Chapter 2812: Broken Ancestral Statue

Finally, Deng Rensen disintegrated into light particles. Not even a tiny smudge was left of him. This process seemed like his light was returning to the system.

“It wasn’t on purpose…” Li Qiye seemed startled after hitting Rensen with his sword.

“So that’s Repentance Sword…” Everyone became afraid, lost in disbelief.

“Oh well, senior brothers, I’m coming!” Li Qiye shouted and waved his sword again since there were still students trapped.

“Don’t, don’t come over here!” These students didn’t want this eager savior to come at all and started shouting.

Unfortunately, they were out of luck. Light strings from the sword oozed out like sword rays and instantly drilled into these students.

“Buzz.” These lights then left their body again after a full refinement. Their life and grand dao were fully purified.

“Why is this happening?” Li Qiye stared at the sword in his hand in disbelief.

Lu Shimao and the others scattered away into particles as if they have never existed in the first place.

Everyone else became stunned from this event, speechless. Deng Rensen and these students have died just like that.

“Junior Brother, get out already.” Zhou Qiushi was the first to calm down and told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye climbed out of the pond and the sacred water didn’t try to stop him. He was unhindered from start to finish as if it was just a regular pond.

It just wasn’t strong enough to open his dao heart so there was no way for it to purify his evil thoughts and intentions.

Moreover, Li Qiye’s dao heart was at a level where he could turn good or evil with a single thought. If the water somehow got in, he would just need to change into a saint and there would be nothing for it to purify.

“You’re still holding the Sword of Repentance…” Qiushi stared at the sword in awe.

Only famous characters have been able to wield this sword within the pond. For example, Holyfrost True Emperor and Radiance True Emperor.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was only a regular student. Moreover, he took it out of the pond too.

“Yea, this sword is quite sharp.” He smiled and played with it.

The frightened Qiushi took several steps back. This guy swung the sword around earlier and killed everyone in that pond. He was afraid of more light affinity oozing out of that sword to purify him too.

However, it had no reaction right now so everyone could breathe easy.

“Why are you not affected by the sacred water?” One student asked. Li Qiye looked simple and honest right now but he definitely wasn’t mentally disabled. 

“Because I’m handsome.” Li Qiye smiled again and tied the sword to his back.

The other students became exasperated, finding nothing handsome about this guy. The question remained.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” Suddenly, cracking noises made them turn around. They saw the statue of Desolate Saint cracking everywhere.

“What’s going on?!” The students became afraid because this was an ominous sign.

“Boom!” The statue crumbled during their shock.

A black pulse shot out of the debris and flew straight towards the sky vault before turning into a gigantic maelstrom.

“Rumble!” The terrifying power of darkness loomed above everyone.

“What is that?!” The pale students were forced on the ground, unable to get up from the pressure.

The dark power emanated across the entire system and alarmed its inhabitants. Everyone could sense how old and pure it was.

It had the same level of quality as the light from this system. In fact, it seemed to be resonating with the light affinity too. The two harmonized, seemingly from the same source.

The students who were emperors along with reclusive masters came out from their isolated sessions because of this maelstrom.

Eyes of slumbering existences in the system opened with haste, shocked by the dark maelstrom.

Whether it be Holyfrost True Emperor from Northern Academy to Violet Dragon Empress of Dawn, or Metalkin War God of Lightless and Brightking Buddha of Sacred Bank; they all shuddered all the same.

“This darkness is insanely powerful.” Metalkin War God who loves fighting put on a serious expression.

“First, evil spread in the wildland, now this pure darkness? What are these signs?” Holyfrost True Emperor became worried.

The rotation of the maelstrom sped up continuously, seemingly forcing the world to spin at the same rate.

Of course, the world itself wasn’t actually moving along. However, the light affinity of this vast system soared to the sky like a tsunami and began to rotate as well.

Eventually, the light affinity reached the same rate as the dark maelstrom like a perfect dance between light and darkness.

The two affinities were at peace, surprisingly. The light didn’t try to refine the darkness so the two maelstroms formed a taiji symbol. Their mutual existence accelerated their expansion.

Ancient masters and True Emperors didn’t know what was coming at all.

After all, this was the Academy of Light. How could darkness appear here without being attacked by the light affinity? Nonetheless, this unbelievable scene was happening before them.

“Boom!” The dark maelstrom has reached its limit and instantly turned into a dao pulse shooting straight at the light maelstrom.

The world seemingly exploded from the impact. When everyone could see again, the two maelstroms were no longer there, leaving behind a clear sky.

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