Chapter 277: Hu Yue

Chapter 277: Hu Yue

“Nothing.” Sikong Toutian said with a smile: “The Chi brat is actually not bad. Even though I cheated some medicines from him, I do want to become friends with him; the brat is a good person. I can see that the brat is trying his best to set you up with the little Chi girl…”

“… Although the little Chi girl is a bit arrogant, it is fine for she has not experienced enough things. However, since you treat the Chi brat quite well, if you don’t mind the little Chi girl who has eyes yet does not see Mount Tai, then let her stay by your side, even just as a maid. This will be a great fortune to her. At the end of the day, you already have two supreme beauties by your side, adding one more isn’t a big deal.” Sikong Toutian busily tried to convince Li Qiye.

Compared to the Chi duo, Sikong Toutian’s eyes were much more experienced. The Chi duo were still too young and had not seen enough waves and winds. Sikong Toutian was different because he had seen many things in this world. He knew when to go forward and when to retreat as well as weighing the various situations.

“I will not take random people to my side. Those who are able to stay are at the very least people worthy of my grooming.” Li Qiye glanced at Sikong Toutian and said: “If you stay and work for me, I can think about it a bit.”

Sikong Toutian’s personality reminded him of Nan Huairen who was adept at dealing with people. However, Nan Huairen lacked the scoundrelly characteristic of Sikong Toutian.

In fact, Nan Huairen’s talent was not up to Li Qiye’s standards and was not worthy of his grooming. However, Nan Huairen was the first to join his ranks when he first arrived at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Because of this loyalty, Li Qiye did not mistreat him and even obtained an Emperor Law for him!

Li Qiye drank another cup and said with ease: “I enjoy your deceitful nature. Follow me, and I will not mistreat you. As long as you follow me with your heart, you will be the second Monarch Ren of the Heaven’s Secret Valley!”

These words immediately shook Sikong Toutian’s mind! He definitely knew what Ancestor Ren represented in the Heaven’s Secret Valley! And not just their valley; in all of the Mortal Emperor World, their Ancestor Ren was quite renowned! Unfortunately, his end was approaching and their valley could do nothing about it.”

“Big Brother has seen our Ancestor Ren before?” Sikong Toutian couldn’t help but ask.

Li Qiye smiled and drank another cup without saying anything. Meanwhile, Sikong Toutian was in a daze and even forgot to pour him another.

“The Tiger’s Howl Gate’s successor, Hu Yue, is here.” A small uproar occurred in the yard as many young prodigies stood up to come greet the person who had just arrived at the door.

A young man with tiger-like eyes and a tiger-like forehead walked in at this time with a suppressive, beast-like aura like a tidal wave sweeping through the scene. Anyone met by his gaze would feel the sensation of being observed by a fierce beast, giving birth to an uneasy and dangerous sense of crisis.

Chi Xiaodie also changed her expression at this young man’s arrival! Rumor has it that Princess Bao Yun was most likely betrothed to this person. This was her little brother’s biggest love rival and also the most dangerous rival.

Even though Chi Xiaodie held some hostility against Hu Yue, but as the host, she still personally went to greet him.

“Brother Hu Yue, long time no see.” At this time, many young talents went up to greet Hu Yue one after another while clasping their hands together. No matter how arrogant they were, they couldn’t afford to let it show. Even Sima Longyun from the Saint Country came to greet him.

The Tiger’s Howl Gate was a very powerful inheritance within the Eastern Hundred Cities. Legend has it that their Progenitor was a demon tiger who became a god, and he called himself a True God. He left behind a considerable amount of power to the gate.

The Tiger’s Howl Gate was not necessarily stronger than the Furious Immortal Saint Country, but Sima Longyun did not dare to be too arrogant in front of Hu Yue.

At the Eastern Hundred Cities, Hu Yue was a top ranked youth. Someone actually listed the top young geniuses in the city and Hu Yue was among the top five. One could even say that Hu Yue was not much worse compared to Sima Longyun’s martial brother and the oldest prince, Ba Xia.

This was why the always-arrogant Sima Longyun had to show some respect to Hu Yue.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes the moment Hu Yue came in. Like what Chi Xiaodao had said, Princess Bao Yun was likely to marry Hu Yue, and the Bao Yun Clan was very happy about this possible marriage. This was Chi Xiaodao’s biggest rival, and since he agreed to help Chi Xiaodao, he absolutely would not give Hu Yue a chance.

“This brat is also not simple.” Sikong Toutian immediately said after seeing Li Qiye gauge Hu Yue: “He is the successor of the Tiger’s Howl Gate and is already a five celestials Enlightened Being. Rumor has it that in his veins runs the blood of their Progenitor, the Tiger God.”

One of the younger generation yet he was already a five celestials Enlightened Being — this was truly amazing and could even be considered supremely talented! No wonder why outsiders said that he had the blood of the Tiger God.

Cultivators of the Star Plucking realm were called Enlightened Beings. This was an extremely difficult dao test to pass on the cultivation path. As a five celestials Enlightened Being at such a young age, Hu Yue was indeed formidable, and he was not necessarily any weaker than the descendants of the Immortal Emperor lineages!

After Hu Yue entered and nodded his head to greet everyone, his tiger eyes swept around as if they were searching for something. After seeing Chi Xiaodao together with Princess Bao Yun, his gaze immediately turned cold, then he started walking towards them.

“He is walking towards the Chi brat; this guy is definitely his most powerful rival. At the moment, the Chi brat’s cultivation won’t do ah, he cannot compete against the other brat.” Sikong Toutian murmured as Hu Yue walked over towards Chi Xiaodao.

“I hope he is smart and won’t touch my little brother. Otherwise, I will break his bones.” Li Qiye drank his cup in one gulp and slowly stood up.

Since he agreed to help Chi Xiaodao chase after Princess Bao Yun, naturally, he would not sit idly by and do nothing!

Sikong Toutian immediately followed with excitement since there would be a fun show to watch. He had heard of Li Qiye’s tales back in the Grand Middle Territory; this was a beast who dared to slay experts from an Ancient Kingdom and a monster who massacred the Heavenly God Sect. If Hu Yue truly didn’t know when to back off, then he would die a miserable death.

Chi Xiaodao, who was talking with Princess Bao Yun, noticed Hu Yue walking over and his heart shook for a bit as he took a deep breath. He then stood up with surging battle intent, not willing to take a step back. Today, he will strike to make his own opportunity!

Princess Bao Yun also changed her colors the moment she saw Hu Yue; her pretty face also turned cold. The one she did not want to see the most was Hu Yue, but this marriage was outside of her control!

Chi Xiaodie was also quite alarmed at the scene since she knew something big was about to happen. She clearly understood that her little brother was far from being Hu Yue’s match.

In just a short moment, the atmosphere became tense to the point of being noticeable by those present as they all looked over at this direction. Then, the silence was broken.

“Brother Chi, thank you for your hospitality towards Bao Yun in my stead. You are a busy person, so allow me to accompany Bao Yun right now.” Hu Yue came and spoke to Chi Xiaodao with polite words.

Chi Xiaodao then took a deep breath to calm down and calmly said: “Brother Hu is too cordial. Princess Bao Yun is a guest, so I will do my best as the host.”

Hu Yue laughed in response and said: “The dao preaching session is about to begin so I’m sure you are all busy. I’ll stay with Bao Yun, and we’ll talk about the marriage between our two houses as well.”

Chi Xiaodao’s expression greatly changed after hearing these words. Princess Bao Yun’s face also dimmed down, but she couldn’t comment on it.

At this time, Chi Xiaodie clenched her fists tightly, but the situation was not appropriate for her to act.

“So you are Hu Yue.” Right when Chi Xiaodao was in a bind, Li Qiye’s carefree voice appeared as he slowly walked towards them.

Hu Yue’s cold tiger eyes swept by and slowly said: “I don’t care who you are, I’m not interested in being polite at this moment!” He carried an aggressive aura as he spoke.

“Polite?” Li Qiye smilingly replied: “You think too highly of yourself; I’m not here to be polite with you.”

Hu Yue immediately turned around as the cold flashes in his eyes became even brighter and oppressive towards Li Qiye. As a rising murderous air like a fierce beast, like a hungry tiger wanting to devour human flesh erupted, it caused all the spectators to become fearful.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are smart, then get the hell out of here. Otherwise, I don’t mind staining my hands with blood even before the dao event.” Hu Yue’s murderous aura instantly rose, causing many people here to have shivers without being cold.

Li Qiye batted his brows and said: “A five celestials Enlightened Being, right? Okay, today, I will break the bones of a five celestials Enlightened Being.”

Li Qiye’s words were immediately met by an uproar. Many young prodigies glanced at each other, and a prince said: “This brat is too crazy, does he not know who he is messing with?”

Suddenly, numerous people present all thought that Li Qiye was courting his own death. Hu Yue at the Eastern Hundred Cities was a grand character; as a five celestials Enlightened Being, he could sweep across the younger generation.

“Blind little beast!” At this time, Sima Longyun suddenly stood up and coldly shouted: “A nobody like you is not worthy of Brother Hu personally making a move. I alone will be enough to slay a little beast like you.”

“Scram…” [2. Or roll, if you prefer that more.]

Li Qiye didn’t even move his eyelids; his hand turned into a fist, and the fist turned into a hammer as he chopped downward. His Hell Suppressing Godly Physique immediately exploded. Under this chop, thunder and lightning broke out and space itself shattered. The power of this fist was as strong as the earth itself — capable of crushing a myriad of domains. A minor completion Immortal Physique was unstoppable!

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