Chapter 2781: First Exchange

The trio surrounded Li Qiye so a fight could break out at any moment. The crowd held their breath and became nervous despite not being part of it.

They knew that this fight might change the direction of their system. If Zhang Cangsheng were to win, his kingdom’s status would be solidified. It would be able to give orders despite not having the official reign.

If Li Qiye were to win, it meant that the currently prosperous Central Sacred Ground and Eight Trigrams would start declining. Mountguard, on the other hand, would rise again.

That’s why everyone gave their full attention. It pertained to their sects’ survival and interests.

“Who will win?” One restless spectator quietly asked.

“Eight Trigrams will win for sure.” Those on the side of the kingdom said. 

“He’s a grand completion Everlasting on top of being a national teacher for four generations. He weathered so many storms and problems successfully using his might and intelligence - not something a junior can compare to. Plus, Venerable Xian is on his side too. Two Everlastings should be unbeatable.” One person started waving their fists in order to show their support and confidence in those two.

“It’s hard to say.” One ancestor not on Eight Trigrams’ side mused for a bit before speaking: “Fiercest of Mountguard is unfathomable. Of course, no one can underestimate the other side either. The problem is, he’s too careless with that declaration earlier of using just one hand. I don’t know who will win.”

The crowd nodded after listening to this ancestor. Normally, a combatant would prepare meticulously before fighting two Everlastings at the same time. Fiercest’s careless style was too rare. Only a mighty progenitor would act in this domineering manner.

“Look, Longevity Hall is on Fiercest’s side. Since when does this sect help an outsider? And you’re right, Fiercest is simply unfathomable.” One Eternal was afraid of Li Qiye’s power.

“I won’t deny his heaven-defying abilities but the guy is just too arrogant. He underestimates his enemies too. If he uses both hands, then maybe I would have bet on him, but it’s precarious for him right now.” This expert betted on Eight Trigrams.

Whispers could be heard despite the tense atmosphere. Most believed that Li Qiye couldn’t win using just one hand against his opponents. They already attributed his downfall to arrogance.

“Start.” Li Qiye posed coolly with one hand forward.

“Die!” Venerable Xian started the match.

He placed his palms together and the sky turned dark after a loud explosion. A lightning tribulation emerged. Lightning bolts started descending towards Li Qiye, wanting to break him to pieces.

“Torrent Tribulation Strike, the ultimate art of Central.” A startled spectator said.

“Clank!” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and retaliated with a finger flick. This initiated a divine sword flying through the sky.

This sword move severed the myriad dao and instantly flattened both the incoming bolts and the tribulation up above.

“Myriad Dao Breaker!” Zhang Cangsheng performed various mudras.

“Boom!” The trigrams hanging above him turned into a heavenly fist aimed at Li Qiye.

The destructive attack crushed space and the yin and yang. Those standing in its trajectory would instantly turn into bloody mists without being able to resist.

“That’s horrifying!” Even the Eternals present were alarmed.

“Scram.” Li Qiye didn’t turn around to look at the attack. He waved his sleeve with enough force to block out everything. The sleeve looked like a boundless sky blocking the incoming punch.

Pinnacle Monarch finally attacked. The area trembled with loud explosions. Numerous divine peaks descended for Li Qiye just like meteors. He waited until Li Qiye was preoccupied with Zhang Cangsheng before unleashing his move.

Li Qiye didn’t panic. He simply spread his fingers and unleashed billowing sword energies.

A dazzling bronze sword leaped into the sky. Its size was beyond imagination. It just needed to move ever so slightly to sweep through everything.

In the next second, Zhang Cangsheng’s punch landed on Li Qiye’s sleeve and came to a halt.

Meanwhile, the massive sword made of bronze easily crushed the mountains coming from above, resulting in smokes and debris blotting out the sun.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. The trio didn’t hold back at all and attacked in unison.

The first exchange ended and they retreated while exchanging glances once more. These moves were simply exploratory. They hoped to figure out Li Qiye’s true power.

However, the guy had no problem dealing with their attacks. His other hand was still placed behind his back.

“Who won?” Their speed was too fast and virtually indiscernible. The weaker or younger cultivators couldn’t see the course of events.

“I don’t know.” One ancestor didn’t dare to give a definite conclusion despite seeing it clearly: “Fiercest is very strong, but they were just testing each other, still hiding their ace cards.”

The crowd became more excited, knowing that the fight was about to escalate and become far more brilliant and brutal.

The trio had an austere expression, realizing that Li Qiye’s power exceeded their estimation.

“There’s something you should know. Our kingdom’s army had mobilized for Mountguard, your sect is done for. Telling you now is a courteous gesture so that you can stay in the loop.” Zhang Cangsheng smiled.

Next, he pressed his palm in the air. “Buzz.” That area was refined and turned into a spatial mirror.

The scene in that mirror shocked the crowd.

Majestic mountains could be seen. This was clearly Mountguard!

However, it was surrounded completely now by armored troops. All the entrances and exits have been barricaded. No one could get out of Mountguard.

The banners of this sieging army belonged to Eight Trigrams.

“The crown prince and Absolute Formation Legion.” A spectator said in astonishment.

Yes, Crown Prince Yi Zhao Wei and his legion were ready to assault Mountguard. They planned to not leave a single soul alive.

“No, our school!” Weizheng was scared out of his mind and nearly became paralyzed on the ground. He was too far away and as the adage goes - water from afar can’t put out a fire nearby.

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