Chapter 2784: Unbeatable

Reincarnation Mountain City was in a state of awe and shock, the same with Mountguard.

Everyone stood in a daze; their wits have yet to return. Most were horrified, even the disciples from Mountguard that have just been saved. The powerful Eternals and knowledgeable ancestors felt the same way, completely empty-minded.

The vigorous army consisting of a million troops from Eight Trigrams were nothing more than bleeding corpses now. They couldn’t even be considered ants, more like specks of dust.

Li Qiye swiftly repelled the trio and massacred the great army of Eight Trigrams despite being realms away.

This all happened in the blink of an eye and sure enough, Li Qiye was true to his words - using only one hand from start to finish. The other hand remained behind his back.

Such a terrifying and peerless power level - using one hand to sweep through his enemies. 

The suffocating force earlier from the pressure of being in the presence of many masters turned into a chill. Everyone shuddered while drenched with cold sweat.

Two Everlastings and one invincible god monarch lost to Li Qiye and became seriously wounded. This was an incredible battle feat. Who in this world could actually take him on?

Legs were trembling in the crowd. The weaker cultivators lost control of their knees and fell to the ground. They didn’t even have the courage to stare at Li Qiye.

He stood in the sky basking in the wind like a supreme lord. He successfully traumatized everyone in the crowd. Just the mentioning of his title alone later would frighten them.

“Unbeatable.” One Eternal eventually calmed down and said a single word. This word alone was the only thing he could use to describe Li Qiye’s power and style. Everything else seemed inadequate.

“They courted death.” The hall king wasn’t surprised at all to see this.

“They’re saved!” Weizheng also regained his wits and became ecstatic. The invasion horrified him. He thought that Mountguard was done for this time.

Who would have thought that the ancestor could destroy an army simply by spreading his five fingers despite the considerable distance?

“He did it…” Jiankun’s group started crying from happiness.

“The great ancestor is unbeatable and peerless in all of history!” The disciples in Mountguard started kowtowing while chanting.

“The great ancestor is unbeatable and peerless in all of history!” They repeated this phrase echoing through the valleys and mountains.

“The great ancestor is unbeatable and peerless in all of history!” Weizheng and the juniors back in Reincarnation Mountains got on their knees too with tears streaming down their cheeks.

Everyone watched in silence, feeling that the chant wasn’t outrageous. “Unbeatable” seemed to be the right word to describe him right now.

“No big deal.” Li Qiye posed coolly as his sleeves fluttered to the wind. He then stared at his enemies.

The trio turned pale, not expecting this terrible development. They once again found themselves to have underestimated him. Unfortunately, there was no jumping off this path now.

“Don’t waste my time anymore, let’s end this.” Li Qiye had no visible aura, seemingly a little weakly like a young scholar.

However, this appearance of his was so intimidating. Gods and devils would tremble while looking at him.

“Activate the Longevity Plate, use it now!” Pinnacle Monarch was overwhelmed with fear and shouted while faltering backward.

“Activate the Longevity Plate!” Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian shouted at the same time.

“Buzz.” Five marks became resplendent on the plate above. Eight Trigrams and Central were the first to start.

A while later, the other parts lit up as well after loud buzzes. The kingdoms and sects on their side hesitated for a moment but they had no other choice. They could only hope that this plate would be enough to kill a monster like Fiercest using the strongest blow of a progenitor.

Otherwise, allies like them wouldn’t fare well either after the defeat of Eight Trigrams. They must stake everything on this attack.

“Incurable fools.” The hall king noticed twelve marks activated in total and sneered.

She already knew the future of these sects aiding Eight Trigrams without needing to watch.

“Well, the plate still needs more time to gather energy.” Li Qiye didn’t have a problem with this at all and smiled: “Go ahead, entertain me in the meantime.”

The trio’s expression soured since they needed to last long enough. The plate’s attack was immensely powerful and couldn’t just be used whenever. The kingdoms and their respective marks needed to work together.

“Rumble!” Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng exchanged glances. They unleashed their vitality and showed off their individual twelve palaces - ready to perform their strongest move.

“Looks like you still have more things to show, I’ll let you use them.” Li Qiye didn’t try to stop them.

“Let’s start with you.” Li Qiye then glanced over at Pinnacle Monarch.

The monarch was horrified since the guy wanted to fight him first. An Eternal like him was far weaker compared to the two Everlastings on his side. The only thing he could rely on was the great palm in the sky left behind by Everlasting Forefather.

“Senior Cangsheng, Venerable Xian, let’s take him on together!” He hurriedly called out for help.

However, the other two ignored him because teamwork was useless. They were from different sects and didn’t prepare a proper combination attack. This lack of teamwork meant limited efficiency so the two just wanted to use this time to gather grand dao power for their own ultimate technique.

“Seniors, we fully supported your sect! Hel-help me!” He bellowed again.

“You can only rely on yourself during crucial moments.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You’re nothing but an ant with a little value to be taken advantage of in their eyes.”

Right now, Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng didn’t even know if they could survive this battle. Why would they waste precious time on Pinnacle Monarch? They didn’t give a damn about the guy.

The crowd knew that this particular alliance was only using each other. If one party were to lose its value, it would be abandoned right away.

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