Chapter 2805: Seeing Her Again

The people on the streets made way for Deng Rensen and the others who were glowing with light.

Zhao Qiushi and his own peers found this sight discomforting, akin to a rich guest visiting one’s humble abode, bragging about their wealth while making fun of others’ impoverishment.

“Dean Du, Repentance Institution is an influential academy in our system.” Deng Rensen told Du Wenrui while walking forward: “It should be responsible for spreading the light to every nook and corner in this city so that it can cleanse everyone’s heart, turning them into devout believers.”

Rensen was clearly rebuking Du Wenrui and his academy for not upholding their responsibility.

Wenrui simply smiled without retorting.

“They’re only regular mortals trying to survive, not like they’re villains or anything with darkness inside. Why must they worship the light?” One student from Repentance in the back couldn’t help but speak up.

Deng Rensen and his group clearly considered themselves to be superior, treating others like they couldn’t see the light.

“What else are they going to worship in this system, the darkness?” Shimao joined the conversation: “We cultivate the path of the light originating from our progenitor and obey his wishes. As a member of the Academy of Light, we should spread his light even more. Even this city should be under its influence.”

“Idiotic.” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head: “An absence of light is not a sign of evil. All living beings have their own consciousness, free will, and dao heart. They don’t need to worship the light. Desolate Saint himself never said something like this when he was around. Saving the world and its inhabitants is his will, he never forced others to worship him and the light.” 

“The light must illuminate everything in order to stop the spread of darkness!” Rensen coldly uttered.

“Even more idiotic.” Li Qiye repeated his headshake: “Forcing the world to worship your religion, that’s something that darkness would do.”

“I’ve had enough of your hogwash! A sinkin like you deserve death!” Lu Shimao raised his sword.

“Gentlemen, this is our academy’s business, we’ll come to a conclusion ourselves, no need for you to worry about it.” Du Wenrui interrupted the fight.

Shimao’s expression became frozen since this was not the right time and place so he couldn’t respond.

“Dean Du, we only want what’s best for everyone.” Deng Rensen said flatly.

“And I appreciate your kind intentions.” Wenrui smiled.

Wenrui once again mediated successfully. Nevertheless, the animosity and disdain only grew between the non-native faction and Li Qiye.

As for the natives like Zhao Qiushi, they were annoyed with Shimao’s attitude but couldn’t do anything about it.

On the other hand, they actually felt closer and had a better opinion of Li Qiye who came from the sin tribe.

The conversation stopped after this fight as they made their way towards Repentance Institution.

Repentance was the largest academy in this city. Well, it was the only one. Thus, the majority of people aspiring to cultivate would pick it.

Of course, those who have the means to travel further would try to join other academies. Alas, their background was a disadvantage during the recruitment process. The other academies were prejudiced against them, thinking that they were descendants of sinners.

Repentance was actually quite large. It was more than just an academy in the city. One could even say that it was the city’s governing body.

It was built long ago. Some even believed that it was started during the foundation of the system by Desolate Saint himself.

That’s why a few lists included it as the fifth great academy of the system. However, it hasn’t been on the same level as the other four, partly due to the undesirable location. No outsiders wanted to join so there was a lack of available talents.

After the arrival, Zhao Qiushi followed Wenrui’s order and prepared a place for Li Qiye. He was a reliable person, not discriminating against Li Qiye at all.

“Junior Brother, you can come to me for anything since you’ve just got here. I’ll be around the reception post for new students.” He even told Li Qiye before leaving.

Li Qiye smiled at the enthusiastic youth and didn’t say anything. After the guy was gone, he sat on the bed and closed his eyes, seemingly falling asleep.

“You’ve been spying for quite a while now.” Li Qiye slowly said: “Provoke me and I’ll drag your sect down here from the sky.”

There was no one around him, only thin air. But with that threat, spatial ripples appeared along with a person.

She wore a blue silk dress and hid her face with a veil. Li Qiye had met her back in the pavilion during the training trip with the seven youths and Chen Weizheng. She eventually fled after getting a taste of his power.

She came back before him now, completely undetected by anyone else.

“Senior, I have no ill-will towards you, I simply want to end this karmic tie.” She bowed respectfully while speaking with a voice as pleasant as an oriole.

“You can’t do anything to me anyway. A finger of mine can crush you and that monk.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye.

She stood there with both hands straight down to show subservience. She knew who she was dealing with this time around and that he wasn’t lying about his abilities.

“Well, you’re at least a little capable, following me here from Immortal Demon.” Li Qiye said.

“Senior, the truth is that the ancestor had given me a treasure capable of deducing your traces.” She hurriedly revealed.

“Jade-zenith is indeed gifted, especially with calculations and divination.” Li Qiye didn’t mind. [1]

“You know our progenitor?” The girl became startled.

“No, but since she dared to pry at the heavenly order, I’m sure she knows I’m here. Those who cultivate a heavenly scripture are indeed capable, but my background isn’t something she can spy and calculate.”

“I was foolish and might as well not have eyes.” The girl started having cold sweats.

“Well, you’re not as dumb as that monk.” Li Qiye said.

She lowered her head and listened obediently. He already showed mercy for sparing her in the past.

Though her identity and backing were impressive, they weren’t enough to get into his sight. Perhaps he viewed her the same as an ant.

“Since you should be good at divining, what have you seen?” He glanced at her and asked.

The girl heaved a sigh of relief since earning his attention was an honor.

“Senior, I am incapable and didn’t get anything specific, only that the future is dark and impossible to calculate.” She honestly answered.

“You’re not qualified to calculate this matter.” He said.

“I’m ashamed of my lacking.” The girl added: “I’ve previously left the sect under the order of the ancestor in order to settle a karmic tie and ended up offending you.”

“The heavenly change heralds a monster.” Li Qiye repeated this phrase.

“Yes, Senior.” She said.

“What’s your take on this?” He smiled.

“In my opinion, you might be the savior, Senior.” She hesitated for a moment before looking at him and answering truthfully.

“Why savior instead of monster?” He shook his head in response.

“I do not dare to guess my ancestor’s words of warning. Even if I do, I’ll probably be wrong.” She added.

“Savior or monster, that’s up for debate. However, the overarching situation has changed indeed. One wrong step and Three Immortals will cease to exist.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes.

1. Might be a name or a title.

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