Chapter 2771: Dead Beauty

The saintess still found it astounding during her last moments despite being mentally prepared. She didn’t expect it to come so fast.

“No!” A few young cultivators screamed, especially her fans.

A supreme beauty was going to turn into a skeleton soon. Her splendor and looks would cease to exist.

“You!” The monarch turned frenzy at this sight; his fury erupted like a storm.

“Isn’t this the expected result? What’s there to be angry about?” Li Qiye’s sword was back on his knees and somehow, the rope had loosened and fell into his grasp.

The crowd shuddered in horror after taking it all in. The rope had no effect on him and his slash was still as dominating as ever.

“An ancestral treasure had zero effect on him…” One ancestor felt his hair standing on ends. Many of his peers felt the same way.

The masters present would never take the risk of toying with the rope. They weren’t confident in breaking free at all, let alone doing it like Li Qiye.

The strongest Eternals here including Central Ancestral Monarch certainly couldn’t do it.

“We swear to never let this go until there is nothing left of you!” The monarch roared while glaring with great hatred.

Li Qiye didn’t only kill their disciples and experts but also their successor.

The monarch watched the girl grow up and considered her to be family. Their relationship was strong and now, he had to watch her die in front of him. He wanted to save her but couldn’t. The feeling of helplessness fueled his anger and hatred.

“I’ll be waiting but your sect doesn’t have the power to do so. I can go there and annihilate everything with a single slash.” Li Qiye chuckled and playfully waved his sword.

The crowd became speechless and startled from this nonchalant comment. In this split second, they could actually imagine him doing so - entering the central region while wielding his sword and leaving oceans of blood in his wake. In the end, the entire sect turned into ruins filled with corpses from a single slash. 

They eventually regained their wits and shuddered in fear.

“He can actually do it.” One Eternal didn’t question Li Qiye’s power.

“Everyone underestimated him.” Another ancestor murmured.

“It is time to send you on your way now. Unfortunately, you all still didn’t know what you have done wrong.” Li Qiye pointed his sword at the ancestor.

“We’ve done nothing wrong. No mercy to those who kill a member of our sect, this has nothing to do with right and wrong.”  The monarch’s murderous aura engulfed the sky as he retorted.

“Not a bad response.” Li Qiye smiled: “But you simply don’t understand that it is a blessing to the entire world when I don’t come out searching for trouble yet your sect dares to provoke me? That’s just asking for a massacre.” 

“We’re wasting our breath, let’s fight already!” The ancestor shouted with an ugly expression.

“Boom!” The ground seemingly sank from the impact.

“Rumble!” More explosions occurred; even the air started trembling. 

People looked up and saw the heavenly kingdom slowly descending. However, its actual speed was incredibly fast. It floated above the monarch’s head for a moment before fusing with him.

The process looked like a lake engulfing over the monarch and took the crowd by surprise.

“Buzz.” The monarch sucked in the water in order to take the kingdom inside.

“Boom!” Once he fully absorbed the power of the kingdom, a flame erupted around him. 

The holy light was no longer gentle like before. It became fierce like the most terrible storm and instantly ravaged the world. This, in turn, transformed the monarch into a destructive deity.

Numerous sharp pairs of holy wings grew on his back with enough force to sever the reincarnation cycle and yin and yang. The glowing wings blotted out the entire sky. A slight flap of them created massive tornados.

“108 pairs of wings.” Someone counted the wings made of light behind the monarch.

“This is a spirit of vengeance, a holy angel that should be invincible and comparable to a progenitor. Those wings are immensely brutal.” A well-read ancestor put on a serious expression.

“Can it kill Fiercest?” Someone else asked.

This made people glance at each other. In fact, the crowd knew that the current monarch was terrifying. All of them combined couldn’t take him. Even an Epoch Eternal might not be able to match him.

“Hard to say.” The strongest Eternal among them couldn’t come up with a conclusion.

The problem was Fiercest’s heaven-defying abilities. His devilish sword made him unbeatable from start to finish.

He never used more than a single slash to defeat anyone so far. Thus, they didn’t have a good judge of his actual power.

“You deserve death!” The monarch seemed to be above the nine firmaments. His words turned into thunderous mantras.

Such mighty divinity paralyzed the weaker members of the crowd. The monarch didn’t need to do anything else to suppress them.

“Die!” He murderously roared and the 108 pairs of wings behind him started fluttering.

“Clank!” They turned into sharp blades and slashed directly downward in order to sentence Li Qiye to death. Each wing slash left behind a terrible scar in the sky.

Moreover, they intertwined with each other and formed an inescapable net. Escaping to the horizon was still useless.

“Boom!” This ultimate move didn’t end there. The monarch’s tripod became massive and fell downward in a suppressive manner. The area around Li Qiye turned into a powdery void right away.

“So strong.” The crowd was astonished. This attack made Reincarnation Mountain City look so tiny in comparison. The whole mountain range was on the verge of collapsing.

Weak disciples fell to their knees, unable to get up because of the pressure.

“This attack has the power of an Epoch Eternal.” An Eternal analyzed the attack.

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