Chapter 2799: Match Won

Li Qiye didn’t try to break its true form after the initial imprisonment. This made the existence think that Li Qiye had no way of doing so in a short time. Epochs would be required before truly grinding it down.

The long period allowed for numerous possibilities. That’s why the existence wasn’t afraid deep down inside. It had plenty of time to fight back.

However, the appearance of this dark eye was a great opportunity. It wanted to use this dark eye in order to get out of the dao heart.

It instantly attacked with all of its might the moment that eye made it to Li Qiye’s mind. It gathered all of its energy onto the third eye for an ultimate blow.

Unfortunately, this was walking straight into Li Qiye’s trap. Amusingly enough, Li Qiye didn’t expect the plan to work out so well.

He wanted to provoke the eye of darkness and gave the existence an opportunity to fight back. He didn’t expect for the existence to take such drastic measures and send all of its power into the third eye. This left it utterly vulnerable - the perfect time for Li Qiye to assault its indestructible true form.

The primordial wills successfully broke through the weak spots of this existence and destroyed its immortality.

“Don’t be so shocked.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’ve buried many people across history, not just you.”

Li Qiye knew full well how difficult it is to destroy this being’s immortality. Thus, he carefully analyzed the being’s weak points, waiting for the right moment to deliver a fatal blow.

He made bold claims about suppressing and slowly grinding the being down in the past. However, the two of them both knew that the process was only depleting the being’s energy, not an actual destroying attempt.

Now, with its true form and immortality gone, destroying it wasn’t impossible anymore.

“This wouldn’t have been the result if I wasn’t already a desperate cornered dog…” The being let out a painful moan.

The refinement process wasn’t that painful in the past regardless of Li Qiye’s methods. But now, the pain felt so real without its immortality.

The twelve laws have pierced through its weak points - a very torturous thing to endure.

It was full of regrets. Under ordinary circumstances, given its wisdom and vision, it wouldn’t have fallen to a trap like this. It had plenty of patience even when imprisoned.

But this time, it had just escaped something else and met a good host like Li Qiye. It took more risks than necessary due to greed. Furthermore and most importantly, the primordial will was extremely impressive, rendering escape impossible.

It was an invincible existence. Even progenitors were mere insects in its eyes. Alas, its recent failures and desperation have clouded its judgment, resulting in this successful ambush from Li Qiye.

Hope was gone now without its immortality. Resisting became futile.

“Sorry, no if or but in life.” Li Qiye smiled.

“My death still won’t change your fate. You will still die and everything else will turn to ashes. Your only chance is to take one step ahead of everyone and gain everlasting life. Only then will you be qualified to fight. My kindness is your only hope. Otherwise, your heaven-defying methods and vision still won’t change anything. So many challengers came before you but their end was the same as always.” The existence slowly said despite losing.

It felt panic for a moment but due to its rich experience, it quickly calmed down and spoke with Li Qiye like an old friend.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was slightly trembling and looking quite weak. He ignored the terrible existence and instantly left the dark lava.

“Bang!” He traversed through the realm and fell heavily on the ground of a plain nearby.

He was grievously wounded this time. The wounds were internal so they weren’t visible. After all, the combined effort of those two dark entities didn’t make it easy for him.

He ultimately won but it would take a while before returning to his peak state. The fact that he could still move was amazing enough. He strugglingly crawled up for a look at the afflicted land. 

“Extremely powerful indeed.” He touched his throbbing forehead. The eye of darkness has left a mark on it that would stay for quite a while.

Of course, this wasn’t really a big deal for Li Qiye. The harvest this time was incredible; he got more than he wanted.

It would only take a short period for him to destroy the existence inside him now that it no longer had immortality. He would then be able to seize whatever he wanted from it!

“Time to go.” He rubbed his wound before smiling.

The existence in his dao heart continued to shout but Li Qiye ignored him. He started walking like a regular mortal without using any movement technique.

His slow pace wasn’t only due to his grievous injuries. This remote plain was actually a very good location for him to refine that existence.

During this refinement process, he gained a newfound understanding of its “immortality”.

It had given up by this point and wasn’t afraid of death. It chatted with Li Qiye about everything. These conversations were extremely beneficial as well.

Their gossip contained shocking topics. Just a few leaked sentences could shock all the supremes outside and make them go crazy, emperors or progenitors alike.

The topics included things that cultivators in history have searched for forever but couldn’t come up with an answer. Progenitors themselves couldn’t reach the things talked about.

Only someone like Li Qiye was worthy to talk with this terrifying being. Plus, he was one of the few who could understand these mysteries.

They spoke about the everlasting timeline, immortality, the villainous heaven, and what lies above the firmaments…

The existence had accepted its fate and knew that Li Qiye would eventually take everything from him. Thus, it no longer had any qualms and spoke about everything.


This remote plain belonged to the Academy of Light. Whenever travelers saw a lone mortal like Li Qiye, they didn’t think much of him.

In fact, people were flying by over him. Some progenitors have arrived as well but they dismissed him like the rest.

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