Chapter 2800: The Academy Of Light

Li Qiye took his time traversing through this vast plain. Any other mortal could walk for a lifetime here without sensing anything.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye. As a supreme existence, he felt the power of light from all around the system converging towards the depth of this region.

This power of light was naturally the foundation of the academy. It flowed through the underground channels to reach the afflicted area in order to purify the darkness.

The academy purposely activated it, but this was also a natural line of defense from the system itself.

This particular system was unique in that the light was omnipresent here, always affecting its people. Everyone could sense this holy power in each inch of the land. Bathing in this light could wash away their sin and purify their spirit.

Light and darkness were eternal enemies. That’s why the light still activated in this remote region to fight against the darkness.

“This old man is not bad indeed, his light has reached this incredible level. Definitely comparable to Saint back then.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly after seeing the purity of the light underground. 

The name of the system was also the Academy of Light. It wasn’t a system in the traditional sense.

Its progenitor was very interesting as well and had the title of Desolate Saint.

If Everlasting Forefather’s obsession was with reincarnation, then Desolate Saint was hellbent on sticking with the light.

People placed him among the top ten progenitors in Three Immortals. His light illuminated and saved many existences, praised by his peers and descendants.

Many felt nothing but respect when talking about Desolate Saint because he presented the light, benevolence, and universal love.

According to the legends, when Desolate Saint was still around in this world, the light existed wherever he stood and darkness had no place to hide.

Three Immortals World was extremely safe during his era. Feuds and hatred were greatly reduced along with war between cultivators and sects.

In fact, some of the most notorious sinners eventually succumbed to the light after meeting Desolate Saint. They changed and sincerely tried to be good.

Thus, his era was one of the most prosperous in history - no pain and less illness for mortals.

Because of this, the academy was unimaginably strong with billions and billions of members. Among them were plenty of powerful masters.

Perhaps in the mind of many, Desolate Saint was the progenitor most worthy of respect. No other progenitors could match him in terms of benevolence and compassion.

Light continued to be the ruling affinity in this system thanks to the progenitor’s effort in the past.

This system wasn’t actually a single academy despite its name. In this boundless land, there were millions of academies. There were no strict requirements to stop someone from starting one.

As long as one had a building or even a room, they could start an academy. The crux of this issue was finding students that want to cultivate.

Four particular academies stood above the rest in terms of fame - Dawn to the east, Lightless to the south, Sacred Bank to the west, and Northern Academy. [1]

They were the strongest on top of having the highest number of students. Later on, some believed that the title “Academy of Light” took one character each from these four academies. [2]

Many students came from other systems. Even the lords of some systems came here to learn the dao.

Because of this, the academy produced plenty of True Emperors and progenitors. Not all were considered as real students from the academy but the ties were there.

For example, Wang Yangming - the progenitor of Brightsun Sect - graduated from the academy. He was an actual student here.

As for people like Alchemy Immortal, Panlong, Skysplitter Saber Progenitor; they came here after proving their dao. They themselves claimed to be pseudo-students of the system. The peerless Radiance True Emperor also graduated from here.

Moreover, the academies, especially the big four, had plenty of merit laws. The majority of them were open to the public.

This was a special and rare phenomenon. Some of these laws were left behind by Desolate Saint himself. Their values were unimaginable.

Most systems would keep these merit laws hidden away from any outsider. Even their own disciples wouldn’t have access to them.

Thus, the Academy of Light’s conduct was in accordance with its progenitor’s teaching and wish to save everyone.

That’s why seniors sent their geniuses here to train. They could read the numerous merit laws here on top of sharpening their dao heart.

Li Qiye knew everything about the Academy of Light as well as the mysteries regarding Desolate Saint.

“His light is overwhelming. Even those considered devils by everyone else have been touched by light before.” Li Qiye noticed the widespread of this affinity even in this remote plain.

This slow pace of his looked like a cultivation session focused on pain and hardship. The existence inside grew weaker and his destruction was only a matter of time.

He walked days and nights before reaching the edge of this region. He finally saw more inhabitants around.

One group approached, seemingly wanting to go inside.

“Why are you here alone? Not afraid of being eaten by beasts?” One person enthusiastically asked.

This group consisted of all ages - clearly teachers and students from a particular academy. They all had a faint glow. It seems that the holy affinity has blessed them.

In fact, it was very easy to distinguish the natives versus outsiders in this system. Most of the natives were pious in one way or another.

“This place is unsafe with prowling beasts. You better leave now.” An old teacher kindly warned him.

“It’s alright, my skin is very rough, they don’t want to eat me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He looked very ordinary right now. No one would take a second glance regardless of whether he was a mortal or a cultivator.

“I heard something big had happened in the distant part of this wildland. Don’t hang around.” One glowing student emphasized.

This was another unique aspect of this system. It had plenty of warm-hearted members.

“Yes, that’s my plan.” Li Qiye continued leaving with a smile.

Right as he skirted by the group, another old man in a robe noticed the mark on his forehead.

1. Lightless requires more context so I might change it later

2. Okay, this is hard to translate and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sacred Dawn Light Academy would be how one does it in English, but it’s very forceful. The original raw lends itself to “Academy of Light” for brevity and readability or “Radiant Sacred Academy” for literal. Light fits better because it’s the ruling affinity here. The pinyin is Guangming Sheng Yuan, but no one reads Guangming as two separate characters, and Sheng is an adjective for Yuan so they’re connected too. I don’t think it’s crucial enough to the plot to change the names for worse but if it comes up again, we’ll see what we can do. It depends on Lightless’ actual meaning too.

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