Chapter 2772: Killing The Ancestral Monarch

The dominating move from the monarch severed space and suppressed the entire domain with enough force to slay the gods.

Other Eternals felt their soul shivering, unable to compete nor resist. The rest of the crowd shouted in astonishment.

The monarch’s fame was well-deserved. He was one of the strongest ancestors from Central. This move of his was enough to sweep through the system.

Li Qiye made his move in this blink of an eye, holding the sword on his knees.

“Clank!” Its hymn echoed across the nine skies for a reverse upward slash.

It looked like a waterfall shooting at the sky or a star changing its trajectory. A great amount of radiance and star powers accumulated in the slash. It cut through both the mortal and celestial world.

Nothing else was worthy of being called a sword slash compared to this devastating slash. The gods and emperors seemed insignificant in comparison.

“Boom!” No one could see anything in front of them due to the blinding radiance.

After an ephemeral blast, the dazzling light was replaced by overwhelming darkness.

They felt their soul leaving their body due to fear. It was as if the sword didn’t just strike the monarch but also the karmic ties, seven emotions, and six desires of everyone present. Everything was wiped out.

Normal light from the sun returned and they saw a magnificent scene of the sky vault split in half, the same with the galaxy after it.

The devastated sky was accentuated with the rain of blood stemming from the monarch whose body was also split in half.

The 108 pairs of bright wings behind him were severed as well. The remnant particles scattered downward while issuing melodious sounds.

The Holy Tripod was blown towards the horizon like a shooting star before disappearing completely.

The crowd couldn’t believe it. Even Central Ancestral Monarch couldn’t handle a single slash from Fiercest. His end was the same as those before him.

Eternals turned pale since the slash left behind an indelible scar in their mind. It looked like even the strongest Eternals would still turn to ashes when fighting against Fiercest and his sword.

Truly unbeatable - this was the only phrase people could come up with to describe Li Qiye and his sword slashes. No other phrases were as accurate. It seemed that no one could last long enough to see a second slash.

Finally, the monarch smashed into the ground; his blood stained it red.

No one had a thing to say since they were completely intimidated. The monarch was a big shot in not just Immortal Demon System but all of Immortal Lineage yet he still couldn’t stop Li Qiye.

“Why do non-believers pop up everywhere?” Li Qiye chuckled and gently blew the blood off his sword.

He seemed so cool and collected as if he didn’t just kill a monumental figure.

“I can’t believe it.” All the ancestors shuddered. Some started celebrating since they didn’t try to take the crown from Mountguard. Otherwise, they would also be dead just like the monarch right now.

“It’s over, utter defeat for Central Sacred Ground.” Someone sighed.

No one could have expected this result. Central Sacred Ground sent two divisions here on top of the monarch and came out with nothing.

Li Qiye alone could deal with all the disciples and experts from there. Their treasures couldn’t compare to his sword.

“It’s not too late to surrender.” Li Qiye glanced at the lucky survivors from Central.

Among them were some tough experts and a few elders.

The neutral spectators stared at the sword resting on his knees with an expression of fear. They wondered what these lucky survivors would do.

“We only have fallen warriors in battle, no cowering dogs that beg for forgiveness!” One elder stood up among them and uttered coldly.

“That’s right! Only fallen warriors, no cowering dogs!” Many disciples started shouting.

“Avenge the ancestor and the saintess!” This elder sonorously roared and rushed forward.

He summoned a cauldron that poured out endless sunfire towards Li Qiye.

“Kill him!” The rest of the disciples took out their strongest weapon and utilized their best moves while lunging for him.

“Rumble!” Treasures of all forms emerged in the sky, resulting in a colorful and bright spectacle. These disciples swarmed at Li Qiye like angry bees with their nest broken.

“It’s useless, they’re suiciding.” An ancestor from a big sect shook his head. The spectators knew that this was a futile attempt.

“I’ll send you all on your way then.” Li Qiye chuckled and grabbed his sword.

“Whoosh!” A sword glint swept through the world like the rippling waves, turning nights into days. 

Heads started to fall and springs of blood gushed out before splashing downward like blossoming flowers. 

Rain of blood descended first before the headless bodies fell as well. If one were to look down from above, they would see many fresh flowers spreading their petals at the same time.

Blood eventually streamed together and formed huge puddles with corpses scattered everywhere. 

“Well, they do look like members of a great sect, just a bit stupid though.” Li Qiye smiled and gave the sword back to Jiahui.

The sword still looked as normal as ever, not like a weapon that had just killed thousands.

Meanwhile, the crowd trembled after seeing more corpses piling up in that palace.

“Tell their sect to come to pick up the corpses.” Li Qiye left this message before leaving with his group.

The spectators watched his departure in total silence while trying to calm down.

“Fiercest is a monster!” Eventually, an ancestor quietly said. People finally realized the bloodthirst and brutality accompanying this title.

“He’s really vicious.” Another expert shuddered.

From now on, just this title alone was enough to scare the ones present today. 

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