Chapter 2798: Who Will Get The Prize?

He saw a dark eye with no end in sight. A heavenly gaze capable of gazing through the temporal limits didn’t suffice against this darkness.

Gazing at it would result in falling into the abyss. This overwhelming darkness would take over them, leaving no room for escape. 

This was the darkest affinity in existence. When gazing at this eye, it also gazed back at the depth of one’s mind.

“Now!” The existence inside Li Qiye’s dao heart roared during this observation process.

It mustered energy out of nowhere and erupted with power despite being suppressed. A torrent of darkness surged upward, wanting to break the prison.

Its third eye suddenly exploded with a dark pulse capable of piercing through the entire world. Billions of years wouldn’t be able to stop this pulse; it would cross through an endless timeline all the same.

“Boom!” It shot straight at Li Qiye’s defense in his dao heart and shook it, nearly penetrating this internal world and leaving behind a terrible mark.

At the exact same moment, the golden hand gripping the eye of darkness also exploded.

The boundless power of the dark affinity oozed out in an unstoppable manner. Both the hand and the strings of light from the system failed to stop it.

“Buzz.” After escaping all the suppression, the eye of darkness shot out a tiny string of light scarier than anything else - capable of severing karma and the samsara.

It left its mark on time itself. Remember, time was a flowing affinity capable of polishing everything. Nothing should be able to leave a mark on time but this tiny strand did so on its path.

It struck Li Qiye’s forehead with immense speed and sharpness, undodgeable even by Li Qiye.

It cut through his forehead and left behind a mark as well. This made a gap for the eye of darkness to fly through and reach Li Qiye’s sea of consciousness.

After the successful infiltration, it crazily sent out more darkness, wishing to drown out everything inside.

“Yes!” The suppressed existence roared. This being was dimmed right now because it focused all power into its third eye.

The pulse from this third eye had an insane temperature. If it were to reach Immortal Lineage, it would meld the entire realm.

“Buzz…” This pulse wanted to break through the wall of his dao heart in order to reach his sea of consciousness. 

The terrible existence and the eye of darkness were calling for each other. If successful, they would take over both his dao heart and mind. At that point, his defeat was assured regardless of how mighty he was.

This process happened in 1/100000th of a second. No one could ever react or defend in time.

“I’ve been waiting!” However, Li Qiye has been waiting for this.

“Boom!” Right when the eye of darkness got into his mind to spread its evil, his four images in the fate palace joined the fray.

The Ancient Void Rune, Heavenly Dao Primal Chapter, Life origination, and Epoch Leaf attacked in unison with a might stemming from the start of time.

It trapped the eye and sealed the darkness, rendering escaping an impossibility.

“Rumble!” The four images combined and crushed the darkness into ashes. Next, the eye was trapped helplessly in a case, unable to resist in the slightest.

It sent out all of its evil affinity in order to contaminate his mind, not expecting an ambush from the four images during its weakest state. The dark power it sent out was destroyed as well.

Meanwhile, back in the dao palace, an explosion of light sent off a tsunami. One of the nine heavenly scripture, Death, turned into a massive rune. It engulfed the Death Coffin and became one with this treasure.

“Boom!” The coffin slammed into the third eye with full force.

“Crack!” Cracks appeared on the eye, seemingly having suffered great damage.

Just imagine, the combined might of these two ultimate artifacts. This blow from it had an apocalyptic power.

Even the supreme being found it hard to withstand this blow. His third eye got smashed to pieces right away.

“Ah!” A miserable cry echoed.

“Clank!” The twelve laws of the primordial will served as sharp chains and pierced through the great existence’s body, aiming at the weak spots.

A gruesome scene indeed. The existence couldn’t stop the laws from penetrating its real form.

“Bam!” It fell helplessly to the ground, completely finished.

“You… tricked me!” It screamed.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye staggered backward like a drunkard. The attacks from the eye of darkness along with the third eye of this being also left damage on him.

Anyone else, including brilliant progenitors, would have been rendered to ashes. Fortunately, Li Qiye’s dao heart was unique in this world. Nevertheless, it was still a miracle that he managed to survive this.

“I’ve been defeated… Always defeating the geese only to be pecked by one today. You have broken through my true form.” It shouted. [1]

A while ago, this existence wasn’t afraid even during the refinement process. This was no longer the case because Li Qiye has broken through.

Strangely enough, at the level of this being, re-creating the body was no longer a thing. Why? Because their true form has reached an indestructible and everlasting state.

In the case of being wounded by a mighty enemy, their body would heal up with haste.

That’s why the suppression earlier took so long despite the involvement of the primordial will. Li Qiye showed confidence in taking it down but this was easier said than done.

In order to truly annihilate the being in his dao heart, several hundred thousand years wouldn’t suffice. He would need to spend up to several hundred million years to do so.

1. Literary line, doesn’t translate as well

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