Chapter 278: Goddess Toppling Myriad Kingdoms

Chapter 278: Goddess Toppling Myriad Kingdoms

“Open…” As his face greatly changed, Sima Longyun shouted and summoned a shield. With powerful blood energy, this shield confidently met Li Qiye’s fist.

“Bang!” This fist heavily assaulted the shield as was Sima Longyun continuously pushed back. The ground behind him was stomped by his feet and from the force exerted by his body, one hole formed after another. Then, with a snapping sound, the shield in his hand immediately cracked into several pieces that fell to the ground.

The scene was suddenly silent; all the young prodigies were shocked. Li Qiye’s casual punch was able to destroy a treasure shield in an instant — this was like a giant axe smashing into their hearts. What kind of frightening flesh was this?

“Little Beast, you don’t know who you are provoking!” Upholding an ugly expression, Sima Longyun crazily roared. His blood energy immediately surged and the energy around his body turned into a powerful ox. At this time, his body was encompassed in a golden light as if it was a set of golden armor!

A huge ox with golden brilliance surrounding its body as if it was made from gold appeared right before Sima Longyun’s body.

“Moooo!” A cow’s bellow rang as the ox’s aura slammed into the air like a tidal wave. In a flash, it was as if there was an army of stampeding oxen breaking the dam!

“Golden Ox Physique!” Many young experts lost their colors after seeing the majestic aura of Sima Longyun.

“A grand completion Xiantian Physique!” A person took a deep breath and murmured.

“Only a minor art.” At this time, Li Qiye turned around and didn’t even bat an eye for he did not place Sima Longyun in his sight. In a flash, Li Qiye’s ocean-sized blood energy appeared along with his Fate Palaces. The Kun Peng appeared in the air as its emperor energy also assaulted the atmosphere.

The moment the spectators felt this presence, they couldn’t help but exclaim: “An Emperor’s Law!”

Even Sima Longyun was alarmed after hearing the words “Emperor’s Law.” he then coldly shouted: “Kill!”

“Bang--bang--bang!” In just a second, the Golden Ox ran like crazy as its four hooves punished the heaven and earth. Its steel heel kicked forward as fast as lightning with a force capable of destroying the mountains and rivers.

“Scram…” The mad cow, with its steel hooves carrying a monstrous force, did not daze Li Qiye. He shouted and his hand that was akin to a heavenly rod suddenly smashed forward. The invincible Hell Suppressing Godly Physique took action with an unstoppable, suppressive might.

“Boom!” Li Qiye immediately struck the Golden Ox flying away. Sima Longyun’s entire body also flew outside as he spat out blood. Next was a series of explosions as Sima Longyun slammed into and collapsed parts of the palace. He was quite a mess after he struggled to crawl up from the broken debris.

This course of events rendered everyone astonished. With a grand completion Golden Ox Physique, Sima Longyun, a Royal Noble, was struck flying away by one fist. The enemy simply did not regard him as an opponent.

At this point, Chi Xiaodie was also quite amazed and couldn’t calm down for a long time. Until now, she had always assumed that Li Qiye was only versed in the alchemy dao and didn’t feel that his cultivation was particularly stronger than her. However, it was one thing if he didn’t take action, but once he did, it was quite unbelievable.

Even Chi Xiaodao shouted out in fear from witnessing Li Qiye’s dominance as he drew in a cold breath.

Needless to say about other people; even Hu Yue’s expression sank as the cold glimmers in his tiger eyes carried a frightening murderous intent.

At this time, Li Qiye didn’t bother to give Sima Longyun another glance. He turned around and revealed a calm smile as he spoke to Chi Xiaodao: “I am always ruthless and cruel when killing tigers and dragons. Xiaodao, take Miss Bao inside the palace lest fresh blood spray on her.” [1. Hu Yue means tiger; Longyun means dragon. He isn’t calling them dragons and tigers amongst men.]

Chi Xiaodao immediately understood Li Qiye’s intention and asked Princess Bao Yun to leave this battlefield in order to spare her from this difficult situation.

With a darkened expression, Hu Yue wanted to step forward, but Li Qiye blocked his path. Li Qiye slowly rubbed his hands together and leisurely spoke: “Earlier, someone said that they wanted to stain their hands with my blood. It seems that I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t kill a tiger at this moment.”

Silence permeated the atmosphere as everyone drew in cold breaths. If this was before, everyone would be laughing at Li Qiye for speaking such words. However, shivers ran down the spines of the spectators for they understood that this person was not a nice fellow.

Hu Yue’s tiger eyes flashed with killing intent as he spoke: “I don’t care who you are, the Eastern Hundred Cities is not the place for you to run wild! If you are courting death, then I will help you by personally tearing you to pieces!”

“Run wild?” Li Qiye slowly smiled and said: “In the nine heavens and ten earths, there are not many places where I dare to not run wild. As for you wanting to tear me to pieces... A short time ago, there was an old fool named Mo Shen from the Heavenly Southern Kingdom ah, I almost forgot about it. I accidentally grinded him into meat paste, and I wonder if your bones are harder than his or not.”

Everyone present felt suffocated the moment they heard Li Qiye’s words. Even though the Hundred Cities’ information regarding the Grand Middle Territory was sparse, everyone knew about the Heavenly Southern Kingdom. It was definitely stronger than the Tiger’s Howl School, not weaker!

“Hmph…” Hu Yue only snorted. He then took one step forward and, within this moment, tiger roars resonated. It was as if he became the king of beasts, one who was capable of ordering all the fierce animals in this world. He emanated waves of aura that resembled a prehistoric wild beast, causing many people to take several steps back.

“Everyone has come together to explore the meaning of the grand dao, why should we kill each other?” At this time, a pleasant voice like immortal hymns appeared. This sound immediately dissipated the murderous intent in the garden. In just a blink of an eye, the atmosphere of the scene was soothed as if spring had come again to the earth, as if a nice coldness came during the scorching weather, causing everyone to become relaxed with great spirit.

This sound swept away the hatred and sternness of everyone’s hearts; it was as if it was the sound of an immortal from the nine heavens. Even a monstrous butcher who was ready to kill wouldn’t be able to help but calm down.

Li Qiye gently nodded approvingly at this sound. This girl had trained this supreme art to minor completion.

“Goddess Mei…” At this time, everyone forgot about the battle earlier as they quickly turned around towards the voice.

A woman adorned with a snow-white outfit arrived by treading on the moon. She carried an unrivaled ethereal appearance like a descending goddess — like a fairy beneath the moonlight. The pen and ink could not describe this woman nor her transcending aura. It was as if the flames and smoke of mundanity could not touch her peerless grace. Her shape was just perfect — a bit skinnier would be too thin; a bit more round would be too plump. Both her features and figure could be considered supreme. [2. Treading on the moon here means she is flying in the air in a graceful manner; I don’t think she is actually using a treasure moon to fly here. It is more of a literary expression of how godly she is in the night curtain.]

Along with a gentle atmosphere, strange images appeared due to her arrival. It made others feel as if they were merchants trapped in the desert only to suddenly find an oasis with hundreds of blooming flowers and budding seeds; the snow was starting to melt and the water began to form gurgling streams… These strange images made others forget about worldly troubles, leaving behind all disputes and grievances.

Humans were truly susceptible to such an aura. Even Hu Yue, who wanted to deal with Li Qiye, lost his anger; he simply snorted towards Li Qiye before his gaze completely fell on the woman without being able to change his sight for a long time.

“Goddess Mei.” Many people were toppled at her sight as someone murmured. Even all the delicate golden girls with noble birth couldn’t help but suffer from an inferiority complex.

Chi Xiaodie could be considered a heaven’s proud daughter in both her appearance and cultivation. She was not the type to belittle herself, but after seeing Mei Suyao, she couldn’t help but lament with a sigh for she felt menial in comparison.

“Today, us virtuous friends came together to address the mysteries of the grand dao.” As someone who was not tainted by the mundane world, Mei Suyao only used one word to resolve the conflict; this was indeed a frightening woman.

Everyone sat down after Mei Suyao took her seat. They focused their thoughts with an air of solemnity while listening. To all the cultivators, being able to listen to Mei Suyao’s dao preaching was a great fortune. Many people had a great harvest after hearing just one of her lectures.

“Suyao will first reveal my lacking aspects and start with a section. If it is flawed, please correct me.” Mei Suyao sat in an orderly fashion with the air of a supreme goddess. [3. The first part is just her being humble.]

“The origin of the dao is the heart, and it is also the origin of the heaven and earth — the origin of all the myriad of existences…” Suyao’s dao preaching was pleasant and sweet to the listeners; it had the power to linger in their hearts for a long time.

Her dao preaching contained a profound content along with an easy-to-understand rhetoric. She used simplicity to explain complexity, then she turned complex ideas into simple concepts. Strange images started to form at the height of her lecture as the heavenly flowers bloomed amongst the golden spring that gushed forth from the earth. It was as if an Immortal Monarch was preaching the dao as the visiting saints and the holy buddha were also chanting…

In just a moment, everyone here became fascinated; many of their questions regarding the grand dao were suddenly solved! Many young people here felt as if their souls were drifting in the air; even characters like Hu Yue became spellbound from the lecture.

While sitting in his corner and carefully listening to Mei Suyao, Li Qiye also nodded his head. It was truly not simple for a girl this age to understand such profundity. The Eternal River School was truly unfathomable to train a successor of this level. This girl was worthy of her natural born Immortal Soulbone. Other geniuses could not compare to such a peerless advantage.

Once one had such a supreme talent like the Immortal Soulbone, all techniques would be made simple and all dao were common! It would be difficult for someone of this talent to not be heaven-defying.

After listening to a section, Li Qiye silently left and entered the depths of the royal palace to truly enjoy its beauty.

This time, Li Qiye did not enter the royal palace to listen to Mei Suyao’s dao preaching; he was only here to support Chi Xiaodao. At this moment, he had given Chi Xiaodao a chance, so after listening to a part of the lecture, he became disinterested and decided to leave in order to enjoy the dim moonlight overlooking the pretty scenery of the royal palace.

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