Chapter 2769: Immortal Lariat

“Ancestral Monarch, I’m aware, but this is my responsibility and duty. I have been fortunate enough to receive the love of the ancestors and the support of my peers. I should be the one to face this problem head-on.” The saintess stood behind him and spoke with determination.

She paused for a moment before continuing: “I can’t shame our name even if it means dying. I rather die here than to live a borrowed life. That’s the role of a saintess, always maintaining the sect’s prestige and honor.”

Many nodded in agreement and respected her words.

Regardless of her actual characters, this aspect of her was worthy of admiration. She didn’t run from trouble and chose to face the enemy in order to fulfill her duty.

“Very well.” The monarch gently sighed and also put on a solemn expression: “Child, you’re the pride of our sect, a role model for the rest. You have lived up to your status as our saintess.”

The monarch retreated and began to prepare for his incoming fight.

The saintess stood before Li Qiye and said: “I will take your slash even if it means death.”

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye looked at her and said: “I know you want to buy time for your ancestor but it doesn’t matter. He’ll die either way.”

Li Qiye spoke as if both the saintess and her ancestor were already dead.

“However, I do enjoy your courage.” Li Qiye continued: “I will give you a chance to attack first while I just sit here. If you can wound me, then I shall spare you.”

The crowd couldn’t believe it. This type of challenge was a bit too careless. Even the strongest wouldn’t dare to claim to be indestructible. After all, the saintess had an ancestral weapon on her. The probability of taking one unharmed was exceedingly low.

“Are you certain?” She stared intensely at him.

“Rest assured, I’m a man of my words. Being able to wound me will show your abilities. Don’t waste this chance of being the only one able to leave this place alive.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I see.” She took a deep breath and focused up with her eyes wide open. She resumed her confident and imperious temperament - still an untouchable saintess and a future queen.

“Start.” Li Qiye smiled and closed his eyes again.

He really was just sitting there, giving the saintess a free attack.

“Excuse me then.” The saintess cupped her fist towards him, putting all personal vendettas aside. Facing a powerful monster like Li Qiye was worthy of her full attention and respect.

However, her opponent seemed to be sleeping in his wheelchair right now.

“Buzz.” She summoned a long rope as her weapon of choice.

It seemed to be the tendon taken from a dragon combined with various metals. It exuded a bright metallic glow along with a draconic aura.

It was as if a true dragon with golden scales was coiling around her arm. The weapon possessed a free and unrestrained presence.

“Immortal Lariat.” An Eternal said: “It’s left behind by a progenitor, one of the strongest treasures in Central. I can’t believe they gave it to her.”

“An ancestral treasure…” A different ancestor praised the rope in her hand: “So the rumor is true about her having one.”

“According to the legends, this progenitor made it from dragon tendons and metals. It is too tough to sever. No one can escape once tied up.” An expert aware of its effects was shaken.

“Not only that, but he also created a perfect technique to go along with it named Immortal Containment. When used with the rope, no one will be able to escape.” One Eternal said with a serious expression.

“Yes, it is heaven-defying. The victim will lose all strength, even someone with great cultivation. They won’t be able to perform any technique and become completely helpless.” Another ancestor became afraid.

Immortal Lariat was left behind by Everlasting Forefather - a perfect treasure for subduing an opponent.

“Buzz.” After the saintess revealed her weapon, the monarch behind her also took out a tripod. It landed on the ground and started to pulsate brightly with progenitorial laws.

They drilled into the ground, allowing the treasure to connect with the dao land of the system in order to borrow a majestic power.

The holy radiance stemming from it made death seem insignificant - salvation from the mortal coil. Any combatant basked in this light would be able to go to a heavenly realm after death.

“Holy Tripod. Central Sacred Ground brought two ancestral treasures here.” An ancestor took a deep breath and said.

“They have so many resources.” The majority of the crowd became envious. Few sects in the system were able to muster up two ancestral treasures.

No wonder why they were so imperious before. No one else would have been able to leave this palace alive against two treasures. Unfortunately, their enemy was a monster like Li Qiye.

“She wants to buy time for the monarch.” Everyone understood her intention right away. She wanted to throw her life away so that the monarch could have time to prepare a full-force attack.

“I’m starting.” The saintess said solemnly.

“I’ve been waiting.” Li Qiye maintained the same posture.

The saintess started glowing - a sign of her gathering vitality and true energy.

“Boom!” She didn’t waste any time as she created the grand dao and various laws.

The rope in her hand turned into a true dragon lunging straight at Li Qiye.

In this split second during the dragon’s descend, its dao trajectory became extremely unpredictable and profound. It coiled above its victim before trapping them in a flawless and omnipresent manner.

Movement techniques or retaliatory arts were useless. The dragon would always find and coil around its target.

“That’s Immortal Containment for you.” An ancestor was amazed at her technique.

Even though the rope wasn’t aimed at them, some of the spectators felt their soul being lassoed and taken away. Their grand dao was bound so they couldn’t move at all, losing all strength.

“So frightening.” Watching alone was scary enough, just imagine being the victim of this rope. They would become completely helpless, a fish on the chopping board.

Amusingly enough, she wasted her time performing this flawless art because Li Qiye didn’t move at all. He let the rope coil around him without resisting.

The rope tightened; he shouldn’t be able to move at all.

The saintess heaved a sigh of relief while thinking that she worried too much about her technique not being able to capture him if he were to dodge.

However, Li Qiye simply didn’t try to evade so she didn’t need to use Immortal Containment at all. Just throwing the rope on him would have been enough. 

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