Chapter 2779: King Of Longevity Hall

Longevity King, Dantai Miao, served as the current lord of Longevity Hall for two generations now.

No one in the present day knew her given name anymore, only her title and position.

Most importantly, she was already an Everlasting during the last generation because of her brilliance, the youngest one too.

She was praised as the next ultimate genius in Longevity Hall after Everlasting Jiang. However, she didn’t come out in this current generation.

Some believed that she was undergoing an important cultivation session that could determine life or death. The hall didn’t refute these rumors.

Today, her appearance shocked many cultivators. They found life worth living after seeing such a brilliant and most gorgeous woman from the last generation.

The Eternals from the last generations were moved. She was still the same as before while they had gray hair and wrinkles now. 

Her previous peers became quite sad. She was an Everlasting while they were still stuck as Ascenders. They made their debut at the same time so the current disparity was too much to take.

All in all, her supreme temperament, mature style, and an air of nobility took the men’s breath away. Lotus blossomed beneath her feet as she walked towards Li Qiye.

“We shall be the first to support your wish of sitting on the ancestral throne.” She bowed before getting on one knee: “Dantai Miao represents Longevity Hall in giving you our sincerest reverence.”

“You may rise.” Li Qiye was calm as if she was only a regular disciple of Immortal Demon.

This scene naturally astounded the crowd, leaving their mouth agape with incredulity.

The lord of Longevity Hall was a supreme being and an Everlasting. Someone like her was superior to Venerable Xian and Zhang Cangsheng.

Nevertheless, she still performed such a grand gesture towards Li Qiye. This was simply unimaginable.

The only person worthy of this treatment from her was probably the legendary Everlasting Jiang!

“What’s going on?” Even the Eternals were confused.

An ancestor of Mountguard didn’t warrant this because Longevity Hall was more prestigious even back during Mountguard’s prime.

“Hall King, I don’t think this is appropriate.” A famous Eternal said seriously: “The ancestral throne pertains to our system’s glory, it’s not a trivial matter. Please reconsider.”

“Our Longevity Hall will bear all responsibilities. Feel free to voice your concerns.” The king was undeterred.

Everyone could see by her unyielding attitude that she has made up her mind. No one would be able to convince her otherwise.

This sparked widespread confusion. No one knew the relationship between Li Qiye and the king or Li Qiye and Longevity Hall.

Why was this sect fully supporting Li Qiye? Even if it wanted to oppose Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground, it didn’t need to be so respectful towards Li Qiye and help him sit on the throne.

Weizheng and the others felt the same confusion, not expecting the king to be so subservient towards their ancestor.

“Young Noble, would you like to sit now?” The king bowed, awaiting Li Qiye’s command.

“Push me up.” He casually ordered as if she was a maid to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Excuse me then, Young Noble.” She picked him up from the wheelchair and started walking towards the throne.

He used her full breasts as a pillow, feeling very comfortable in this state.

Meanwhile, the crowd was still speechless at this development. Of course, some were jealous and envious too. He was the only one who could enjoy this treatment from her.

It didn’t take long before they were almost at the top. Suddenly, two figures landed from the sky.

They had immense vitality. They activated their force with enough power to blow away an ocean.

The king and Li Qiye didn’t falter at all, looking just like an immovable mountain.

The spectators were in awe of these two newcomers due to their power level.

“Zhang Cangsheng of Eight Trigrams and Venerable Xiang of Central.” Someone shouted.

The auras of two Everlastings suffocated the crowd, gripping them by the neck.

“Halt, Hall King.” Venerable Xiang spewed out mantras. These characters formed a great wall to stop the king.

“Venerable Xian, you can’t stop me.” Her eyes shined like the stars. A noble aura from her erupted and became visible. Others couldn’t help wanting to prostrate.

“Hall King, I also will not allow this.” Zhang Cangsheng spoke. His words full of conviction made it hard for others to say no.

“The two of you together?” The king still felt confident against two Everlastings. She stood there with the bearing of an unbeatable master.

“That’s the greatest genius from the last generation.” A spectator smacked his lips and praised her.

“Hall King, please wait, the two ancestors bear no ill will.” Pinnacle God Monarch hurriedly jumped up and mediated: “We need to have more discussions about who is eligible to sit up there.”

“Hall King, you know that only the greatest sages are qualified to do so. How can a normal person deserve this glory? Please don’t let emotions affect your decision and ruin your sect’s illustrious reputation.” Venerable Xiang slowly said.

“Yes, please consider, Hall King.” Many Eternals from the last generation said.

“Put me down.” Li Qiye smiled and interrupted the dissenters.

The king hesitated for a moment before letting go. She stared coldly at the group and said: “You all are courting death, no one can save you.” She then moved to the side.

Li Qiye stood upright and surprised the crowd.

Everyone here including those from Mountguard thought that he was disabled and couldn’t stand on his own. That’s why he needed a wheelchair.

“Okay, those who think I’m not qualified to sit on that throne can step forward now. Don’t worry, I’m very lenient even when dealing with objectors.” Li Qiye revealed a kind expression.

The crowd assessed the situation. A while ago, many would pick Eight Trigrams’ side due to its advantages.

They seemed to be on the verge of obtaining full authority while Li Qiye was all alone. This was no longer the case because he had Longevity Hall backing him up now.

“My Pinnacle Kingdom does not agree to this.” Pinnacle Monarch had joined Eight Trigrams’ side.

Li Qiye had killed their sword saint plus they always had a good relationship with Central Sacred Ground. This choice wasn’t surprising in the slightest.

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