Chapter 2792: Conclusion At Last

The chills of horror bit bone-deep like a thousand needles. The death of Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng traumatized the rest of the crowd.

The Everlasting realm was unreachable for virtually everyone here. They could try for a lifetime and never find success. This realm was the peak of True Gods in many’s beliefs. It meant being invincible, not counting progenitors.

However, two Everlastings have fallen today and didn’t even put up a good fight. Li Qiye was clearly superior in all regards - a one-sided domination.

It became obvious that Li Qiye’s actual realm was also unreachable to the spectators present. They would never be able to see his true capabilities.

“So our system has another Far-dao Everlasting?” One True God stared at Li Qiye with reverence.

If the Everlasting realm was the peak in the eyes of the commoner, the Far-dao realm was the true pinnacle - the desired limit of all True Gods.

It served as a measuring pole of the dao. Many have tried but only a few have reached the top.

Numerous ancestors and Eternals exchanged glances of reverence. Far-dao Everlastings were exceedingly rare in Immortal Lineage. In Immortal Demon, the only person in this realm was Everlasting Jiang.

He was considered to be the number one in the system after the great progenitor. He should be unbeatable with his peerless grand dao.

Thus, if Li Qiye was proven to be a Far-dao Everlasting, it would be way too shocking. Not just Immortal Demon but all of Immortal Lineage would be shocked by this.

It meant that Immortal Demon had two Far-daos, allowing it to stand against any other system, whether it be Dragon Palace, Immortal Cauldron Mountain, or the Academy of Light.

“Either he’s one already, or he isn’t that far away as a Supreme Everlasting, a peak one at that, only one step away from being a Far-dao.” An experienced Eternal speculated.

“No, thi-this can’t be…” Laments could be heard all over the mountain.

The death of the two ancestors left their disciples in shock. They couldn’t accept that their unbeatable ancestors have been killed by Li Qiye.

Thus, they cried and bellowed in horror while being filled with despair. They didn’t even have the courage to look at Li Qiye, let alone wanting revenge. They were nothing more than ants  in comparison.

Even those wanting revenge were powerless like a struggling ant. The only thing they could do right now was lament, not only because of the dead ancestors but also because of their sect and their own fate.

However, the other spectators only stared at them emotionlessly. No one tried to console or show them any sympathy.

This scene where the strong eat the weak was too common in the cultivation world. Most wouldn’t care if Central and Eight Trigrams were to be destroyed.

After all, for many millions of years now, Eight Trigrams and Central have ended numerous lineages and taken their territories. A cycle of rise and fall was the order of things.

“Please sit on the throne, Young Noble.” The hall king remained calm, seemingly expecting this outcome.

Li Qiye smiled and walked towards the ancestral throne. His pace looked weak and feeble unlike that of an invincible existence. He resembled a feeble scholar that needed to take a break after every few steps.

The hall king came over to help him climb up the stone steps, not caring about her power and authority as an Everlasting and the leader of Longevity Hall. She stayed humble and assumed the role of a maid.

Everyone watched with full attention while she respectfully helped him climb up the stairs. 

They suddenly felt that this was how it should be. Any existence needed to show reverence in Li Qiye’s presence.

So many ancestors were sighing, extremely impressed with the king’s foresight. She had vision and insight beyond anyone here.

She showed her support in the very beginning and even threw away her noble pride to carry him up. This initially perplexed the entire crowd. Why would she do something like this - they thought.

Now, they understood that it was the difference between them and her. Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng didn’t have the same vision either, hence their unsightly death.

“Worthy of being a ruler for two generations, capable enough to have full reign.” One ancestor praised, admiring her wise conduct.

Fiercest’s power became as clear as day. Mountguard was going to rise at an unprecedented rate.

But now, it was too late to curry favors after Li Qiye had shown his abilities. Sycophants wouldn’t gain his grace right now.

This wasn’t the case for the hall king. She chose him when he was the underdog and showed full sincerity and respect, certainly winning a favorable impression.

Perhaps Fiercest wouldn’t do much for her on a personal level, but the benefits for Longevity Hall were considerable.

On the other side, Eight Trigrams and Central have chosen to antagonize Fiercest without holding back. This meant that on a bad day, Fiercest could decide to destroy both of them.

This resulted in people being envious and jealous, not because Fiercest was enjoying this gentle treatment from a beauty. They were actually jealous of the hall king for having this chance of making Li Qiye happy. They weren’t qualified to do so anymore since the opportunity was gone now.

Li Qiye sat down on the ancestral throne, looking quite normal. This throne served as a supreme symbol for the rest of the system but it was just another chair to him.

“Anyone else objects?” He asked while peering at the crowd.

People shuddered in response, especially those who have voiced their dissatisfaction earlier. This group started sweating; their legs trembled uncontrollably.

They were afraid of retribution. It wouldn’t be hard for Li Qiye, if he were petty enough, to destroy their sects.

“You are the real deal, Young Noble. We are utterly convinced about your worth.” Someone immediately shouted.

“I wholeheartedly agree.” The others joined in with the initial dissenters being the loudest.

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