Chapter 2770: Holy Tripod

The rope wrapped tightly around Li Qiye, rendering any escaping technique useless.

“That’s a smart move from the saintess.” One expert became excited after seeing this.

“Indeed.” Those who worried before gave her a thumbs-up.

Even with an ancestral treasure, injuring him was still rather unlikely. Plus, it would accomplish nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Thus, she took advantage of this opportunity and immobilized him with the rope.

“The ancestor from Mountguard is too careless. He probably didn’t expect this outcome.” Another ancestor emotionally added.

“Immortal Lariat and Immortal Containment are both things left behind by the great progenitor. The two of them combined are even more impressive. It’s probably impossible to get out unless he has trained Immortal Containment too.” An Eternal said.

“Tighten!” The saintess commanded. The rope dug deep into his skin, seemingly wanting to cut him apart.

“Quite strong.” Li Qiye slightly grimaced: “The geezer’s creation is no joke, it’ll cut my bones soon eventually.”

“Success?” Everyone felt that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to escape.

“This Fiercest was too careless. This wrong step might make him lose everything and become a prisoner of Central. What a shame, he had all the momentum too.” A big shot shook his head while pitying Li Qiye.

“Hmph! This is the downfall of arrogance. He deserves it for being so careless.” Another sneered.

The saintess felt much better to see the rope dig in deep. It seemed to be effective against this master. She needlessly worried before then - an ancestral treasure was strong beyond her imagination.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the holy tripod behind her continued to emit boundless light.

This holiness immediately soared to the sky vault, resulting in a spatial opening in the shape of a gate, revealing a supreme kingdom.

It had plenty of citizens and none of them was ordinary. They looked like deities with their own divinity and pureness. Their majestic auras could refine the entire world. Their lights started pouring down into the palace.

The palace was filled with corpses and blood. However, the lights from above began to purify the impurities and ugliness here. 

A miracle happened next, the mountains of corpses also lit up. Faint figures emerged from the corpses.

They looked like the troops that have died in battle, seemingly saved from damnation. They started floating into the sky and eventually reaching the holy kingdom, becoming part of its people.

“What’s going on?” Some found this strange and magical scene creepy.

“It’s a crossing.” An old True God explained: “This tripod is a super treasure meant for crossing specters over to the other side. It had saved billions of specters and refined them into a part of the tripod, empowering its power. When it was passed down to Central, it became a very powerful weapon too. Using the forces of that kingdom could amplify the user’s power in the blink of an eye.”

His expression became austere after stating this. Back in the old eras, Everlasting Forefather had crossed over some extremely powerful specters. This made the tripod very impressive.

If Central Ancestral Monarch were to grab a hold of this power, his personal abilities would reach the next level. Perhaps he would even be at the level of an Epoch Eternal.

“Looks like your monarch is ready, my turn now.” Li Qiye’s voice interrupted the contemplating crowd.

Plus, Guo Jiahui had saved everyone already by this point.

“You…” The saintess shuddered after hearing this. As a ninth-level Ascender, instinct told her that danger was coming.

The tied-up Li Qiye actually grabbed the sword resting on his knees.

“Impossible!” One True God cried out.

“How can this be?!” The aghast saintess couldn’t believe her own eyes.

She had tried it before on her ancestors. None of them could move after being captured by the rope. But now, Li Qiye was completely unaffected even though the rope was biting into his skin.

“Take this slash.” He casually unleashed a vertical cut at the saintess.

“...” The frightened saintess retreated with her fastest movement technique while activating numerous defensive arts. 

“Boom!” True dragons emerged and coiled around her in order to stop the incoming slash.

She didn’t stop there either. Thick plates of armor covered her body; massive and ancient shields blocked in front. The combination eliminated all openings.

However, the slash decapitated the dragons and shattered the shields. The horror of this slash left the saintess pale.

“Stop it right there!” The monarch finally joined in at this decisive and fatal moment after sufficiently preparing.

A holy light covered the saintess and materialized into sacred walls spanning for millions of miles and crossing through the ages.

Everything fell into stagnation; the spectators felt their heart skipping a beat.

Their eyes were wide open in order to capture every minute changes in this scene.

“Crack!” The walls in front of her had cracks before completely crumbling.

They could see a tiny wound on her forehead with blood streaming down.

“Boom!” Her body split into two halves before they could react. Blood and organs splashed to the ground.

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