Chapter 2785: Kingdom-destroying Punch

“What, what do you want?!” The frightened monarch screamed as Li Qiye, step by step, approached.

“What else but your life?” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’ll take you down with me!” The monarch was stuck in an impasse since his allies had forsaken him.

He felt nothing but regrets, thinking that he shouldn’t have gotten himself into this mess by associating with Eight Trigrams.

In the beginning, he thought that the three of them would be able to win for sure. Thus, he intended on currying favors from Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian in order to gain more benefits for his kingdom.

Who would have thought that this would be the result? Two Everlastings were insufficient and made him the cannon fodder.

Unfortunately, no medicine could cure his feelings right now.

He made up his mind and gathered his vitality again. Flames erupted around him before soaring to the sky.

“Brothers, help me!” His voice rang across the system.

“Creak.” A gigantic mirror flew out from the distant Pinnacle Kingdom.

The body was made from polished profound crystals. The mirror itself could gather numerous lights.

“Boom!” The kingdom gathered a massive amount of dao power at an incredible rate. Everything was accumulating at the center of the mirror.

A loud explosion ensued. The mirror instantly spewed out a wave of dazzling brilliance. This thick pulse pierced through space and hit the monarch with haste.

The monarch became the focus of the kingdom’s foundation and power. His own flames became brighter and ravaged the sky like a tsunami, instantly drowning many stars in the process.

His power naturally soared as well. Now the bright flames around him had lightning crackles coursing through them as well. [1]

“Go to hell!” The empowered monarch roared. The divine peaks on top of him turned into a massive palm again.

This time around, the peaks have completely disappeared, replaced by a perfect palm strike. It poured down a heavenly aura brimming with progenitorial power.

The monarch took the initiative and sent that palm down straight at Li Qiye. Its destruction could crush everything beneath.

This resembled the palm of a progenitor and instilled fear and awe into the spectators. People stood there and watched, completely captivated by the scene.

“That palm strike can destroy a kingdom!” The king of an archaic state turned pale.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, didn’t have a big reaction. He leaped upward and punched in retaliation: “Break!”

“Boom!” The force looked like a rainbow going from one edge to another or a true dragon crossing the sky.

It pierced through the myriad realms in an unstoppable manner, certainly capable of thrusting through the chest of a god or emperor.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A series of crumbling noises detonated in a tight rhythm.

The first victim was the palm formed from the myriad peaks. It instantly crumbled.

The force of the punch didn’t stop there, still full of energy. It pierced through Pinnacle Monarch’s chest and crossed through billions of miles to reach the massive mirror back in Pinnacle Kingdom.

“Boom!” It penetrated the earth there too, leaving a terrifying abyss at the imperial palace. Just like that, the resources and foundation beneath the earth of Pinnacle have been destroyed.

“Rumble!” More explosions occurred over the horizon. The spirit energy and dao power in the palace area oozed out to the sky before scattering everywhere.

Everyone in various counties of Pinnacle looked up at the sky. Auspicious dew poured down like the rain. The worldly essences of the world and dao energy bathed the earth, a feeling akin to the return of spring.

Many citizens in the kingdom unknowingly celebrated. They absorbed these worldly essences and energy, gaining great benefits in the process. Even the mortals would live much longer afterward.

This punch of Li Qiye defeated three things at once. It put an end to Pinnacle and their legacy as well. Quite a shocking feat.

After a while, the monarch looked down at the gaping hole on his chest. His eyes became agape. He then turned around and looked back at his own kingdom and saw the palace being penetrated along with the broken foundation. Various forms of energies were surging out of it.

Everyone knew that the destruction of a sect’s foundation meant the end of it henceforth.

Their kingdom has been built across many generations and stood strong. Who would have thought that a single punch would herald the end of them today?

“No!” He screamed but it was too late. He fell down backward and met his doom. His eyes remained open for it was an indignant and unwilling death. He had dragged his kingdom down to hell with him.

“I can’t believe it.” The crowd was naturally astounded by the power of that punch earlier. The long distance didn’t diminish its power in the slightest.

At this moment, they could see the consequences of opposing Li Qiye. If he wanted to destroy someone’s sect, he didn’t even need to go there in person. Just one spatial-crossing punch was enough to turn their sect into ashes.

“A progenitor?” An Eternal started sweating and wondered.

“But one hasn’t come out this generation. Plus, I haven’t heard of a progenitor like him before. A new progenitor successfully proving his dao should be public knowledge.” An ancestor murmured.

This punch had shattered Li Qiye’s previous image. Everyone placed him on a higher level now.

“He’s at least a heaven-defying Everlasting, perhaps a Pinnacle or Supreme Everlasting. Let’s not rule out the Far-dao level either.” A trembling Eternal said.

Meanwhile, Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng had an ugly expression. The murderous glint in their eyes intensified.

They needed to kill Li Qiye at all costs right now. Failing to do so meant leaving a walking calamity around for their sect later.

This calamity would, sooner or later, destroy Eight Trigrams and Central. They would be powerless to stop him too. 

Pinnacle Kingdom was a prime example. Thus, these two masters became more determined. Today, only one side could survive!

“Your turn now, how’s your preparation going?” Li Qiye turned towards the duo and asked.

“Hmm, the plate still isn’t coming down, just a little more time. I’ll send you two off first.” He then glanced at the sky.

The plate didn’t have all eighteen marks so it needed more time to be fully activated.


1. Super Saiyan 2?

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