Chapter 2783: Army Annihilated

Battlecries and bloodthirst permeated Mountguard School.

The disciples of Mountguard maintained their positions and posts, ready to fight to the death. They really had no other choice since behind them was their home. 

From the elders and protectors down to the lowly disciples, everyone had red eyes and became fanatic due to the perilous situation.

Though they knew they weren’t a match against the invaders, they still wanted to protect their home with their lives.

Failure meant that their families and friends would be killed. Nothing would be left of this place. Thus, they were ready to spill blood in order to protect what’s dear to them.

“Ah!” Screams echoed around the area as experts started to fall. Both sides had casualties but Mountguard suffered much more.

The army of Eight Trigrams invaded from all directions in a torrential manner. They came prepared to sweep through Mountguard like a storm.

It didn’t take long before many Mountguard disciples fell down into their pool of blood.

“Keep going!” Despite losing many peers and seniors, the disciples here didn’t falter and tried to think of ways to kill their enemies.


“Boom!” Meanwhile, Cangsheng placed his palms together again. The trigrams above turned into a yin-yang symbol. It shot down at Li Qiye with great momentum and refined everything along the way.

Even an Epoch Eternal would be destroyed by this yin-yang attack. 

Pinnacle Monarch also joined in. The mountains above him once again turned into a massive palm strike and headed straight for the ancestral city. It carried the power of a progenitor. The progenitorial laws surged and bullied the firmaments.

Venerable Xian summoned a tripod that flew with unstoppable momentum. It could pierce through everything including the stars in the sky.

The worst part about it was the flame pouring out from within. The flame could meld everything. Just a spark touching the ground would turn the area into molten lava.

The trio tried hard this time around, utilizing the psychological effect of Mountguard being invaded as well. This was the perfect timing for them.

Li Qiye should definitely be distracted. He could either go save Mountguard or try his best to retaliate in the current battle, but the latter would result in Mountguard’s destruction. This would be a great blow to his state of mind.

All of this happened so quickly and the spectators became completely immersed in the flow.

Li Qiye’s palm danced and reached a state of apogee, changing the momentum of everything with the slightest touch.

The yin-yang attack from Zhang Cangsheng had its trajectory changed and started heading for the massive palm strike from the monarch.

He then leaned to the side by just the perfect amount and evaded the tripod before grabbing the treasure. He spun it around and took control of its momentum. After a full circle, he flung it back on its original path.

However, this meant that it was heading straight for Venerable Xian. The speed this time around was more than ten times faster and stronger. It exceeded the limit of time and space.

“Boom!” To sum it up, the yin-yang attack struck the palm strike, resulting in a massive explosion in the sky.

Pinnacle Monarch was blown flying while vomiting blood while Zhang Cangsheng staggered backward due to the power of the progenitor.

Meanwhile, Venerable Xian saw his own tripod flying straight at him with more force than ever before. He became aghast and summoned multiple powerful weapons to stop it.

Unfortunately, the flames from the tripod incinerated these weapons and broke through his defensive treasures. The old man couldn’t dodge in time so it smashed into his chest causing blood to splash everywhere. The tripod pierced through his chest, leaving a gaping wound.

In the proceeding moment, Li Qiye’s hand refined the void. This made it possible for him to cross through the realms.

His hand immediately appeared in the sky above Mountguard. His five fingers then shot out countless sword rays.

“Clank!” They looked like beautiful and dazzling flowers albeit full of bloodlust.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The rays flew into Mountguard right when the army of Eight Trigrams had broken through the first layer of defense.

The bloodthirsty soldiers were ready to massacre everyone here before being interrupted by the bright spectacle.

They looked up, confused, before seeing the last thing in their lives. Their head started flying off so they watched blood gushing from their neck. The same thing was happening to their peers and seniors too.

Streams of blood gushed up around the entire sect, looking like rainbows of blood under the sunlight.

The army fell to the ground in a magnificent manner. These victims wanted to scream but no sound could come out.

The strongest among them was their leader, the crown prince. Yi Zhaowei bellowed in fear after seeing an incoming ray shooting straight at him.

He took out his strongest treasure in order to stop it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to stop a death sentence from Li Qiye. No one was to be spared!

“Pluff!” The sword ray pierced through the treasure and continued straight at him.

“Watch out!” Zhang Cangsheng cried out at this crucial moment. He broke the spatial fabric and sent his trigrams through the void with incredible speed in order to save the crown prince from that sword ray.

“Scram.” Li Qiye’s hand turned into a fist to stop the trigrams.

“Bam!” The space between Mountguard and Reincarnation Mountain crumbled into a terrible black hole.

Zhang Cangsheng failed to save Zhaowei. The youth suffered the same fate as his men - having to watch his own death. His wide-open eyes depicted the terror of death but it was too late for regrets.

“Bam! Bam!” Zhang Cangsheng was forced back after being struck by the punch earlier and spat out a mouthful of blood.

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