Chapter 2797: Golden Hand, Dark Eye

“Boom!” An engulfing dark flame blotted out the sky, able to devilize any being.

“Szzz.” It aimed straight at Li Qiye from all directions and with multiple forms.

The first blazing pulse couldn’t make it through Li Qiye’s grand dao. This failure made the flame turn into a viscous liquid that surrounds Li Qiye, intending on corroding him with its corruption.

However, Li Qiye had a glow that couldn’t be invaded, rendering him invulnerable.

The flame then turned into an omnipresent light consisting of microscopic strands that could make it through anything. Alas, this still failed.

The transformations and constant barrages from the flame amounted to nothing.

“It’s right below, do you dare to go down?” The horrifying existence inside him felt the powerful darkness underground and said.

“Taunting is useless against me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Not necessarily.” The being laughed back: “This power is far inferior compared to me, but it is also very nutritious. Once you fail, I can break out of these shackles and replace it, that’s why you won’t go down to take a look.”

“I know you know what’s down there and want me to go down. Your psychological trick won’t work.” Li Qiye said.

“So you’re afraid of my power suddenly increasing and defeating your dao heart once you go there.” The being sneered.

“No, what I meant is, your psychological trick doesn’t work because I’ve come here to go down there anyway, not because of your low-level taunt. I’ll also kindly remind you to drop this thought. Not to mention this weak darkness, I have plans ready for one stronger than you.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Okay, I’m waiting.” The being was still very spirited and full of confidence.

Li Qiye was up for the challenge; his expression turned serious. His narrowed eyes spewed out supreme radiance. This radiance turned into peerless laws coiling around him for protection.

He then slowly walked towards the dark lava to descend deeper underground. The lava was torn apart by his radiance and made a path for him.

His descent was swiftly met with stronger pushback from the darkness. As he delved deeper, the area turned into a world of darkness.

Eventually, the dark power seemed to know that attacking Li Qiye was futile since it couldn’t touch his dao heart.

The darkness surrounding him became gentle. Each string and strand were as warm and pleasant as the return of spring, almost the hand of a lover caressing him or perhaps the embrace full of love from one’s mother…

This was a sensation similar to the power of light, not darkness. It was filled with benevolence, love, holiness, and wisdom…

It drew closer to Li Qiye’s original source as if it was emanating from his body in the first place.

This affinity contained temptation, authority, martial arts, beauty, family, love, friendship… It could satisfy every need imaginable.

Li Qiye was untempted as always. His heart was as tough as metal as he sank deeper into the earth.

Meanwhile, the helpless existence inside him was eager to take advantage of this opportunity. In the case of success, he could escape the shackles and take over Li Qiye’s body. This was his only chance to turn everything around.

Finally, Li Qiye made it to the bottom and saw a great pit created from the impact point. The devilization process from the darkness made lava fill it up.

Sacred lights stemming from the soil were also present in order to combat the tides of darkness, stopping it from seeping deeper into the ground.

This was an attempt to separate the darkness from the rest of the system, a containment of sort. The source of this sacred light came from the Academy of Light, the strongest lineage in the system.

“Zzz…” Unfortunately, the darkness was tenacious so the refinement process couldn’t be done in a short time.

The darkness originated from the thing that fell from above. It was a mix of dark and gold. Both colors surged at the same time and twisted together to form a massive ball of light.

The darkness wanted to destroy the golden light and vice versa. The result was a stalemate for now.

However, one could tell that the darkness was stronger since it was also fighting the sacred light from outside.

Thus, without this external refinement, the inner golden light wouldn’t be able to suppress the darkness.

Normal people couldn’t see through the ball and were unable to see the thing inside. On the contrary, Li Qiye activated his heavenly gaze and saw everything clearly.

The darkness originated from an eye countless times bigger than a human one. It came from an unfathomable world of darkness. Just looking at it would instantly turn one evil.

Eternals stood no chance. Even True Emperors might not be able to resist the temptation.

Meanwhile, the golden lights came from a bulky hand. Each strand of light seemed so substantial and real. 

The hand was gripping this eye tightly with an immense force capable of shattering the universe.

Alas, this was still not enough to crush this eye. In fact, the eye seemed to be on the verge of escaping.

Upon closer inspection, he found that the eye was pulled off the socket by this hand. Meanwhile, the hand was also severed a while after.

The two of them fell from an unknown world before landing in this place and were clearly enemies.

Fortunately, the landing location was the Academy of Light. The holy power here started suppressing the eye. Otherwise, it would make an escape sooner or later and the consequence would be unimaginable. Numerous lands would turn evil from its presence.

Just this one eye and hand were exceedingly mighty. One could only imagine the power of their owner. Perhaps the average progenitors would stand no chance against them.

Li Qiye faced the dark eye directly in order to gather more clues.

“Let’s see what kind of being your owner is.” His gaze peered through the dark eye.


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