Chapter 2776: Challenge

The Longevity Plate loomed above the system with five marks lit up. Everyone felt as if there was a divine sword right next to their neck and could decapitate them at any given moment.

“This is not a good start.” A few old ancestors became worried.

“It’ll set a terrible precedent. The plate will become a tool for personal vendetta. Whoever is in charge of it will act lawlessly with wanton regards for anything.” One of them said.

However, worrying about this didn’t accomplish anything. Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground were the top sects right now. 

“Clank!” The sky lit up once more due to another section of runes.

“That’s six! Finally one-third now.” Someone shouted.

“Which sect added their mark?” This question popped up.

However, whichever sect did this remained hidden and didn’t declare their intention. Nevertheless, they have answered the call of Eight Trigrams.

“I’m sure this party has reached an agreement with Eight Trigrams and Central, probably getting something good in the process.” Many great powers understood right away.

“This is going against the unspoken rule of our system that has lasted for millions of years.” An ancestor said with concern.

This type of clandestine act when using the plate was extremely dangerous. Anonymity absolved responsibility, a very dangerous path.

“Clank!” More runes were lit up.

“Seven… no, eight…” The crowd noticed.

“Wait, that’s another one, nine now.” The sects without these marks became nervous. The atmosphere of the system worsened.

“Which ones this time?” People wondered about the next three marks.

However, these sects still remained anonymous after adding their marks. Everyone thought that they have reached an agreement with Eight Trigrams as well.

“Okay, I get it. Eight Trigrams Kingdom doesn’t only want revenge, they want to establish their status as the leader of Immortal Demon with this battle too.” A wise man commented and became worried: “They’re using the plate to order the rest of the world, forcing everyone else to listen. Once successful, they would obtain newfound authority.” 

Many big shots became alarmed after realizing Eight Trigrams’ true intentions. 

The ones possessing the marks were the strongest sects in Immortal Demon. If they listened to Eight Trigrams, it showed their support of Eight Trigrams’ quest for supremacy. With that, the leader of Immortal Demons would become clear. At that point, Eight Trigrams could give any orders they want to the rest of the system.

“Clank!” More runes started to glow again.

“Ten, eleven, twelve out of eighteen!” An ancestor gasped after the light had subsided.

“Two-third now.” The spectators were shocked.

“Outside of Longevity Hall, I think there are still two neutral sects. Which ones?” An Eternal murmured.

Longevity Hall had four marks, so the remaining two spots should belong to two more sects.

“Twelve marks…” Weizheng turned pale after seeing the sky: “Ancestor, if Eight Trigrams attacks now, the result will be very close to a move from the progenitor, more than enough to destroy this area.”

He became worried about the ancestor and the rest of Mountguard. The incoming move would have a terrible destructive capability.

“Let them keep going.” Li Qiye remained carefree, only giving it a quick glance.

“Back in our prime, we also had four marks just like Longevity Hall. We eventually lost them later on.” He smiled wryly before sighing with disappointment.

The awakening power froze the world. Everyone held their breath in anticipation. However, it seemed that no more runes would light up.

“With the exception of Longevity Hall and two unknown sects, the rest are following Eight Trigrams right now. Looks like they are really about to establish their sovereignty.” One Eternal was moved, knowing that Eight Trigrams was using Li Qiye and Mountguard as stepping stones towards the throne.

“Aren’t they the strongest kingdom already?” One disciple didn’t get it.

“Don’t forget about Longevity Hall. As long as Longevity Hall is around, Eight Trigrams can’t carry out its ambition but now, they are certainly trying hard. The marriage alliance between Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground happened for a reason, allowing them to have five marks. That’s a starting advantage against Longevity Hall’s four.” The Eternal solemnly explained.

“They’re ambitious indeed.” The juniors nearby got a better understanding of the situation after listening to their senior.

After the twelve marks have been lit up, the crown prince of Eight Trigrams emerged again and declared: “Mountguard is nothing more than a lair of evil now and a monster like Li Qiye deserves death. The world will come to understand the gravity of the situation and our deeds will go down…”

“Okay, enough.” Li Qiye swiftly interrupted him: “I will kill all of you fools here tomorrow. Bring all of your Everlastings and so-called masters to save me some time.”

The crowd was stunned to hear Li Qiye calling out the Everlastings.

“That’s why he’s Fiercest, not just Fierce.” One expert was impressed by the domineering statement.

“Tomorrow, Ancestral City, till death!” A mantra poured down from the sky and exploded in everyone’s mind. It came from Zhang Cangsheng.

“Good, wash your neck tomorrow in preparation for the decapitation.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

“Hmph! Hmph!” Both the Everlastings on the ship scowled. People could sense their rage.

“So the ultimate battle will take place tomorrow.” This news eventually spread across Immortal Demon.

“Who will be the victor?” Gambling halls got involved.

“We bet on Eight Trigrams.” Many placed bets for Eight Trigrams’ victory.

“Right, they are definitely the favorite with two Everlastings and the Longevity Plate. Mountguard only has Fiercest and you know, one single tree can’t make a house.” Someone pitied the underdog.

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