Chapter 2804: The Reason For Repentance

Li Qiye’s comment stunned the group, making them exchange perplexed glances.

“Are you even listening to yourself?” Deng Rensen, the oldest among them, coldly said.

“Then tell me the reason why Desolate Saint left a place like this. Do you think his light, one that can illuminate all of Three Immortals really couldn’t reach this place?” Li Qiye smiled.

No one could refute this statement. Desolate Saint was one of the top progenitors in history. A place where his light couldn’t reach meant that it should be terrifying - the greatest darkness.

This wasn’t the case for Repentance. It wasn’t that terrifying or dark, just the same as any other city in Immortal Lineage to a certain extent.

“The light is salvation, a guiding lamp in the darkness.” Li Qiye smiled: “But what happens when the entire world is covered in light and all the inhabitants are worshippers of this affinity? Being slaves to the light is no different from living under darkness. The only difference is the process. The darkness utilizes terror while the light entices with hope. Thus, always being subservient to the light is a sin of complacent and indulgence. This necessitates repentance, hence the creation of this city.”

The youths were stunned to hear such a radical thought. They have never thought about it or dared to do so before. Perhaps this made them question the light, even if just a little bit.

Growing up in this system meant bathing in the light. In their eyes, the light was the guiding principle. Anything not touched by the light was darkness and unforgivable.

Some began contemplating; others became angry at him for insulting their faith.

“Preposterous!” Deng Rensen’s eyes turned cold with murderous intent: “Our system will not allow for a dark-stained person like you to do as you please! Death is in order!”

“This is the conduct of the light? Talking about killing after one disagreement?” Li Qiye smirked: “Let’s assume I’m a sinkin, have you witnessed any immoral act from me? All I’m doing right now is commenting on the light yet you are asking for my head. Who is the light and darkness between the two of us then? Don’t forget, the light’s goal is to save all living beings, not putting down dissidents.”

“Elder Deng, his words have some sense to them. Just this comment alone doesn’t warrant any punishment.” Dean Du Wenrei nodded and said.

“That’s more like it, the benevolence of light.” Li Qiye said: “Resorting to using fists right away is well, putting light and darkness aside, it’s really the nature of cultivators - the rule of the jungle. The bigger fist will be on the side of justice! No need to assume the role of the light and judge others. That’s throwing away your ancestors’ reputation and Desolate Saint’s prestige.”

“You!” Deng Rensen turned red. Alas, he couldn’t actually do anything to a junior because that would be inappropriate for his status.

“Okay, stop arguing, everyone.” Du Wenrei said, appreciating the subtleties behind Li Qiye’s critique.

Some students here were still hostile towards Li Qiye despite his mediation. However, the ones from Repentance reflected on this new perspective.

The group eventually entered the city and headed for their school. A prosperous and lively atmosphere greeted them.

There was no light and darkness here - only people trying to live. It was a bustling scene with people coming and going - the lifestyle of mortals consisting of kindness and treachery; hard work and thievery…

One could hear the loud peddlers on the streets filled with people. Some young thieves were trying to earn their next meal…

These actions weren’t separated into light or darkness, just another part of the mortal coil.

The group consisted of students from outside academies and those from Repentance Institution. The latter was familiar with the city since they grew up here, accustomed to this rowdiness.

However, this wasn’t the case for the outsiders. They thought they were entering a vulgar town, akin to noble knights visiting a tiny village. 

Other places in the system were filled with light. Their lives revolved around faith and worshipping.

This affinity made their soil fertile, allowing them to live in riches. Thus, they spent their time learning the etiquette and customs of nobility. They couldn’t adapt to this situation; some even looked down on this way of life.

“Degenerates, how unsightly, they dare to consider themselves people of the light?” Deng Rensen observed the thieves and dishonest peddlers, finding them an eyesore.

“Buzz.” A powerful aura erupted from him like a soaring dragon.

The light affinity rushed out and filled the area nearby, washing away all impurities. The muddy green tiles beneath his path started glowing. It was as if he was turning the ground itself into a sacred paradise. He then put on a dignified and intimidating expression.

“A messenger of the light!” Those nearby shouted after seeing his appearance.

The citizens on the streets stared at him in awe so the place quieted down.

“A light messenger” was a general term in Repentance City for powerful outsiders. Ordinary students and disciples weren’t strong enough. Deng Rensen was a senior so he had enough power to make the crowd call him a light messenger.

The non-native students joined in as well. They released their light and lined up in a column behind him, looking quite serious while expelling corruption. They were in high spirits, standing shoulders above others like nobilities.

“Are they from Northern Academy? Or from the other big three?” Some wondered with admiration.

The group believed that they were superior and didn’t try to hide it at all with their gazes.

The students from Repentance didn’t do anything. They could also have the same glow because they have cultivated merit laws before. Their glow might be weaker than Lu Shimao, but not by much.

However, they came from this city and doing so was akin to looking down upon their own background. They didn’t want to have a conflict with Lu Shimao’s group either so they lingered behind, eventually walking next to Li Qiye.

The dean of Repentance Institution remained quiet with a natural expression, not showing his stance on this matter.

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