Chapter 2773: The World Shocked

Today, the normally rowdy Reincarnation Mountain fell into a hush. This was as abrupt as a hot summer invaded by cool weather. However, instead of it being a pleasant surprise, everyone was intimidated by recent events.

The stench of blood still permeated the air in this place. Central Sacred Ground has sent people to come to pick up the corpses and wash the palace. Alas, the repulsive smell remained.

It served to remind people about Fiercest and his unstoppable sword. This invincibility left a lasting impression on everyone. As long as he had his sword, he would be able to kill any deity or conqueror in the world.

“I think Mountguard might actually be able to rise again with an ancestor like this.” Older experts gathered and chatted in secrecy.

No one dared to talk about Fiercest in public, not even the arrogant True Gods nor the excellent geniuses. They exercised prudence while having these discussions.

“Is it actually possible for them? They have been down in the trench for so long now.” An ancestor wondered.

“Eight Trigrams and Central will definitely carry out the most brutal vengeance against Fiercest.” One Eternal answered: “If Fiercest can get through this, then yes, Mountguard will be up there again while the other two sects will start declining.”

“Those two great powers declining?” A member of the group found this unbelievable.

One ancestor stared at the distance and recalled the past: “It’s not surprising since the peak doesn’t last forever for anything. This is an eternal law, Eight Trigrams and Central have enjoyed their prosperity for a long time now, a decline is inevitable.”

“Perhaps, but Mountguard will fall if Fiercest can’t handle the next attack.” One big shot wasn’t too bullish on Li Qiye and just wanted to watch.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long until explosions ravaged the outer area of Reincarnation Mountain.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The cities could hear the loud blasts. They came out and saw the sky turning black due to a colossal battleship floating above.

It finally stopped over the air space of the largest city in this region.

The city was named Ancestral, existing in the center of the mountain range. It was massive and stretched over numerous mountains.

“Boom!” A figure from the sky landed on the street, fully adorned in armors. His battle spirit was at an all-time high, evident by the fierceness in his eyes.

He held a spear with a chilling tip. His gaze swept by the crowd as if he was attacking them with the spear. It had enough force to destroy everything.

“Yi Zhaowei! The crown prince of Eight Trigrams!” Someone sighed and said.

He was the fiance of Central Saintess who was killed by Li Qiye not long ago.

“Rumble!” Next came a series of crashes. More armored troops jumped out of the battleship and landed around the crown prince, forming a great formation.

Thousands of them crowded the city with great momentum. They looked like a tsunami of steel, capable of breaking down any fortress.

“Their strongest legion, Absolute Formation, is here now, looks like Eight Trigrams is determined in avenging the saintess and wiping away the humiliation prior.” Someone took a deep breath.

“Absolute Formation isn’t enough either.” One Eternal thought: “The disparity in power can’t be made up with numbers. It is an uncrossable canyon.”

“Right, so which big shots are here from the kingdom then? The crown prince and this legion alone will only be suiciding.” An ancestor agreed with this assessment.

Everyone knew that the crown prince had become an Eternal several years ago. This was very impressive given his age.

However, Fiercest easily killed an Amaranthine Eternal like the ancestral monarch. The prince had nothing to deal with him.

“I will avenge Feiyan, blood for blood!” His voice filled with hatred and bloodthirst echoed across Ancestral. He was naturally referring to his fiancee whose name is Shangguan Feiyan.

Unfortunately, the majority of the listeners didn’t take him seriously. Everyone could tell that this exceptional youth was no match for Fiercest.

They believed that unless Eight Trigrams brought more big shots, this legion and the crown prince couldn’t amount to anything.

“The murderer of our future queen deserves to have his nine clans exterminated!” A decree suddenly descended from the battleship.

“Boom!” The scroll opened and true runes oozed out to form golden characters brimming with divinity. Each strand of divinity could crush the firmaments.

The voice from the scroll also emanated to every living being in Immortal Demon System. The content of the scroll imprinted itself into the heart. One didn’t need to listen using the ears nor read with their eyes.

“Boom!” Light oozed out of every inch of land in the entire system - an awakening of sorts.

This majestic power of the grand dao drowned out everyone. They felt as if they were lost in an ocean - a feeling of insignificance.

“So strong!” People were suppressed right away after hearing the voice of the decree. Some immediately fell on the ground.

“Who is this?!” Even the ancestors felt their legs giving in against this supreme force.

“Zhang Cangsheng of Eight Trigrams!” An Eternal recognized the voice: “He’s come out again…”

“That’s a grand completion Everlasting!” People were scared out of their mind after hearing this name.

“Yes, that’s him, the previous teacher of the state for four generations.” One ancestor elaborated with a pale expression.

He was one of the few Everlastings in Immortal Demon. He served as the state teacher and eventually retired.

However, whenever the kingdom was in trouble, they would ask for his assistance again and again. He ultimately served for four generations to help the kingdom’s descendants.

Thus, the first thing the kingdom thought of was him whenever they needed help. The guy was also mighty enough to resolve any crisis in the past. His status was supreme in the heart of the disciples in Eight Trigrams.

Today, people thought that Eight Trigrams were sending one or several ancestors to avenge the saintess. Who would have thought that Zhang Cangsheng himself would come?

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