Chapter 2774: Eight Trigrams’ Zhang Cangsheng

Zhang Cangsheng’s arrival intimidated everyone. They looked up at the battleship with nothing but awe in their eyes.

“An Everlasting, Zhang Cangsheng himself, this is escalating really fast now.” An ancestor said with respect.

“I heard that he’s at the grand completion level and should be unbeatable. Even the peerless emperors treat him with respect.” One expert became curious.

“Indeed, a grand completion Everlasting stands at the peak of Immortal Lineage World.” An ancestor who has seen Zhang Cangsheng in action spoke with reverence.

“So is he the number one in our system?” A junior asked while becoming a fan of a true master.

“Not necessarily.” The ancestor hesitated before answering: “In the recent eras, we’ll have to bring up Everlasting Jiang when talking about the system’s number one spot.”

“Everlasting Jiang.” The junior also felt admiration for his person: “Is he still alive? Rumors say he has been gone for several eras now.”

Everlasting Jiang was renowned in Immortal Demon and earned the respect of other masters, only second to Everlasting Forefather.

Famous it may be, Everlasting Jiang wasn’t actually his real name. His name at birth was Jiang Ba but no progeny remembered his name later on. People only knew him as Everlasting Jiang, the most brilliant Everlasting of them all. [1]

Not to mention Immortal Demon, he was a shining star hanging high above the river of history in Immortal Lineage.

Plenty of tales were sung about him. He became an everlasting at the age of twelve. Next at twenty-five years of age, he defeated a progenitor at the myriad level - Truefire Progenitor.

These achievements were insane and unprecedented. That’s why he was considered as part of the Decemvirate. In fact, some believed that he was among the top five of that list.

“Who knows?” Even the ancestor showed great reverence when referring to Everlasting Jiang: “There are rumors of him breaking into the Far-dao level and becoming a supreme being, and that he had left Immortal Lineage already. Conversely, some say that he passed away in an unknown location from not being able to break the next bottleneck.”

“Far-dao…” The True Gods nearby had nothing but respect after hearing this.

Far-dao was a title of a realm but also referred to one extremely brilliant person.

The realm of Everlasting had several levels: half-step Everlasting, Grand Completion Everlasting, Pinnacle Everlasting, and Supreme Everlasting.  

In the past, this realm stopped at the supreme level at the highest. For many eras, no one could exceed this ultimate level.

This concept stopped because of the appearance of Far-dao. This wondrous man concocted a miracle and surpassed the supreme level.

However, the thing that stirred people the most was his victory over an immortal-level progenitor - God-eye Progenitor.

He was the only person to defeat an immortal-level progenitor while being at the True God realm.

There have been plenty of Everlastings in history. Some of them have defeated progenitors too, but these progenitors were only at the myriad level.

Far-dao broke this convention and future generations learned about the level above that of a Supreme Everlasting.

This level was eventually named Far-dao Everlasting! This name was chosen to show respect for Far-dao, the person who started this possibility.

The atmosphere became solemn and dignified after Everlasting Jiang and Far-dao were brought up.

“Anyway, Zhang Cangsheng is the number one person in Eight Trigrams, this fight will be spectacular.” The ancestor steered the conversation back.

“Right, this shows the vengeful determination of that kingdom.” A king sentimentally said.

Everyone understood that the death of their future queen was a great blow to their reputation and prestige. Perhaps people would even think that a decline wasn’t far off for both Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground.

Now, Zhang Cangsheng’s arrival was a message from Eight Trigrams to the rest of the world. They wanted to announce that they were still the strongest kingdom in Immortal Demon, not someone to be trifled with!

“Nine-clan extermination is the punishment for killing our disciples!” Another thunderous voice resounded across the system.

“Boom!” An incredible image of Central Sacred Ground appeared in the sky.

This sect seemed to be in front of everyone. One just needed to reach forward to touch it.

A white-haired old man full of wrinkles walked out of this image. He looked decrepit and on the verge of death. People were afraid of him tripping and falling to his death.

Central Sacred Ground was very far from Reincarnation Mountain. However, he just needed one step to arrive at the battleship hovering above Ancestral City.

“Who is he?” People didn’t recognize this seemingly near-death old man. They didn’t know which ancestor from Central he was.

“Welcome, Venerable Xian.” Cangsheng greeted this newcomer.

“I know who he is now! That’s an Everlasting from Central!” An Eternal shouted in astonishment.

“I thought he was dead long ago.” One ancestor became surprised.

“That’s why everyone wondered whether Central still have an Everlasting or not and they were primarily thinking about Venerable Xian! We have our answer now.” The Eternal said.

Venerable Xian has lived for a very long time now. He was at the half-step level.

His power was inferior to Zhang Cangsheng but was top in the seniority ranking in Immortal Demon.

People thought he had passed away a long time ago due to a depleted lifespan. Now, they realized that Central Sacred Ground must have paid an insane price to keep him alive.

After all, prolonging the life of a peerless Everlasting required an unimaginable amount of resources. Of course, this was still worth it.

Having an Everlasting was very significant for a lineage. One with and one without weren’t on the same playing field at all. The former could easily annihilate the latter.

“Two Everlastings are here.” People took a deep breath, feeling that the air was becoming thin. The increased pressure stemming from the two masters above became suppressive.

“Can Fiercest do this?” All eyes were on Li Qiye now.

They weren’t strangers to his abilities now, especially his invincible slashes. They believed that the two sects would have immense difficulties trying to get their revenge against him.

However, they didn’t expect two Everlastings to come at the same time in order to avenge the juniors.

Masters of this level would never come out unless it was a sect-destroying calamity. They treasured their lifespan and considered their time to be priceless. 

Thus, the death of a junior normally couldn’t invite one out, let alone two. This mobilization from Central and Eight Trigrams was monumental and shocking.

1. Everlasting Jiang could have been a real name in Chinese, Jiang Changcun. In English, Everlasting Jiang sounds like a title right away.

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