Chapter 2806: Weird Dean

“Really?” The frightened girl murmured in a daze.

“I’m not a quack fortune-teller. Plus, Jade-zenith left this message for a reason.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The girl was shaken. Yes, Li Qiye had no reason to trick her. Plus, her progenitor was the one who left the cryptic and ominous message. This has to be the truth.

She took a deep breath, thinking about the destruction required to turn Three Immortals to ashes.

In the past, everyone would think that this was impossible, just groundless fears.

After all, Three Immortals have existed for who knows how long? One era came after another regardless of the ruling sects. Disasters struck before, albeit only on a small scale. Three Immortals remained the same; the only things that changed were its inhabitants.

Worst of all, this might actually happen during her generation? She was also powerless to stop it like the rest.

She recalled the sudden darkness several years ago during the divination attempt. That scared the hell out of people and it remained a mystery even today.

This dream-like sequence made the progenitors around become cautious. It was also the reason why she entered the world.

“The progenitor only left this prophecy for us. We have yet to meet.” She shuddered after thinking it through and bowed deeply towards Li Qiye.

“Prying into the machination of the heaven and the momentum of the earth isn’t a good thing. Failure would result in death.” Li Qiye stated.

The girl didn’t dare to respond.

“Take off your veil.” He ordered while glancing at her.

Her origin was extraordinary, the same for her cultivation. Her status alone warranted love and respect. So many systems would treat her like an esteemed guest.

Alas, she didn’t dare to refuse and slowly took off her veil, revealing her appearance.

Pretty she was with starry eyes capable of illuminating the night sky and leading the way for lost travelers. The purse of her lips gave a mature look and a special temperament. Spectators couldn’t help themselves from being in awe as if she was a pure lotus deep in the valley.

“Disciple of Heaven Calculating Pavilion, Xu Xiaojin, respectfully greets you, Senior.” She bowed her head again.

Most people would be shocked to hear the name of this sect but not Li Qiye. This was within his expectations.

“I’m eighteen so stop making me look old with that address.” He said.

“I understand.” She refrained from laughter and maintained a serious expression.

“Forget it, don’t be so serious either.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

“I’ll be sure to remember, Young Noble.” She was smart and flexible.

As she was about to leave, Li Qiye told her: “If you meet that monk, warn him about his silly thoughts or I’ll twist his head off.”

“I will let Senior Brother Dajue know.” She knew that Li Qiye wasn’t joking and left.

Li Qiye closed his eyes to meditate once more.


His time at Repentance Institution was peaceful because everyone else was busy with their own matters. No one came to bother him, giving him time to fully focus on refining the terrible existence.

Alas, on the second day, the dean of Repentance, Du Wenrui came to see him.

The dean took out a folded document and smiled: “Young fella, are you used to living here? What do you think about the institution?”

“Dean, if you have to fart, just do it, don’t beat around the bush. Speak.” Li Qiye opened his eyes.

The man turned red for a second before putting on a dignified look again. He held the document in front of Li Qiye and said: “You have agreed to join our institution so you’re a student now but we’re still not done with the paperwork. Write down your name and put your fingerprint right there and we’ll be done.”

“How rare, for a dean to personally recruit a student.” Li Qiye smiled.

Du Wenrui coughed before arching his chest to speak with sincerity: “The truth is that our institution loves talents on top of treating everyone equally…”

“Dean, you’re a good liar, spewing bullshit so naturally. Maintaining this facade is probably your best ability.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Hahaha, of course not, you’re quite funny.” Wenrui smiled wryly.

Li Qiye accepted the scroll and added his fingerprint without checking the content.

“You don’t want to read it over?” The dean was a little nervous.

“As if you can do anything if I were to change my mind. Not even you suddenly become a hundred times more courageous. Am I right?”

“Of course.” Wenrui rubbed his palms together in an excited manner. He then carefully put the document away and said: “From now on, you are a student of Repentance.”

“You said that your institution loves talents, how come I haven’t seen you recruiting anyone capable yet?” Li Qiye asked.

“I got one now, right?” Wenrui was quite pleased with himself: “It’s one thing if I don’t roar, but when I do, it will echo across the world. I’ve just recruited the most peerless student in history, even more incredible than the progenitors.”

“Well, I do enjoy this flattery.” Li Qiye nodded: “People say that those with a high forehead, thick brows, and big eyes are all good men. Unfortunately, you’re more of a sly fox.”

“Thank you for your praise.” Wenrui smiled back.

“When did you realize it?” Li Qiye sat there casually.

However, Wenrui didn’t dare to act in the same manner. He solemnly said: “I found it strange right when Holyfrost True Emperor took action. Her light isn’t the strongest in our system but it is still among the top three, maybe top two. However, that power of hers got crushed right away. This required a monstrous level of darkness.”

He then stared at the mark on Li Qiye’s forehead with apprehension.

“Who do you say is the number one then?” Li Qiye asked.

“Well… I don’t know…” Wenrui shook his head in response.

Li Qiye stopped prying and gazed towards the horizon: “You’re the dean of Repentance Institution. What is your view of this city?”

“How can regular people like me understand the intent of the progenitor?” Wenrui replied: “I only know that the world is wrong about Repentance. It is not a prison. The omission of light is on purpose.”

“That’s why you ignore it too.” Li Qiye said.

“All things exist for a reason.” Wenrui said seriously: “So many living beings struggle to survive. The light, darkness, various heavenly laws, chaos… They have their own orders. Living beings also have the right to pick whether they want to be with the darkness or worship the light.”

“Thus, peace will be around as long as powerful beings refrained from evil deeds. The world exists for living beings to try and survive in an ephemeral yet beautiful manner. The root of evil is cultivation and searching for immortality.” “Li Qiye added.”

“My dao is inadequate so I do not dare to comment.” Wenrui pondered before answering.

“What is your opinion on your progenitor, Desolate Saint?” Li Qiye chuckled and asked another question.

“It’s fine that the world remembers the light of the progenitor, that’s enough. No one is perfect, so how many can actually become a saint?” The answer came after a brief moment of hesitation.

“There are saints, albeit not that many in the long course of history. Unfortunately, this dao dooms one to solitude.”

“His light still illuminates everything.” Wenrui ended with this.

“Clever, avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial. No wonder why you are staying in a place like this.” Li Qiye praised.

Wenrui chuckled without responding.

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