Chapter 2796: Turning Evil

The ground turning evil was quite frightening - indicative of the darkness’ might. Just this tiny thing alone had this effect, now imagine a full-scale assault. The entire world would succumb right away.

Of course, this had happened before during Li Qiye’s arrival at Immortal Lineage. The supreme existence infiltrated his dao heart and the entire world felt this devilization process.

Because of this, Li Qiye was very familiar with this densely-packed dark affinity.

Clearly, the dark power inside his dao heart and this new one came from the same source.

“Looks like chaos is coming.” Li Qiye was unaffected by the darkness while walking there.

“The end is near, all existences will only struggle in futile.” The existence in his dao heart calmly said: “You need to make a decision now. Seize the initiative and gain eternal life, this will allow you to stand at the apex and have the same status as the rest. Otherwise, your fate… looks grim.” 

“Is that so? I don’t need to have the same status. The only thing I need to do is kill, leaving nothing left but ashes up there.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Commendable courage, albeit a fool’s dream.” The existence laughed but this laughter quickly subsided.

The suppression power in the dao heart intensified and nearly crushed it so it couldn’t speak anymore.

Li Qiye ignored the thing and walked through this afflicted land. His pace seemed slow but he was actually moving at a shocking pace.

The deeper he got inside, the more serious the devilization process. After reaching the next area, the dark power here was as thick as ink.

It seemed that he wasn’t walking on the ground but rather in a pool of ink.

However, this process was far scarier than a pool of ink. The darkness continued to infiltrate the body and try to corrupt his dao heart.

Merit laws and defenses couldn’t handle the tides of darkness. It would corrode these lines until a complete takeover. The dao heart would suffer greatly.

For example, the emotions and desires buried deep in the heart were forced to the surface, such as violence, murderous bloodthirst, cruelty, greed…

If one’s dao heart wasn’t firm enough, these extreme emotions would explode and drive the person crazy. Next, the darkness would take advantage of this and take over their dao heart.

Alas, Li Qiye remained unaffected. The dark power here was certainly powerful and pure but it couldn’t compare to the thing trapped inside his dao heart right now.

This entity was unimaginable with enough influence to an entire system evil right away. The darkness outside paled in comparison.

Meanwhile, strands of holy light from the ground continued to assault the ink-like darkness.

After all, this was the Academy of Light, a holy land. This system had majestic power. Alas, the holy light couldn’t destroy the darkness right away. A full cleansing required more time. 

Strangely enough, mixed with the dark power were golden strings. There weren’t that many of them but they were especially bright, akin to lamps during the night. These golden strings were tearing apart the darkness, seemingly acting as guides.

Li Qiye eventually reached the center of this remote region. This place has turned into hell. The ground was evil with black lava oozing out in an endless manner. Evil creatures were coming into form.

These evil creatures didn't come out of thin air. They were living here before the arrival of the darkness. For example, a spirit tree in this place had turned into a devil tree with a thousand hands and one hundred feet.

Another example - a tiger king lost to the darkness. It became ten times bigger with bone spurs growing on its back. Evil flames surged beneath its paws. It looked prime to devour the world.

The tiny ants weren’t spared either. The transformation made them grow much bigger; their pincers looked like black sabers now that could cut through heaven and earth…

“Raaa!” Evil screams emanated everywhere from these large monsters. They wanted to run out of this plain and attack the rest of the world.

Anyone would be shocked to see the current state of this desolate area.

“Raa!” These creatures saw the uninvited guest - Li Qiye.

They roared and their eyes became filled with an intimidating bloody glimmer.

“Sss-” A massive serpent began the attack, slamming its mountainous tail straight at him.

The other creatures didn’t want to falter behind and lunged forward.

One spewed out miasma; another shot out a storm bone spurs from its back; one more sent the dark lava at him…

A flood of evil beasts came straight for him. True Emperors and progenitors would still have a hard time here. It would probably end with them being torn to pieces.

“Foolish ants.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye. He raised one finger and the stench of death appeared.

“Buzz.” The creatures died instantly the moment it touched his death affinity. 

Though they were born in the darkness, they still couldn’t resist the touch of death. Nothing in the world could do so outside of those with eternal life.

These creatures were incinerated into ashes and slowly died. This process of death couldn’t be reverted regardless of how strong one may be. Re-creating the body was impossible too.

After seeing the death of the first wave, the rest of the evil beasts became afraid. Being evil didn’t mean that it wasn’t afraid of death. They turned to flee but it was too late. The terrifying aspect of death took their lives.

“Pop!” What’s left of their body exploded and turned to scattering ashes.

Li Qiye watched this scene of death, completely unperturbed.

Next, he made it to the impact point of the darkness. It looked like a volcano with black lava oozing out of it. These waves of lava had enough momentum to pierce through the sky. Standing here gave a feeling of the apocalypse.

The darkness here was a hundred times denser than the outer region. This tide of darkness emanated from below this place and propagated everywhere to turn the land evil.

A twelve-palace emperor wouldn’t last long here. Their dao heart would be affected in no time.

Li Qiye stood there and gauged this unending darkness. Meanwhile, the latter and the existence inside his dao heart started to resonate as well.

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