turning his head.

Qiushi was left in the dust and didn’t know what to do. That sword was the institution’s ultimate treasure but Li Qiye took it as his own now. Wasn’t this a little unreasonable?

He calmed down and decided to report this to the dean.

When Qiushi got there, he saw Du Wenrui boiling tea as if that shocking event earlier didn’t matter at all. He instantly told Wenrui everything that had happened in a precise manner.

After hearing the report, Wenrui wasn’t surprised or anxious at all. He took a sip of his tea and nodded: “Mmm, I know.”

He spoke as if he was there to witness everything in person.

“Well, what should we do about that Senior Deng? What if Northern Academy pursues this matter?” Qiushi was an honest person so he shuddered at this thought.

Deng Rensen was a teacher there, just a regular teacher and not the most brilliant or anything. However, he has been working for a long time and has taught many students. Now, it would be a big problem if Northern Academy were to carry out an investigation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to them.” Wenrui didn’t view it as a big deal, not really caring about the matter.

“What about Repentance Sword?” Qiushi felt better since it looked like the dean had a plan.

“Repentance Sword has always been waiting for the fateful one. Since Student Li can take it, it means that he has been recognized by the sword and it is his now.” Wenrui smiled.

“Oh.” Qiushi instinctively affirmed like a good junior without really accepting the answer.

“Qiushi, you’re a good student, both in characters and talents.” Wenrui said with an implicative tone: “You need to follow Student Li.”

“Dean, I will do my best to protect him and not let anyone take his sword.” Qiushi misunderstood.

He thought that the dean was afraid of someone else taking Repentance. That’s why the dean ordered him to follow the guy nonstop.

“Go now.” Wenrui didn’t bother correcting him, aware that such a relationship couldn’t be forced. It was a matter of fate.

Qiushi bowed before leaving.


All the students in Repentance Institution admired the new student for obtaining the sword.

“So lucky, people have tried and failed but he got it in one go. Yeah, you can’t get luckier than this.” One person said enviously.

“Hence the phrase - a fool has his own fortune.” One student smiled: “Fellow Student Li came from the sin tribe, that’s a very humble beginning. He’s clumsy and slow to react too, but maybe being a little slow isn’t a bad thing.”

Some of them viewed Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude as being slow-witted. They excitedly discussed recent events when suddenly, a loud blast resounded as if a meteor had just landed on their institution.

The whole place trembled as a result. Winds made debris and leaves scatter chaotically. Some trees fell down and flowers became victims.

A massive beast arrived at the academy, nearly trampling the whole place.

“Oh, mother…” One startled student looked up and saw a massive lion.

It was tall enough to shoulder the entire sky. Its tail spanned like a mountain range. Just one light tail swing could sink the earth.

It was golden from top to bottom with fur long enough to look like gigantic waterfalls pouring down from the sky - truly a magnificent creature.

The most terrifying thing was its beastly aura brimming with chaos - something akin to standing before a billion hungry lions wanting to tear its victims to pieces.

The students felt their legs trembling and dropped to the ground. The weaker ones couldn’t move in the slightest.

“Hmph!” A scowl erupted like thunder. The students’ dao heart was affected by this supreme divinity. Even the stronger ones dropped to the ground now.

Everyone saw an old man sitting on top of the lion. He had a stalwart stature with long golden hair resembling the mane of a lion. His eyes were extremely sharp and intimidating.

“Venerable Sacred Director, please recall your divinity and stop scaring these inexperienced children.” Du Wenrui finally showed himself and bowed.

“Raaa!” Gales formed again as the lion soared to the sky, blotting out the sun in an awe-inspiring fashion.

The old man also recalled his divinity, allowing everyone to breathe easy. They could finally get up from the ground now.

“Thank you, Sacred Director.” Wenrui bowed again.

“So that’s the Sacred Director.” New students found this title unfamiliar.

“A supervisor of our system. His power should be unfathomable.” His friend told him.

The rest of the spectators became afraid and stared at the old man up above with reverence.

This old man stared at the pond and the crumbled statue of Desolate Saint with a solemn expression.

“Would you like some tea?” Wenrui asked with a smile.

“No need, I’m quite busy right now.” The old man responded.

“May I ask why you are here?” Wenrui asked.

“To figure out some issues.” The old man snorted. Judging by the casual tone of this conversation, these two knew each other and should actually have a good relationship.

“Broken statue and losing the Sword of Repentance, this is a great offense.” He coldly added.

His demeanor made the students shudder. After all, Repentance Institution was only a tiny academy while the supervisor was responsible for watching the entire system.

1. The author is being even more cryptic than usual in the last few chapters. I’m translating while interpreting the plot myself. There might be minor points or words that I need to change in order to get the full meaning across. It’s difficult to translate the intent of the author when he is purposely being vague. Also, I’ve changed a few terms. Academy of Light and Desolate Saint have popped up before; they used to be translated as Radiance Institution and Farwild Saint. 

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