Chapter 2780: Domination

Many became confident after Pinnacle God Monarch stepped up to oppose Li Qiye. Plus, Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian were there too. What was there to be afraid of?

“Only those who are accepted by everyone in Immortal Demon are qualified to sit on that throne.” One ancestor joined in.

He chose his words well to express an impartial stance, not clearly standing on Eight Trigrams’ side nor provoking Longevity Hall. 

In the case of a full conference, Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to sit on it anyway.

“True.” Many big shots agreed: “It has to be accepted by everyone in Immortal Demon. We can support this.”

Everyone clearly thought that he wasn’t qualified to sit there. It was reserved for wise sages like Everlasting Jiang. Li Qiye was young and didn’t accomplish anything yet.

“What a joke about wanting to sit up there, you’re nothing more than a murderer of the innocent and should be persecuted by all in order to maintain justice in the system. Everyone is responsible for taking down evil.” Zhang Cangsheng was more aggressive with his words.

“Oh? Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled: “That’s alright, I have no plans on becoming a virtuous person and don’t need any other reason to sit up there besides wanting to.”

He continued on while glancing at the two Everlastings: “Come, I don’t care if it’s for revenge or to stop me from reaching that throne. Today will be the last chance for any of you to voice your dissatisfaction. I will start massacring anyone who does it after today.” 

“That’s a bold declaration!” Pinnacle Monarch shouted back: “Do you think you’re invincible and that the countless experts of Immortal Demon will let you do as y-?”

“Precisely so, I can do whatever I want. Not convinced? All come together, I just need one hand to take all of you down.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

With that, he reached one hand forward and moved the other behind his back while leisurely staring at the crowd: “The truth is always unpleasant to hear but come, just one hand. I don’t care for your intent, whether it be for revenge or just to get rid of me to sleep well, or maybe you didn’t like my declaration earlier. The more the merrier, and only blame your lack of skills when you fall to the ground, humiliating your forefather in the process.”

He posed there facing the crowd in an arrogant manner as if he alone was invincible.

Everyone didn’t know what to do, feeling both annoyance and helplessness. Annoyance stemmed from his arrogance and blatant contempt for the rest of the world. Helplessness came from the fact that he was indeed very strong.

Few people here could withstand one move from him even if he only used one hand. Perhaps only the Everlastings could do so.

“You said it, not us.” The monarch shouted in response, unconvinced.

Of course, they wouldn’t accept the claim that he could beat everyone here with one hand. The monarch wanted to use this chance to get rid of this powerful enemy.

“Yep, just one hand against however many armies you can muster.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

The monarch had an unsightly visage. This was his first time being treated in this manner.

“Keep your words.” Venerable Xian scowled.

“Don’t worry about it, if I can’t win with one hand, it will be my loss and I’ll surrender.” Li Qiye said.

His opponents including the two Everlastings exchanged glances. They had a complicated look on their face.

No one could handle such arrogance and disdain. Plus, this was a godsend opportunity to kill Li Qiye. Why would they keep waiting?

However, they contemplated about his actual strength and felt dread. Just how strong was the guy to be so confident against them? Nevertheless, they still made up their mind.

“Okay, no take back then.” Zhang Cangsheng spoke: “If we can’t defeat you right now, Eight Trigrams will leave. All of our previous feuds will be erased.”

“Same with our Central Sacred Ground.” Venerable Xian agreed.

Ultimately, they didn’t think they would lose under these conditions. They have never faced someone making this claim before, let alone a junior.

Normally, masters felt trepidation before their presence due to their lifelong conquests. Being looked down upon wasn’t a good feeling.

“Boom!” Runes appeared around Zhang Cangsheng - each one the size of a mountain.

They engulfed the area like multiple tsunamis and made the crowd feel their immensity. Many couldn’t stand up straight.

These runes above him came together to form a supreme grand dao in the form of the eight divinatory trigrams. He suddenly became the ruler of the world that should be worshipped by all.

People finally understood why his full title was “Zhang Cangsheng of Eight Trigrams” after seeing the images above. He gave the feeling of total control - grasping life and death in his palms. 

Venerable Xian started channeling his power too. Space trembled with a buzzing noise. Immortal strands of light started oozing from him like the opening of a sacred treasury. His body seemed to have endless resources and treasures.

“We wish to assist you, Seniors.” Pinnacle God Monarch also roared and released all of his vitality with a bang.

“Rumble!” Bright lights covered the sky. A visual phenomenon took place - numerous divine peaks appeared. Each could be an independent world. This was a sight akin to an often-used description - three thousand worlds.

These peaks soared to the sky and lingered above the city’s air space. This increased the already existing pressure in this area. The peaks poured down chaos energy and the might of a progenitor.

“What is that?” The peaks arranged themselves and looked like gigantic palms. People started gasping for breath, unable to move.

“The power of a progenitor.” One old ancestor’s expression changed: “Rumor has it that the progenitor has left behind a palm print in Pinnacle Kingdom. This palm print eventually turned into an ultimate technique in the form of these peaks. They protect the kingdom and guarantee prosperity. I can’t believe the monarch is capable of controlling it. No wonder why he’s their strongest ancestor.”

In the beginning, everyone knew that the monarch was strong, just not on the same level as Li Qiye. Now, after seeing this particular technique, they thought that maybe he could put up a fight.

“He possesses the power of one palm strike from the progenitor. That’s quite hard to beat.” An Eternal commented with respect.

“Yes, an all-destroying palm.” Many ancestors nodded: “No wonder why he dared to come here. The guy was prepared.”

The trio surrounded Li Qiye after finishing their preparation.

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