Chapter 2807: Fighting To The End

The courtyard outside the academy was very rowdy due to the new semester.

However, Li Qiye wasn’t disturbed by this at all. He rarely went outside and focused on the task at hand.

He benefited greatly while destroying the darkness. In his mind, the eye of darkness has lost its power under the suppression of the four images.

It was reverted back to its initial form - just another eye. It’s just that it gained the same power as its owner in the past.

The eye was quite large with two distinct pupils. At the very least, its owner wasn’t a human. It was hard to determine the nature and race of the owner judging by this eye alone.

Upon closer inspection, Li Qiye found this eye to be incredible, seemingly containing an endless period of time.

Perhaps it was there during the initial inception and has been watching the entire world. Billions and billions of years along with the rise and fall of all have been observed, turning this eye into the greatest witness in existence.

Neither jade nor gold but the eye looked quite tough, seemingly untouchable. Through extrapolation, its master was clearly an indestructible and undying being.

“Incredible, this eye is a supreme treasure. Even ancestral weapons can’t compare at all.” He eventually praised it after the meticulous observation.

It had an innate force and could destroy the world, provided that someone could activate it.

“Hehe, don’t forget, half of its everything is in this eye, it’s not doing well right now without it. Well, finding it is very, very difficult. But now, you can use its own eye to look for it.” The terrible existence said.

The “it” here was referencing the master of the eye.

“When at maximum power, who is stronger between you and it?” Li Qiye eventually said.

“Hah.” The existence didn’t answer: “It’s a shame that coming to Three Immortals isn’t easy. This is a very good place that has gestated for eons. Even the villainous heaven can’t touch it.”

It paused for a moment before continuing: “However, this won’t last forever since everything will cease to exist when that day comes. Not even the villainous heaven is excluded from this.” 

“That day won’t come.” Li Qiye smiled.

“It’s good to be confident but you will surely lose this match.” The existence said: “Compare yourself to that villainous heaven under your strongest state.”

“I will certainly come back triumphantly!” Li Qiye’s gaze became profound.

“However, you will die above the firmaments.” The existence said: “It doesn’t matter how strong you are, even to the point of being able to kill me. Your fate is already sealed.”

“That day comes to all of us. Living and dying are the same things to me as long as I get to fight until the end.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“Good mentality to have.” The existence pondered for a moment before speaking: “It’s very difficult to maintain this mindset though. As you grow stronger and learn more, especially while standing at the apex and looking down on the world, you will no longer want to die. Your only pursuit will be immortality!” 

“My immovable dao heart is eternal - all I want is just one chance to fight.” Li Qiye said.

“I see.” The existence sighed in response: “I’m inferior to you in this regard. So what if I had a lifetime of brilliance? I suppose losing to you isn’t shameful at all since I can’t break your dao heart.”

“Your death will be meaningful due to the values that come after.” Li Qiye smiled.

The existence didn’t answer, ending the conversation.

Li Qiye turned his focus back on the eye devoid of the dark affinity now after reverting to its original state.

He put it away and took out the severed golden hand. One would mistakenly think that it was cast from gold instead of being a part of someone. The muscles and various lines had a metallic appearance.

It gripped the eye tightly even after slamming into the ground. This successful suppression was due to two things - the power of the hand along with the undying intent of its owner.

Thus, the grip loosened in a natural manner after the dark affinity went away.

Whatever its owner might be, this being must have been extremely mighty in order to claw this eye out.

It wasn’t enough to break the indestructibility of the eye, but just taking it off of the immortal being was incredible. Ordinary progenitors had no chance of doing so.

The next noticeable thing was the various dao runes from an ancient era. Another sign of this owner being superior to progenitors.

“These are supreme dao runes. Anyone who can create these runes will be able to traverse the world untethered.” Li Qiye praised.

To earn such praise from Li Qiye wasn’t easy. After all, merit laws heaven-defying enough to amaze him were extremely rare.

The hand by itself couldn’t physically dig out the eye. These runes played a great part in addition to the owner’s prowess.

From this, he speculated that these runes weren’t imprinted by the owner of the hand but by an even more impressive existence.

The owner of the golden hand was already beyond imagination but there was someone else even stronger?

“A brutal war.” Li Qiye put the hand away and gazed through the sky vault: “It’s inevitable. Come, I’ll be waiting.”

“You might be ready but what about everyone else? Are those True Emperors and progenitors ready?” The existence jumped in again.

“They will still need to fight, ready or not. It’s impossible to plan against all the dangers in the world.” Li Qiye said.

“Well, failure might not be a bad thing. Those ready to die are amazing. Their death will encourage their descendants. That’s why these sages moved forward despite knowing the futility of their action, that their blood and head will fall to the ground.”

It paused for a moment and continued: “Don’t forget, darkness and light exist together. They do not discriminate between allies and foes either. Some people are afraid of death too. The fatal blow might not be from your enemy but your allies. Not all the inhabitants will be on your side.”

“So what? I’ll just continue killing everyone in my way.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all.

“Even your closest ones?” It revealed a faint yet truly sinister smile.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye’s expression didn’t change in the slightest.

“Then you are no different from me.” The existence’s smile grew wider: “What makes you think you’re qualified to be the savior?”

“I’ve never claimed to be.” Li Qiye replied nonchalantly but his eyes were brimming with determination: “I’m just another combatant ready to fight until the sky falls into ruins.”

“Then be ready to hear the laments of everyone.” The existence said.

Li Qiye smiled and closed his eyes.

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