Chapter 2778: Ancestral Throne

“Push me up, I shall sit there.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and pointed at the throne.

“What did he say?!” A clamor erupted among the crowd as they stared at him.

Their eyes moved between him and the throne, realizing that he wasn’t messing around.

“How arrogant! His status right now doesn’t qualify him to sit on the ancestral throne!” Someone blurted out.

The ancestral throne belonged to Everlasting Forefather. Later on, several other ancestors have sat here too. 

However, these ancestors had distinguished contributions to the system and earned unanimous recognition.

The most recent person who had sat on this throne was Everlasting Jiang. Of course, people didn’t oppose it either because he was the most excellent cultivator in Immortal Demon after Everlasting Forefather.

Today, a young ancestor like Li Qiye wanted to sit on it? 

Though he seemed to be unstoppable right now, the crowd believed he needed more time and polishing. His current status was far from enough to warrant this action.

“Hmph, who does he think he is? So outrageous.” A clan elder scowled at this situation.

“Yes, already so full of himself after a few personal accomplishments.” The big shots didn’t like it at all: “He hasn’t done anything for the system yet. He needs to look in a mirror first.”

“Ignorant brat.” One dissatisfied ancestor snorted: “Only a person of virtue and prestige with numerous accomplishments can sit there.”

Weizheng felt his head tingling after hearing Li Qiye’s command. He knew the significance behind that throne. In fact, only a few sages from Mountguard were qualified to do so.

Li Qiye’s act seemed to be antagonizing the entire system.

“Ancestor, maybe, maybe this isn’t the right time.” Weizheng put it delicately.

“It’s the right time. If I want to sit, then I’ll sit.” Li Qiye ignored him.

Weizheng didn’t know what to do and felt a headache coming on. He felt that his ancestor was just like a fearless child doing whatever he wanted.

“Ignorant fool!” A loud snort could be heard. An old man moved out of the crowd and coldly glared at Li Qiye.

“The ancestral throne is the ultimate symbol of glory in our system. Only the truly worthy and capable are deserving of sitting there. Who the hell do you think you are to demand the throne? Know your place.” He wore an extravagant robe with a bright radiance behind his head. This improved his stateliness and gave him a dignified appearance. It seemed as if he could pluck the stars and master the universe - an aura of invincibility.

“That’s Pinnacle Ancestor.” An Eternal shuddered after seeing the old man.

“Who are you?” Li Qiye wasn’t angry and slowly turned his head to glance at the speaker, not really giving a damn.

“I am Pinnacle God Monarch!” The old man’s expression soured from being treated with contempt.

Weizheng trembled after hearing this title.

“The strongest ancestor from Pinnacle, I think he’s either an Amaranthine Eternal or maybe an Epoch one already!” The spectators were moved. 

He was indeed a famous character in the system, most likely on the same level as Central Ancestral Monarch.

“Never heard of you.” Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “Stand to the side instead of killing my vibe.”

“You!” The monarch’s expression became extremely unsightly.

As the strongest ancestor of Pinnacle, he rarely showed himself but when he did, the entire world took notice. Many juniors would kneel before him; the other masters treated him with respect.

However, Li Qiye waved at him like swatting away a fly, insulting him in front of everyone.

“So arrogant.” Those who have seen Li Qiye for the first time disliked his attitude.

“Do you not know that he killed Central Ancestral Monarch with a single slash?” An old man who saw the previous fight smiled wryly: “Even if Pinnacle Monarch is an Epoch Eternal, he is still not enough to enter Fiercest’s sight. Only Everlastings can do so.”

Those who knew about Li Qiye thought that his arrogance was justified.

“Even though I’m just a nobody, I will still stop you since you don’t deserve to be on that throne. You haven’t contributed to the system, so it doesn’t matter how strong you are. An egoistic master sitting on there will only be besmirching the progenitor’s glory and bullying our system. A person like that is our enemy!” The monarch gave a moving speech and gained the approval of many among the crowd.

“He’s right, the ancestral throne is our ultimate symbol. We can’t allow just anyone to sit there.” Many became emotional right away.

“It’s not hard to sit there, first, he just needs to sweep through the entire world undefeated then come back and sit on the throne. Right now, no one will accept it.” Someone from the last generation added.

“Scram, this hall isn’t a place for you to do as you please! You think you’re all that just because you’re strong? Not everything will go the way you want!” An excited youth started yelling at Li Qiye.

“Everything will go the way I want because I’m strong and unbeatable.” Li Qiye retorted.

Some of the crowd were angered by this response. Pinnacle Monarch loved this development. He wanted Li Qiye to antagonize the entire system.

“You need to earn everyone’s recognition before sitting there. Otherwise, we’ll all try and stop you, especially Longevity Hall.” One prestigious Eternal joined in with a serious tone.

He was smart enough to bring Longevity Hall in the mix because it was the strongest lineage in the System. That should be enough to deter Li Qiye.

“Who says our Longevity Hall does not agree?” Suddenly, a pleasant yet authoritative voice interjected.

Everyone turned towards the source of the voice.

A person came out from the portal in the maelstrom and slowly walked down the golden stair - a woman around the age of thirty. She had the charm of maturity on her side, ripe like a honey peach with full breasts, round and ample buttocks, and a thin waist.

Her figure was perfectly sculpted, nothing too much and nothing too little. She wore a long dress and looked like a noble. This trait only added to the temptation. People couldn’t look away.

“Longevity King…” The older experts quickly bowed. [1]

“That’s the king?” Everyone shuddered after hearing this. Even Pinnacle Monarch was startled.

“It is our pleasure to meet you.” Many bowed to greet her, even the prideful ones.

“The king is really peerless…” A young male was completely infatuated.

“Idiot, that’s an Everlasting that has reigned for two generations, stop dreaming.” His senior immediately slapped him behind the head.

“Wow!” This junior became sweaty and got down on his knees right away.

The other young ones stopped having romantic thoughts as well and also got down on the ground.

1. Gender neutral title with respect to translation. Can’t exactly call her a queen for grammar's sake

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