Chapter 280: Princess As A Servant (Teaser)

Chapter 280: Princess As A Servant

While Li Qiye was contemplating about the treasure, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was also pondering. He wanted to say something but hesitated, instead.

“If Royal Lord has something to say, then go ahead; we don’t need to be so indirect.” Li Qiye spoke after seeing his hesitation.

The Royal Lord wryly smiled and eventually said: “I heard, that Dao Friend came from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and has not been bestowed the title of Royal Noble. Ah, my Lion’s Roar Gate is only a minor country, but I wonder if we are fortunate enough to dub Dao Friend a Noble?”

Each country had a different set of standards regarding the Royal Noble title bestowment. There were those who were extremely fastidious and strict, especially the Ancient Kingdoms. Cultivators who have been bestowed the title all had to be experts of the Mysterious Fate realm, so the cultivators of this realm were called Royal Nobles by the world.

However, not all Royal Nobles were experts of the Mysterious Fate realm. Many minor nations that want to favor some great characters would also offer this title. However, for...

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