Chapter 280: Princess As A Servant

Chapter 280: Princess As A Servant

While Li Qiye was contemplating about the treasure, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was also pondering. He wanted to say something but hesitated, instead.

“If Royal Lord has something to say, then go ahead; we don’t need to be so indirect.” Li Qiye spoke after seeing his hesitation.

The Royal Lord wryly smiled and eventually said: “I heard, that Dao Friend came from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and has not been bestowed the title of Royal Noble. Ah, my Lion’s Roar Gate is only a minor country, but I wonder if we are fortunate enough to dub Dao Friend a Noble?”

Each country had a different set of standards regarding the Royal Noble title bestowment. There were those who were extremely fastidious and strict, especially the Ancient Kingdoms. Cultivators who have been bestowed the title all had to be experts of the Mysterious Fate realm, so the cultivators of this realm were called Royal Nobles by the world.

However, not all Royal Nobles were experts of the Mysterious Fate realm. Many minor nations that want to favor some great characters would also offer this title. However, for the majority of the nations, the first requirement for this title was indeed the Mysterious Fate realm. As for a weak nation like the Lion’s Roar Country, it was not easy for them to attract talents, which was why their Royal Noble bestowment had a lower requirement. They would not dare to bestow the full “Royal Noble” title and instead would only give out the “Noble” title. Even though it was just one word less, it carried a prudent significance because they didn’t dare to easily bypass the tradition.

Li Qiye only smiled at the Royal Lord’s proposal. Meanwhile, the Royal Lord hurriedly continued: “Even though Dao Friend will be a Noble of our country, you can still obtain the title from a different nation. Moreover, Dao Friend will not be under our rule; you will not need to perform lord and follower ceremonies. I only hope that in the future when the country is in trouble, Dao Friend will lend us a hand. If Dao Friend is willing, then Dao Friend can take a piece of territory from my Lion’s Roar Country.”

The Royal Lord’s conditions were already extremely favorable without any restrictions — this was an extremely rare thing to see. In fact, he wanted Li Qiye to stay. Li Qiye’s cultivation was a different matter because, as an alchemist capable of Fate changing, even though he was not a Legendary Alchemist, he was already extremely heaven-defying. If the world knew about such a talent, then not to mention their Lion’s Roar Country, but even the great sects and powerful nations would all compete for him! This was absolutely a highly sought-after talent.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment, then he replied: “I remember that your Lion’s Roar Gate once had a block of territory named the Ancestral Divine Region.”

“It is still there. It is a fiefdom to the north of my country.” The Royal Lord quickly answered.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Okay, I will accept the Noble title. Land is not an issue for me, so I will temporarily stay at the Ancestral Divine Region. Just like you said, if your country has a calamity in the future, I will lend you a hand.”

Li Qiye’s condition left the Royal Lord and even Chi Xiaodie in a momentary daze. They both assumed that Li Qiye would pick the richest region of their country if he was willing to accept the title; however, they didn’t expect for him to pick the Ancestral Divine Region.

This region that was situated to the north of the country could be considered far away from the central power. Moreover, the populace was quite sparse and it couldn’t be considered a piece of fertile land. And in the end, Li Qiye chose this barren land; how could the Royal Lord and Chi Xiaodie not be caught by surprise?

“Yes, okay, okay, as long as it is something Dao Friend wants, it is absolutely no problem.” After the Royal Lord regained his wits, he immediately nodded his head. This was even better than his highest expectations.

Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “The Ancestral Divine Region is desolate and I am missing an attendant. So be it, have Chi Xiaodie follow me.”

These words greatly changed the Royal Lord’s expression. Even though his nation was a minor one, his daughter was the precious jade in his hands. No matter what, he would never allow his daughter to become someone’s servant!

“Don’t worry, I am only missing an attendant, I will not do anything to her.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

This sentence left Chi Xiaodie enraged with flames; it sounded as if she was a super ugly girl. Li Qiye wanting her to be a servant was far from being as annoying as his last phrase just now.

“Royal Father, I will follow him!” Right when the Royal Lord wanted to refuse Li Qiye’s request, Chi Xiaodie stood up and coldly said while looking at Li Qiye.

“About this…” On the other hand, the Royal Lord was hesitating. He stared at Li Qiye, then back at Chi Xiaodie. He was quite confused; he naturally didn’t want his daughter, the jewel in his eyes, to become someone else’s servant! However, at this moment, his daughter actually accepted the proposition herself.

The Furious Immortal Saint Country’s Sima Longyun had come to propose. Even though his daughter didn’t directly oppose it, as her father, he knew that she was not willing. Yet at this moment, she wanted to become Li Qiye’s servant, thus resulting in him becoming a bit stunned.

“Nevermind, do as you see fit.” In the end, the Royal Lord gently sighed as a sign of acquiescence.

Eventually, Li Qiye accepted the bestowment before the golden throne room. The Royal Lord handed the grand seal which signified one’s sovereignty over the Ancestral Divine Region to Li Qiye, so Li Qiye immediately became the highest ruler and sole owner of this land.

Li Qiye did not linger around. On the second day after the bestowment, he immediately headed for his territory with Chi Xiaodie alongside him. At that time, the Royal Lord didn’t want his daughter to go; he was still trying to convince her to let go of this idea.

However, for unknown reasons, even with the status of a servant, Chi Xiaodie was determined to go as if she was possessed. In the end, he could only gently sigh and send Li Qiye off with his daughter.

Unfortunately, Chi Xiaodao didn’t come to say goodbye. Chi Xiaodao had to bring Princess Bao Yun back to her clan as her flower escort. [1. Flower escort is someone who protects women. Escort would have sufficed, but I think adding the flower part and keeping it similar to the raw makes it more flavorful. In modern novels, though, this term usually describes the male spectators/side characters who are yelling at the main character for even looking at the “flower” that they like.]

Li Qiye didn’t want to bother Chi Xiaodao’s good matter, so he didn’t tell him the news. As for Sikong Toutian... After the end of the dao preaching event, this brat had escaped to an unknown place. Even Chi Xiaodie — as the host of the event — didn’t see where he had run off to that night.

Li Qiye didn’t pay it any mind. The chance was in Sikong Toutian’s hands, just like Chi Xiaodie. If she let go of this opportunity from her grasp, Li Qiye would not catch it for her.

Li Qiye left the royal city and entered the Ancestral Divine Region, but he didn’t go towards the region’s capital where the ruler presided. Instead, he kept on heading northwards.

“Are we not going to the regional capital?” Chi Xiaodie was surprised to see Li Qiye not intending to enter the capital.

“We are not.” Li Qiye casually threw the seal that signified one’s power of the region to Chi Xiaodie and said: “In the future, you will take care of the Ancestral Divine Region’s administration. I will do whatever I want because I will only stay for a short period of time. Noble bestowment — this was only because your Chi Clan and I have a karmic relationship.”

With her hand holding the seal, Chi Xiaodie took a moment to regain her composure as she was sent into a daze. She gently sighed in her mind; these words were very arrogant and didn’t put anyone in his eyes, but she didn’t say anything else.

In the end, Li Qiye brought Chi Xiaodie to a flat river. This flat river was thousands of miles wide; only a vast expanse was visible from a glance.

Chi Xiaodie kept on following Li Qiye. Her knowledge of this location was quite limited, she didn’t know what this place was even though she was the princess of the country.

Finally, there was a peak at the end of the river. It was not too high and not too low. Even further ahead across the range was a towering geographic spectacle with high mountains and foggy clouds; it was extremely splendid and majestic.

Chi Xiaodie looked ahead and gave an evaluation: “The rolling mountains before us are surely part of the Heavenly Dao Academy’s territory.” Then she gave it another careful look: “This place seems to be the far western region of the academy, and it is very far from the academy’s ancestral ground.”

“Correct. Across these mountains is the territory of the Heavenly Dao Academy.” Li Qiye looked ahead and nodded in agreement.

Chi Xiaodie was lost for a bit. She didn’t know why Li Qiye ran to this place. If he wanted to visit the academy, then he should have gone east because its ancestral ground was in the far east. Even though in front of them was still the academy’s territory, its disciples would not come to this western land.

Eventually, Li Qiye and Chi Xiaodie climbed on the fair-sized peak. As she was climbing this peak, she noticed that there was an abandoned temple at the top of the peak.

This abandoned temple had not been visited for countless moons and was extremely decrepit. The walls and the roof beams had lost their colors; moreover, along with entrenched old vines, there were weeds and wild vegetation running rampant in all directions. Small creatures like rats and snakes infested this place.

When they entered the abandoned temple, there was a thick layer of dust accumulated throughout the ages with spiderwebs everywhere. While standing inside, the only discernable thing was that there were two statues within.

“The Ancestral Divine Temple.” Li Qiye gently sighed with some emotion while standing in this tattered hall.

Chi Xiaodie was also a bit confused as she stood in this place. She did not understand why Li Qiye went to this ruined location instead of the prosperous regional capital.

“Take care of this place. I’m afraid we will have to stay at this place for some time.” After taking a glance around, Li Qiye commanded Chi Xiaodie.

Chi Xiaodie was a bit startled. There were dust and spiderwebs everywhere; this type of cleaning up was something that she, a golden daughter, never had to do.

Chi Xiaodie took a deep breath and channeled her blood energy. She rolled up her sleeves and flicked it towards the temple. Suddenly, the wind roared as dust flew everywhere. In just a moment, both of them were shrouded in dust.

“Do not be disrespectful to the predecessors. Use your hands to clean it.” Li Qiye casually threw a spatial pouch towards her and said: “There are items for your daily necessities inside. Do a good job of cleaning this place, I’ll go out for a bit.” Li Qiye left behind the spatial pouch as he departed.

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