Chapter 2782: Critical Juncture

“Ancestor, what should we do?” Weizheng was out of his wits and asked Li Qiye for help.

Guo Jiahui and the others were naturally frightened as well. Even if they wanted to grow wings and fly back to be with their fellow brothers, it was impossible.

Reincarnation Mountain was too far from Mountguard. If they were to go back right now, they would find nothing more than ruins.

Thus, Li Qiye garnered everyone’s attention again.

“So merciless.” An expert understood Zhang Cangsheng’s intent.

He wished to distract Li Qiye, clearly a part of his overarching plan. First, he sent the crown prince to surround Mountguard before this battle.

Li Qiye would certainly be distracted because he was an ancestor there. He couldn’t just watch his sect be destroyed and must go back.

However, he was surrounded by three masters. In this scenario, it didn’t matter whether he wanted to force a path out or focus on fighting, his mental state was definitely affected all the same.

This resulted in a weakening of his battle abilities and Zhang Cangsheng’s odds looking much better. Perhaps victory was within their grasp thanks to this diversion.

“Ginger only gets hotter with age.” An ancestor reflected: “The four-generation teacher of Eight Trigrams is far more capable than a regular expert. He saved that kingdom many times before.”

Everyone was impressed with the guy’s merciless plan while keeping an eye on Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye was only standing there, completely nonchalant and indifferent to this development.

“Dum! Dum! Dum!” The drums of war have finally sounded.

“Ready!” The soldiers shouted and were well-prepared with their swords drawn and arrows ready to fire. The army of Eight Trigrams was on the verge of sieging.

“Ancestor, what should we do? Do you have a plan?!” The pale Li Jiankun panicked. 

Mountguard was their home and they would have nothing left with it being gone.

“Be quiet!” Weizheng had regained his composure and controlled the group: “Let the ancestor concentrate on the battle or we’ll lose everything.”

Weizheng also understood Eight Trigrams’ plan, wanting to distract Li Qiye. If Li Qiye were to lose because of this, they wouldn’t be able to save their sect anyway. Everyone would die here too.

The only thing he could do was pray for Mountguard’s defensive lines to withstand the assault, hoping that Li Qiye could defeat the enemies and return to Mountguard.

Of course, he knew that his sect was no longer the same. The foundation was still there but they lacked true stones and resources to support the incredibly powerful defensive measures. Thus, it wouldn’t last long before the great army of Eight Trigrams, maybe less than fifteen minutes. A miracle needed to happen for success.

The rest of the group finally realized the gravity of the situation and no longer dared to disturb Li Qiye. They also started praying for a swift victory from their ancestor.

“What’s your choice now, Fellow Daoist?” Venerable Xian started laughing.

Though Li Qiye seemed unaffected, the trio didn’t buy his act in the slightest.

“What’s there to pick? I’ll just kill all of you then that army, as easy as pie.” Li Qiye chuckled, still as carefree as ever.

“So calm, I see. We’ll see how long you can keep that smile on your face. Attack!” Zhang Cangsheng smirked back.

The army back in Mountguard could clearly hear his command.

“Ooo-” The command horns sounded and the soldiers unsheathed their weapons.

Meanwhile, the disciples from Mountguard were scared out of their mind. They couldn’t do anything except to fight to the death now.

“Defensive lines!” One elder from Mountguard shouted.

“Buzz.” The sect lit up with a majestic aura brimming with the breath of a progenitor.

Divine walls erected all around the sect to form a formidable defense. The place looked like an impregnable fortress in no time.

“The method of the progenitor.” Many ancestors were impressed to see these walls.

This fallen sect still had a strong foundation. No wonder why it used to be so glorious.

Alas, Weizheng wasn’t as optimistic. He knew that these tough divine walls wouldn’t last long due to a lack of resources to empower them.

If they were richer, these walls could last against any enemy. Unfortunately, the sect couldn’t be poorer right now.

“Attack!” Yi Zhaowei commanded and rushed forward himself.

“Bam!” He summoned a whip and flicked his wrist. It roared like a fiery dragon before hitting the divine wall.

His army also joined in. Numerous spears, sabers, and pagodas were part of the offense.

Brilliant colors from treasures illuminated the area. Waves of nonstop energies aimed to break down the divine walls.

“Rumble!” The walls were unbreakable despite the torrential attacks. Powerful treasures didn’t even leave a single mark on the walls, let alone breaking them. 

It became clear that this force couldn’t take down Mountguard’s defense.

“So tough, that’s the progenitor for you.” Many ancestors praised the walls and became envious.

Meanwhile, Li Jiankun and the others heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like their sect would stay safe. Only Weizheng felt nervous as if he was hanging on for dear life, nearly falling off a cliff.

This was only the beginning since the walls wouldn’t last long.

Sure enough, after several waves of assault, the walls dimmed down and began to shrink.

“Boom!” The thin walls cracked after withstanding more attacks.

“What’s happening?” Li Jiankun didn’t know what was going on.

“Our true stones are depleting, we don’t have that many in the first place.” Weizheng said with a dejected expression.

“Get ready for battle!” The elder of Mountguard commanded after seeing the failing walls.

“Fellow Daoist, we should start too.” Zhang Cangsheng smiled and said: “Of course, we have plenty of time. Let’s fight and watch at the same time.”

“Go.” Li Qiye insipidly said.

“You’re going down!” The trio simultaneously attacked.

Concurrently, the walls back at Mountguard have completely collapsed.

“Kill them all!” The army of Eight Trigrams rushed in like the waves.

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