Chapter 2809: Turning Evil

“Well, it’s a bit wasteful to leave such a good sword here.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What else can we do? No one can take it away, not to mention that it is our academy’s treasure.” Zhao Qiushi smiled wryly.

Everyone knew that this sword belonged to Desolate Saint and should be immensely powerful.

To possess this ancestral sword meant being capable of conquering the world with a single slash.

In fact, numerous disciples of the system have tried before. The lack of results was well documented.

“Repentance.” Li Qiye stared at the head of the statue, unable to get a full look due to its lowered state. However, he still knew exactly who it was.

Back in the thirteen continents, those powerful enough to witness the fight in the old epoch would be shocked to see this statue, recognizing who it was with haste.

“What crimes are being repented and washed away?” Li Qiye smirked and said.

Qiushi and the students nearby couldn’t answer this question. The name of this place has always been Repentance. Perhaps only Desolate Saint himself could answer this.

“It’s washing away the crimes of dregs like you!” A loud voice full of enmity answered Li Qiye.

“That’s Lu Shimao.” The native students shouted. Some stepped backward to stay away from him.

The raging speaker was Lu Shimao who was temporarily staying here after the failed training attempt. He wasn’t well-received by the native students.

He and his peers looked down on the students here at the bottom of their heart. They considered themselves to be superior while the native students were descendants of sinners.

Because of this, the natives didn’t like him either but still needed to restrain their annoyance.

“Little animal! You better spill it!” Shimao seethed with anger and glared at Li Qiye.

“Shimao, what’s going on? Junior Brother Li has not left his room in the last several days and couldn’t have offended you.” Qiushi blocked the way. He naturally wouldn’t watch Li Qiye being bullied by Shimao since the dean told him to take care of Li Qiye.

“Scram to the side, I will take my time interrogating this bastard!” Shimao remained aggressive.

“Let’s calm down and talk it out.” Qiushi didn’t relent. 

In the case of a fight, a True King like him probably wasn’t weaker than Shimao.

“Talk?! Too late for that! I want this bastard to spill what the sinners are doing in the wildland, to actually plot against Holyfrost True Emperor!” Shimao’s eyes widened with fury.

“Holyfrost True Emperor was hurt?” The others became surprised.

Though they were from Repentance, they still sincerely respected this emperor. A powerful existence like her being ambushed naturally astounded them.

Shimao admired the emperor as well so he was shocked to hear the news of her injuries. He immediately thought about Li Qiye and decided to vent. He believed that the sin tribe in the wildland had schemed against the emperor.

“Fool.” Li Qiye said: “Being wounded after entering the darkness shows that her dao heart isn’t ready to directly face it.”

“Bullshit!” Shimao took advantage of Qiushi being caught off guard after hearing the news and rushed past him.

“Honestly confess or I’ll whip you!” He stood before Li Qiye and threatened.

“Lu Shimao!” Qiushi regained his wits and shouted.

“I’m gonna crush you, disgusting sinkin!” Alas, Shimao already made his move, reaching straight for Li Qiye’s mark on the forehead.

He wanted to rip away Li Qiye’s mark by tearing off the skin layer - a brutal move indeed.

Li Qiye didn’t move at all and stood there waiting.

“Watch out!” Qiushi bellowed but it was too late. Shimao’s fingers have touched his forehead.

Strangely enough, the assailant seemed to be struck by lightning after the successful contact.

“Bump! Bump!” He leaped backward and tumbled with a pale expression.

No one knew what was going on.

“Ah!” He suddenly screamed while buzzes could be heard. 

A plume of darkness appeared on his fingers. Next, his entire hand was covered. It immediately turned black like coal.

“Ahhh!” He screamed repeatedly as the darkness spread to his entire body. The guy looked like he was covered in ink now.

Prior to this, the youth was always covered by a holy glow. This light couldn’t do anything now and was turned into darkness as well.

Black scales started growing on this youth; his face became twisted. 

“What the hell is happening?!” Qiushi and the others retreated farther away, afraid that this darkness would spread to them.

Qiushi hurriedly glanced over at Li Qiye but nothing was happening to him. Of course, Qiushi couldn’t know the reason for this.

That mark was a wound caused by the eye of darkness. The dark affinity left behind was extremely powerful. Holyfrost True Emperor couldn’t purify it, let alone others.

Li Qiye stopped suppressing this dark power when Shimao touched his forehead. He directly channeled it into this youth who was courting death. 

How could Shimao’s pitiful power be able to suppress this terrifying darkness? Just one strand like earlier far exceeded his level and took over his body.

“Ahhh!” His scream echoed across the academy so many heard him.

“What’s happening here?!” Deng Rensen and the foreign students ran over, becoming startled after seeing the darkness taking over Shimao.

“Elder Deng, save me! Hurry!” Shimao bellowed.

White bone spurs started protruding from his back and pierced through his robe. The spectators were horrified.

“What… the monstrosity…” The crowd retreated even more at this sight.

“Bastard, what did you do?!” Deng Rensen shouted at Li Qiye.

“Elder Deng, haven’t you heard about a legend regarding the sin tribe? Why do we have this mark on our forehead? It’s because we’re born with darkness coursing through us and this mark exists to seal this power. Shimao tried to rip out my mark so the seal was broken. The dark affinity instantly escaped and drilled into his body. I should be thanking him for saving me. From now on, I can stop worrying about it.” The moment Li Qiye finished, the mark on his forehead fell off like a scab.

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