Chapter 2777: Everlasting Jiang

The two sides have agreed to a match tomorrow at Ancestral. It didn’t take long before everyone became eager for the show.

“Buzz.” A golden maelstrom suddenly emerged before the date of the battle, made from numerous small streams gathering then rotating. It didn’t have the same terrifying visual as a regular maelstrom.

The formation of this particular one was actually gorgeous like the accumulation of all that is pretty in the world. This maelstrom looked like it was going to send down the heavenly treasures.

A second buzz sounded and the tiny streams of water drooped downward and twisted together to form a sky stair. This golden stair eventually connected with the main city.

"A guest from outside our system?” This was the first time the young ones saw something like this.

“No, that’s someone from Longevity Hall.” An older expert shook his head and said with respect.

“Longevity Hall!” The juniors here shuddered while also feeling the same reverence for this title.

“How rare for someone from there to come out.” A sect elder said: “They haven’t shown themselves for a very long time now.”

“It makes sense though.” One Eternal said seriously: “Eight Trigrams have activated the plate, this is a big deal for our system so Longevity Hall has to make a move too. Eight Trigrams is challenging their position.”

“True, I wonder what kind of attitude they will bring.” One old master nodded in agreement.

Longevity Hall was one of the oldest lineages in Immortal Demon. They existed back during the era of Everlasting Forefather and carried out his orders while sweeping through the myriad realms.

They had a supreme status with full authority during this golden age. Later on, Everlasting Forefather stopped reincarnating but they still maintained the same prestige, still in charge of the system.

As more time passed, they eventually disappeared from everyone’s eyes, no longer interfering with the system’s matters.

Nevertheless, the disciples and descendants still kept Longevity Hall in a special place in their heart. It was hard to change this line of thinking. Mountguard School was far inferior in this respect.

In the present day, Eight Trigrams had amazing military potential and resources. They were considered the greatest kingdom but most thought that they weren’t qualified to rule Immortal Demon.

They needed to defeat Longevity Hall in order to become the crownless king. Otherwise, they would always live under Longevity Hall’s shadow.

That’s why they were so eager to activate the plate. This was a once-in-a-million-years opportunity for them to re-establish their status as the new top dog.

“Buzz.” A portal opened among the maelstrom and multiple people walked out.

This group had the same color robe, looking very simple. However, they had a dignified aura to them as they wielded their staff. They certainly looked like the ones in charge. It was as if they represented the will and sovereignty of the system.

People were fixated while watching these experts leaving the watery vortex. In fact, even the ones from Eight Trigrams didn’t dare to relax. Just one little thing could trigger a fight between Eight Trigrams and Longevity Hall right now.

“I didn’t expect this at all.” A member of a kingdom choosing to support Eight Trigrams regretted his decision.

After all, standing with Eight Trigrams meant opposing Longevity Hall.

“Which big shots will come now?” People wondered while watching the robed men lining up side by side.

“Eight Trigrams and Central brought two Everlastings, so Longevity Hall needs to have at least one too in order to make it look even.” A youth said.

“Maybe Everlasting Jiang himself will arrive.” A master became excited.

Yes, the greatest Eternal in history came from Longevity Hall - Everlasting Jiang.

“I highly doubt it.” One ancestor shook his head: “Everlasting Jiang disappeared long ago. Plus, he wouldn’t need to show up for something like this. Just one word of his is enough to settle this matter. No one in our system dares to oppose him.”

Many agreed with this logic. Everlasting Jiang was second to only Everlasting Forefather. Zhang Cangsheng and the others would need to tuck their tail between their legs in his presence.

Meanwhile, Cangsheng didn’t reveal his attitude back on his battleship. He was indeed afraid of Everlasting Jiang but if the guy didn’t come out, he wouldn’t mind going all out against Longevity Hall.

“Fiercest is here too.” While all eyes were on the portal, someone noticed Li Qiye.

All eyes turned towards the gate of Ancestral. Another group was slowly arriving with Li Qiye in front. He didn’t have a sword on top of his knees this time around so people heaved a sigh of relief. He seemed to be sleeping right now as well.

No one dared to mock his appearance anymore or thought that he was a cripple. The guy was more than capable of massacring everyone here with a single hand wave.

The experts in the city made way for him, whether it be the top geniuses or powerful Eternals. They receded like the tides to the left and right.

The group was heading straight for the ancestral temple in the city.

This architecture was massive; its main hall above many stone steps was open to the public. To the top of the hall was an old throne.

No one has sat there for who knows how long? Nevertheless, it still had a pure luster to it.

To the front of the temple stood a massive statue looking like heaven's equal. People couldn’t help but look up at it.

The statue was naturally Everlasting Forefather. His actual appearance was shrouded by mystical arts.

Numerous experts have activated their heavenly gaze to forcefully see the forefather’s features. None were successful.

The old statue still had a majestic and supreme aura. Millions of years failed to weather it down. In fact, the aura became thicker as if the providence and fate of the entire system had gathered here.

Many felt the urge to kneel before the statue. In fact, most visitors did just that.

When Li Qiye got close to the statue, he gazed profoundly at the statue, piercing through the shroud to see the old man’s appearance.

A while later, he turned his attention towards the throne at the top of the main hall.

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