Chapter 2786: Immortal Carapace

The Everlasting duo wasn’t used to this disdainful treatment since they were only inferior to progenitors. Normal emperors weren’t on the same level as them.

A swift shift from being revered and worshiped by all to this contemptuous attitude from Li Qiye? The two of them became furious.

Nevertheless, they restrained their wrath because Fiercest was clearly superior to them. The only thing they could do to appease their emotion was successfully killing him. Talks were meaningless.

All eyes were on these two, awaiting their ultimate move.

“Can they do it?” The perception has shifted. Most believed that these two wouldn’t be able to match Fiercest despite the latter only using one hand.

Prior to this, they considered Fiercest’s choice to be ignorant and arrogant. Now, arrogance has turned into admirable confidence. The duo has become huge underdogs in no time at all.

The crowd was completely deterred, shocked by what they have seen so far from Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The entire system lit up after loud explosions and was filled with the aura of the progenitor. Each inch of soil poured out grand dao power. 

Those who weren’t watching the fight could sense the changes. They knew that a powerful existence was channeling the dao power of their system.

Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng have gathered more than half of the power in the system. The dao force and foundation of Immortal Demon accumulated around them. The only thing they couldn’t do was controlling the dao source.

Of course, they had no way of doing so. No one knew the location of the dao source. Some believed that it was in the possession of Longevity Hall.

Nevertheless, two Everlastings channeling the power of their system were quite mighty. This scene was magnificent with dao power surging towards them from all directions. The entire system was engulfed by this process.

Substantial changes manifested on the duo after the full absorption. They became significantly younger. The aged Venerable Xian looked quite spirited and turned into a middle-aged man.

The influx of grand dao power has taken them back to their peak state. They were brimming with vitality.

They stood there and one could already feel the forces hidden in them. They could raise one finger and there would be a loud thunderous bang. Just one palm from them could destroy the entire world.

“They’re very strong now.” Everyone couldn’t help becoming afraid.

Every disciple in the system could borrow the power of the system. However, only a few could reach this level of the duo. They were virtually borrowing everything from the land.

“It’s time!” The duo finally stopped and shouted.

They have gathered the very limit of dao power and felt as vigorous as ever. Their age was no longer a disadvantage.

“I’ve been waiting for a while now. I’ll still use just one hand to kill you two.” Li Qiye smiled and said with one hand behind his back.

The crowd didn’t find this ridiculous at all and gave the upper-hand to Li Qiye. The duo had a serious expression as well despite Li Qiye’s self-imposed handicap.

“Go!” Venerable Xian roared. A boundless and majestic land appeared behind him. It was covered in clouds and mist, looking just like the land of immortals.

“Central Sacred Ground!” Many recognized this area right away.

“Boom!” An ancient pond filled with black water came into sight.

The water poured out and revealed themselves to be runes. They billowed with a massive momentum capable of flattening everything.

The roaring runes looked like a true dragon crossing through the area. However, it didn’t emit a draconic aura but rather a progenitorial one. It seemed that a progenitor had turned into this dragon.

“Clank!” The runes attached themselves onto Venerable Xian and turned into armor plates. With this new armor on him, exuberant rays shot out, seemingly tearing the world apart.

This light of a progenitor made him massive. More importantly, a peerless figure loomed behind him. This figure was identical to the statue in front of the ancestral shrine.

“The progenitor?” The crowd became afraid. Some actually got on their knees to worship the figure.

“Clank! Clank!” Venerable Xian raised his hand and numerous sword rays flew out of Central Sacred Ground, culminating in an ocean of blades.

The swords suddenly changed. The end of the hilt suddenly curled and touched the tip, resulting in a circular shape of yin and yang.

“Clank!” One ultimate sword of them all flew out of this ocean. It was the lord of the blades. Just one thrust from it could pierce through the high heaven. It emitted a supreme aura - untouchable across the ages. Venerable Xian held it and gained the aura of a progenitor.

“Incredible, the rumors are true.” One shocked ancestor said: “The progenitor really gave Central Sacred Ground a peerless armor and a supreme sword. These two things combined should be unmatched.”

“Such glory and honor…” The big shots became jealous after seeing Venerable Xian and his equipment.

From this, one could see how much Everlasting Forefather liked Central Sacred Ground back then. He named it on top of passing down these ancestral weapons. It looked like only Mountguard and Longevity Hall enjoyed a similar treatment.

“Good sword, decent armor too.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Longevity Forefather doted on your sect. It’s a shame that its descendants are so worthless.”

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, Zhang Cangsheng also had explosions stemming from his body. Supreme laws from a progenitor were crushing the area nearby.

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