Chapter 2803: Repentance City

His flippant attitude infuriated the others, just not the emperor herself.

“I’ll visit Repentance if I have free time later.” She nodded in response.

Her attitude shut others down. If the person herself didn’t mind, it wasn’t their place to say anything.

“Dean, Elder Deng, you two should return too. This place isn’t safe anymore for the joint training program between the major institutions. Your various deans are telling the students to go back.”

“Everyone is returning?” The middle-aged man was surprised. He didn’t expect the sudden recall before everyone got here.

“Yes.” The emperor nodded: “Luminous Master has sent news about the current condition of the far regions in the wildland. It’s too dangerous for training now and students will turn evil as a result. Thus, the deans have decided to temporarily pause the training.”

“Luminous Master…” People had an expression of respect after hearing this name, even more so than towards the emperor.

“Luminous Master is here…” Deng Rensen felt the same respect as the rest.

“I’m sure he’ll be able to take care of the darkness.” Many started praising this being whom they considered to be invincible.

This title was very prestigious and influential in Immortal Lineage. Virtually everyone admired him. Some even said that he was brilliant enough to compare to the Ten Radiance. 

“You’re right, he’ll turn darkness into ashes for sure.” Everyone agreed.

“What a shame that we can’t see him in person. It would be a life worth living.” One young female disciple looked like a huge fan.

Of course, no one found these comments to be unreasonable. Numerous people in Immortal Lineage virtually worshipped Luminous Master.

“It’s best not to go if Luminous Master said so.” The middle-aged old man nodded: “Let’s go back to avoid needless complication.”

The big schools sent students on a training trip to the wildland. Repentance Institution was the closest one, hence why they were the first to get here. 

They didn’t expect something like this to happen but agreed with Luminous Master’s assessment about the risks in the wildland.

“Then please head back now, Dean. I’ll delve deeper for a look and see if the fellow daoists there require assistance.” She disappeared into the horizon before finishing her words.

Everyone watched her departure for a while before looking away.

“When will I be strong enough to sweep the darkness away like the emperor?” Someone said with envy.

They knew that the “fellow daoists” she referred to were the top beings in the contemporary or the greatest geniuses.

They were so far from reaching this goal, just something for them to wish for.

“Let’s go. Young Brother, follow me to Repentance Institution.” The man called for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and played along. Many in the group still had a prejudice against him for being a sinkin. However, they maintained the proper amount of civility and didn’t attack him on the way back.

He didn’t provoke them either, just following the group in the back in a leisure manner.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Repentance was very nice the entire time. He was afraid that Li Qiye couldn’t keep up and ordered one disciple to take care of him.

This disciple was from Repentance as well. The youth did quite well with his training and had many achievements.

He had an impressive stature and wore his emotion on his sleeves - a dependable and honest youth.

“Junior Brother, how about I carry you the rest of the way?” His name was Zhao Qiushi. He noticed Li Qiye’s feeble appearance and felt the same way as his dean.

Since the emperor told him to stay, Dean Du Wenrui didn’t want anything to happen to Li Qiye either. That wouldn’t be good for their institution.

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye smiled. He wasn’t weak right now and could destroy everything with a single move even when injured.

He simply wasn’t in a hurry because he was still spending more time and energy refining that existence in his dao heart.

This made Zhao Qiushi think that Li Qiye couldn’t keep up because of fatigue.

The middle-aged man led the group back to Repentance City.

The Academy of Light was a special place. Other systems were filled with grand dao power but this type of power had little effects on the living beings there.

This wasn’t the case for this system. The holy light here was overwhelming and omnipresent. Just imagine the people growing up in such a system.

They were devout believers. Even the mortals believed in the light and had a kind disposition. Some beasts bathed in this holiness and became sacred creatures as well.

The emperor was also right about Li Qiye being suppressed by this bright affinity. The system simply didn’t allow for darkness to exist. Anyone stained by the darkness would be suppressed then refined.

However, the light didn’t reach one particular location as if it had abandoned it - Repentance City and its vast territory. The reason for this remained unknown.

The power of light was still flowing through this land, just not to the same overwhelming amount as other places. One wouldn’t be able to feel the flowing holy aura here.

Future generations had several explanations for this phenomenon. One stated that this city used to be the gathering den of evil. Desolate Saint himself couldn’t save or change the villains here. Later on, their descendants populated this place.

Some said that this city was actually a prison created by Desolate Saint to jail evil beings. Now it became home for their progenies.

The third speculation asserted that Desolate Saint purposely removed the light, wanting to turn this place into a trial for the heart.

While standing before the gate of the city, the words “Repentance City” popped out like a sore thumb.

Some students in the group were from the other academies. One of them asked: “Why is it named Repentance?”

No one could answer this question, not even the dean.

“Because it washes away the sin caused by the light, hence the name, Repentance.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Nonsense, the light is the holiest force in the world. The only thing being washed is the sin caused by the darkness.” One student from another academy refuted.

These foreign students were blessed with light in their own academies. They condemned Repentance and thought this was a place of sin - the reason for the absence of light.

So now, they naturally became infuriated when Li Qiye said that their light was also a cause of sin.

“If there is nothing but light in this world, how can darkness exist?” Li Qiye elaborated: “Without darkness as a yardstick, how do you know that the light is the holiest force?”

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