Chapter 2775: Longevity Plate

The two Everlastings have yet to exert their auras and pressure but everyone in Reincarnation Mountain could sense their might already.

This faint presence was suffocating, akin to having a boulder pressed down on one’s chest.

All became worried for Fiercest, thinking that he was outnumbered and outmatched this time around. He had no advantages to speak of against two Everlastings - this might be his end.

“Good.” Li Qiye’s leisure voice reverberated through the sky: “Killing a few Everlastings should be enough to warm up.”

“In-insane!” The crowd became stunned while exchanging glances. Such a domineering statement about killing Everlastings should only come from a progenitor.

“Confidence is oozing from him, is he actually that strong?” Someone else took a deep breath.

“Hmph!” A snort erupted and blasted away the stars above. A million miles radius in space and the grand dao there turned into smithereens.

The crowd could finally sense the billowing divinity suppressing them. Some got down on their knees.

“The fury of an Everlasting!” Even the Eternals present turned pale.

“Zhang Cangsheng has made blood and tears run like rivers in his fury. His kingdom turned to darkness as he annihilated all of the invaders.” One ancestor shuddered uncontrollably as if he had fallen into an ice pit.

“You deserve death!” Another distant voice came. It was Venerable Xian this time around.

Though he didn’t show his fury like Cangsheng, his voice sent out a cold wave and actually froze some people into ice sculptures.

“That’s horrifying!” Many immediately fled and hid in their houses.

“These two are gonna flip the sky over, can anyone in our system take them both on at the same time?” One expert wondered.

“Hmm, the two of them together should be able to fight a myriad-level progenitor.” One Eternal said.

“So is Fiercest enough to deal with them?” The crowd has gotten a taste of the power from two Everlastings. 

“Killing evil is our responsibility.” The crown prince, Yi Zhaowei, began to read the declaration of Eight Trigrams.

“Mountguard School violated the ancestral creeds and has fallen into the evil path. They relied on this villain to massacre thousands of innocent disciples from Central Sacred Ground and harm the system. We, Eight Trigrams Kingdom, are willing to take charge in removing this evil. I, Zhaowei, will overestimate myself and fight this devil and humbly ask the heroes of the world to help me activate the Longevity Plate.”

This message arrived at many sects at the same time. The various ancestors began contemplating.

“Activating the Longevity Plate?” They knew that a big event was on the horizon.

“Is this necessary?” An old ancestor hesitated.

“The plate is only meant for removing evil-doers and external enemies. Is it proper to use it against Mountguard?” The ancient clans and powerful sects had internal debates.

“The activation of the plate will result in the destruction of Mountguard and the death of Fiercest.” A big shot’s expression changed.

Even the kingdoms with strong ties to Eight Trigrams took this matter very seriously.

The Longevity Plate was the ace card left behind by their progenitor - the mightiest trick for the system. People believed that the plate carried a force comparable to the strongest blow from the forefather.

Remember, the forefather was an immortal-level progenitor. His strongest blow would be insanely destructive.

He left the plate along with eighteen marks divided across eighteen powers. In order to use the plate’s full power, all eighteen marks must be activated.

That’s why the activation of the plate also symbolized the solidarity and will of the entire system.

The plate was rarely used in the long history of Immortal Demon, only against foreign invaders or when the heretical dao took over.

Normally, it couldn’t be used on another member of the system since this wasn’t the forefather’s aim.

Thus, everyone hesitated when Eight Trigrams brought up the plate.

“Boom!” The hesitation was interrupted by a deafening blast.

Boundless runes emerged in the sky of the system, almost like an ocean.

“The Longevity Plate…” Everyone became aghast after seeing the ocean of runes.

“Rumble!” Waves billowed in that ocean. In the northwest direction, a series of runes were imprinted into the sky.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” These runes started glowing and became incalculably heavy like divine mountains.

One would find that the ocean of runes looked like a large plate. All the runes have already been engraved on it despite being able to move. The ones glowing meant that they were activated.

“Three spots are glowing now so three marks have been added.” Someone shouted, feeling that something bad was coming.

“That’s the three marks from Eight Trigrams.” Another important character said.

As stated previously, the forefather left the marks to eighteen different powers.

As time passed, the marks had different masters due to the rise and fall of these original sects. The losers had their marks taken by the invaders.

Eight Trigrams possessed three marks as the strongest kingdom of Immortal Demon.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” More runes started glowing brightly as if they were being carved into the sky.

“Five now.” The spectators couldn’t avert their gaze.

“It must be the two marks from Central Sacred Ground.” Someone speculated. This was to be expected since these two powers were working together.

“Eight Trigrams and Central together, that’s one-third of the system’s power.” One expert became startled.

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